Directory of S&T Awards in India - Updataion


The Directory of S&T Awards in India (DSTAI) is being updated by NISCAIR under the sponsorship of National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The directory will fulfill a long standing demand of S&T workers in the country. It will be a good tool to provide necessary information about S&T awards available to R&D workers of India. The updation of the existing directory database will be of immense interest to R&D workers to know about the sponsors of the awards in their respective discipline and to disseminate awareness about awards and awardees. The major objectives of DSTAI are as :

    - To update the database (DSTAI) and keep it current

    - To widen up the coverage of the database

The data about S&T awards are being collected through a questionnaire which can be downloaded from our web-site and thus filled in questionnaire either may be sent through e-mail or by post at the below given address:



14 Satang Vihar Marg,

New Delhi 110 067

Ph. 011- 2696 0465 Fax : 011-26519231


Guidelines for filling in the Questionnaire


Questionnaire ( Part 1)       Questionnaire (Part 2)       


Sample-Copy of Questionnaire (Part 1)    Sample-Copy of Questionnaire (Part 2)