Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Vol. 31, September 2006, pp. 369-375


Effect of mass of kapas on quality of ginned lint

M Tamil Selvan  & K Raghunathan

Received 28 May 2005; revised received and accepted 14 September 2005

Impact of mass of kapas on quality of ginned lint has been studied using MCU-5 variety. It is found that with the increase in mass of kapas, the quantity of lint and its length increase. The other physical properties of lint are also found to be superior with the increase in mass of kapas. Irrespective of the mass of kapas, the ginning machine setting shows significant impact on fibre properties. The strength and elongation of fibre vary significantly with varying length of oscillation of beater knife from the edge of fixed knife. This is because the removal of fibres from the seed is accomplished by a fixed knife held tightly against a single ginning roller and a moving (reciprocating) knife that co-operates with the roller and fixed knife to separate the fibre from the seeds. The range of increase in short fibre content and nep (content/g) is found to be significantly higher in the sample below 100 mg. If feeding is done in the form of locule in the ginning machine, the fibre deterioration is significantly lesser as compared to feeding as kapas.

Keywords: Cotton, Ginning, Lint

IPC Code: Int.Cl.8  D01B1/00