Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Vol. 31, March 2006, pp. 52-65

Thermoresponsive smart textile


Manjeet Jassal, Ashwini K Agrawal & Ninad S Save


The developments in temperature-sensitive copolymers have been reviewed critically and an attempt has been made to synthesize a series of temperature-sensitive random linear and crosslinked copolymers of N-tert-butyl acrylamide (NTBA) and acrylamide (Am) in varying proportion from 80:20 mol % to 20:80 mol % with transition temperature varying between 2C and 58C. Linear copolymer with 40:60 feed ratio of NTBA and Am with actual incorporation of NTBA to the extent of 27 mol % was processed into mechanically strong films of 10-200 mm thickness. The transition temperatures of the crosslinked films are found to shift towards the lower temperature from 37C (in linear copolymer) to ~ 22-25C. In thin films of 10 μm, the swelling percentage increases to 4200 and the response time reduces to 5 min from 680% and 120 min respectively of the polymerized gel samples (2 mm disc) of the same composition. Reversible transition was also observed over repeated cycling. These copolymers were chemically integrated to the textile substrates for developing smart textile materials. Cotton yarns coated with this copolymer show a broad transition in the temperature range 15-30C, and an equilibrium volumetric swelling of ~ 4500% in about 5 min and deswelling within 10 s. A model fabric, fabricated using the coated cotton yarns, exhibited temperature-responsive percentage cover (100% at 6C and 43% above transition temperature).

Keywords: Coated yarn, N-substituted acrylamide, Percentage cover, Stimuli-sensitive polymer, Temperature-sensitive fabric

IPC Code: Int. Cl.8 D06M