Microbial and Industrial Biotechnology


The July issue of the Indian Journal of Biotechnology will be brought out as a special issue on "Microbial and Industrial Biotechnology including environmental aspects, which is Guest Edited byProf Ashok Pandey, Head, Biotechnology Division, Regional Research Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram.


The use of microorganisms as a technology by mankind may be more than5000 years old, but it has been only 150 years that people understood the role of microorganisms in these processes. Microorganisms are used for myriad of products ranging from food and beverages to industrial chemicals. Microbial/industrial biotechnology aims to commercially exploit microorganisms and their biological activities, which include fermentation, antibiotics and vaccine production, food production, enzyme production, recombinant protein production, Waste management, Mineral extraction and oil-spill clean up.


This special issue of Indian Journal of Biotechnology includes articles highlighting various aspects of microbial/industrial biotechnology like bioremediation, biopesticides,  biotransformatiom, microbial secondary metabolites, microbial pigments, phytoesterogens, biofiltration and bioleaching.