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Editors Note

The Indian Journal of Marine Sciences[I.J.M.S.] is covered by the following international abstracting, indexing and current awareness services:

     Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences

     Oceanographic Abstracts and Bibliography (Deep-Sea Research)

     Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts

     Bioresearch Index of Biological Abstracts

     Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts

     Oceanic Abstracts

     Chemical Abstracts

     Physical Abstracts

    Agrindex of FAO

I.P.C.Codes for Papers

                IJMS is attempting to assign IPC codes[International Patent Classification] to all papers published from March 2004. This is a novel initiative for the wider visibility, literature search and to help accessibility of research documents to worldwide user community. For further information on IPC refer WIPO website []


CSIR Journals Go Electronic

  The contents list alongwith the abstracts of the papers published in the latest issues of the journal are also available on NISAIR web site: . We request our contributors to submit their manuscripts for publication as electronic files, accompanied by three hard copies (paper version). The storage medium needed is floppy diskettes (3.5)/CD.The software preferred for text is MS WORD FOR WINDOWS version 6.0 or upwards. The format should be kept as simple as possible. Submission of electronic illustrations is encouraged (tiff/ jpeg files), but original illustrations would also be needed.

NISCAIR Policy on Plagiarism

The system of formal communication in science through publication in primary journals is based on originality and quality of information, being the only criteria for publication. However, there have been tendencies to misuse the system and vitiate the process of science communication for personal benefits. One of the ills, afflicting science communication, is plagiarism. Attempts at plagiarism may range from verbatim copying of extensive material of other authors, misappropriating results/data of others with minor changes in language/presentation without giving credit to original source, and to publishing essentially the same information more than once.

As the premier institution of publishing primary scientific journals in various disciplines of science and technology in India, NISCAIR strongly reiterates its policy of discouraging plagiarism of all kinds. All efforts are made to detect and frustrate attempts at plagiarism through editorial screening and rigorous peer review in respect of communications received for publication in the NISCAIR publications. Cooperation of the scientific community is sought in our efforts to frustrate all attempts at plagiarism.

In case, any attempt of plagiarism is brought to our attention accompanied with convincing evidence, following steps would be taken:

(a)        After consulting the respective Editorial Board Members, authors guilty of

        plagiarism will be debarred from publishing their papers in NISCAIR journals.

(b)    Heads of the Departments/Institutes of the offending authors will be intimated

        of such incidences of plagiarism

(c)    Such incidents of plagiarism will be publicized through the concerned

        NISCAIR journals in consultation with the respective Editorial Board Members.