Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Vol. 31, September 2006, pp. 450-459


Studies on pigment dyeing of cotton by exhaust method


A K Patra, S Bhaumik & Harmandeep Kaur

Received 1 January 2005; Revised received and accepted 2 June 2005

Exhaust dyeing with pigments was studied by varying different parameters, using different auxiliaries and carrying out studies on the physical chemistry of the coloration process. These pigments from Clariant, namely Printofix Yellow HEGR, Printofix Red HPBG and Printofix Turquoise Blue HRN, were used and various cationizing agents, leveling agents and lubricants were tried to get good and level dyeing. The cationization process, dyeing step, binder application and curing conditions were optimized for the three pigment colours. The results were mainly interpreted in terms of colour strength (K/S), visual assessment of evenness and fastness ratings. It was possible to get good colour depth and reasonable levelness by the exhaust dyeing. The wash fastness was quite good as expected while the crocking was not very encouraging. Spectral analysis along with kinetic and thermodynamic studies endorsed some of the trends observed during process optimization .

Keywords: Cationization, Cotton, Exhaust dyeing, Pigment dyeing

IPC Code: Int. Cl.8 D06P1/00