Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Vol. 31, June 2006, pp. 313-319



Effect of substituting modified polyester for cotton in ring-spun polyester/cotton blended yarn fabrics


Sudipta S Mahish, S K Punj & Bhawna Banwari

Received 11 October 2004; revised received 27 January 2005; accepted 25 May 2005

The effect of using a tetra channel cross-section polyester fibre with and without microslits on its surface in place of cotton in a polyester/cotton (P/C) blended yarn fabric has been studied. The results have been compared with P/C blended yarn fabrics. It is observed that the modified cross-section polyester generally shows better performance with respect to drapability, crease recovery, bending rigidity, air permeability, thermal insulation and wicking behaviour as compared to P/C blended fabrics in temperate weather.

Keywords: Coolplus, Drape, Polyester/cotton blend, Thermal insulation, Wicking

IPC Code: Int. Cl.8 D01D11/00, G01N33/36