(A National Forum to Discuss with a Difference Frontier Areas and

Emerging Concepts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

11th Annual Meeting (September 17-18, 2004)


  TRendys in biochemistry is an informal national forum devoted to promote discussions on newly emerging areas in the general field of biochemistry and molecular biology. This forum at national level was initiated on the basis of a unique type of activity originally started a decade ago by Prof. T. Ramasarma of Biochemistry Department, IISc. Bangalore wherein a few interested people used to gather once in a while and discuss various frontier topics and thought provoking concepts in modern biology. TRendys benefits many youngsters by encouraging innovative thinking and promoting the courage to speak up and discuss any break away idea. It has been receiving a tremendous response from the students and researchers. The 10th meeting of TRendys was held at CDFD, Hyderabad with Dr. Seyed Hasnain as convenor during November 2003. The 11th meeting is scheduled to be held at CFTRI, Mysore during September 17-18, 2004 with Dr. V. Prakash as the convenor.


 About 10-12 persons who fit into the philosophy of these meetings are invited to speak on a topic of their choice, more in the nature of a concept, a thought or a breakaway idea. The presentation could also be an integrated and critical review of a new development in a well-defined area related to the area of interest of the speaker. This forum is not intended for presenting data of one's own research findings. All the invitees are expected to find their own travel money. The Organizers would provide local hospitality.


  Scientists/researchers interested to know more and participate in this kind of activity may please contact


Dr. Prakash,

(Director, Central Food Technological Research Institute,

Mysore - 570 020, INDIA.

Phone: 0821-2517760.

Fax: 0821-2516308.

E-mail :, convenor for the 2004 meeting or


Prof. K. Subba Rao

(Department of Biochemistry,

University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad - 500 046.

Tel: 23010451(O); 23010256(R);

FAX; 23010451.



Standing Committee

Dr. T. Ramasarma, Bangalore                          Dr. Dipankar Chatterji, Bangalore

Dr. V. Prakash, Mysore                                   Dr. Anil Tyagi, New Delhi

Prof. V. Sitaramam, Pune                                 Dr. Satyajit Rath, New Delhi

Dr. Syed Hasnain, Hyderabad                           Dr. A.J. Rao, Bangalore

Dr. H Majumdar, Kolkata                                 Dr. Santosh Kar, New Delhi

Dr A Balakrishnan, Chennai                              Dr. P. Kondiah, Bangalore, and            

Dr T N R V Thampan, Thiruvananthapuram       Prof. K. Subba Rao, Hyderabad

Dr. Amit Ghosh, Chandigarh