Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Vol. 31, September 2006, pp. 460-464


Characteristics of rotor-spun composite  yarns 

Haixia Zhang  , Shanyuan Wang  & Yuan Xue

Received 17 January 2005; revised received 1 July 2005; accepted 1 August 2005

Various rotor-spun composite yarns have been produced by combining staple fibres with filament yarns under varying filament overfeed ratio on a modified open-end rotor spinning frame. The effects of filament overfeed ratio on the structure and properties of composite yarns have been studied. It is observed that the filament overfeed ratio has great influence on the filament geometric position and helix trajectory in composite yarns. As the filament tension increases with decreasing filament overfeed ratio, the filament moves from the surface into the center of the composite yarn. The tensile properties of composite yarns depend on the filament overfeed ratio, and the filament overfeed ratio alone does not explain the CV% and hairiness of composite yarns. Compared with the normal rotor-spun yarn, the appearance and properties of rotor-spun composite yarns are improved.

Keywords:           Cotton, Composite yarn, Filament overfeed ratio, Rotor-spun yarn

IPC Code:    Int. Cl.8 D02G3/00