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CODEN:IJOPAU 48(9) 607-686


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)




Atomic and Molecular Physics



EPR study of free radicals in amino acid derivatives gamma-irradiated at 300 K

        Murat Aydin



FTIR study of modification of transition metal on zeolites for adsorption

        Belgin Bardakçı* & Semiha Bahçeli



Total ionization cross-sections of atmospheric molecules due to electron impact

        Yogesh Kumar, Neelam Tiwari*, Manoj Kumar & Surekha Tomar



Spectral editing with 2D E-HMQC NMR spectroscopy for CDn groups: A theoretical study

        İ Şaka*, S Gümüş & A Gençten



Characterization of iron slag of Kakching, Manipur by X-ray and optical spectroscopy

        M R Sheikh*, B S Acharya & R K Gartia



Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics



Automatic optical inspection system for the image quality of microlens array

        Chern-Sheng Lin*, Chen-Wei Ho, Shih-Wei Yang , Der-Chin Chen & Mau-Shiun Yeh



Acoustical properties of ternary mixtures of 1-alkanols in di-isopropyl ether and 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol mixed solvent

        R Palani* & S Balakrishnan



Acoustic and viscosity studies of alkali metals and ammonium halides in aqueous dextran solutions at four different temperatures

        U N Dash, G S Roy*, M Talukdar & D Moharatha



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Structural, thermal and optical properties of Cu2+ and Co2+: PVP polymer films

        K Sivaiah, B Hemalatha Rudramadevi,  S Buddhudu*, G Bhaskar Kumar, & A Varadarajulu




Effect of pressure and temperature on C60 fullerite

        Uma D Sharma, H Joshi & M Kumar*



Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties



Microwave dielectric relaxation, thermodynamic and conformational studies of hydrogen bonded binary mixtures of propan-1-ol with methyl benzoate and ethyl benzoate

        T Madhu Mohan*, S Sreehari Sastry & V R K Murthy



Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology



Use of modern telephone network for time transfer: An innovation

        Pranalee P Thorat* & P Banerjee



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Keyword Index



1-propanethiol                                              615


Absorption spectra                                       658

Adiabatic compressibility                             644

Adsorption                                                   615

Alkali metal halides                                      651

Amino acid derivatives                                611

Apparent molar volumes                              651

Aqueous dextran solutions                          651

Atmospheric molecule                                 621

Automatic optical inspection system            635


C60 solid                                                       663

Cation-exchange                                          615

CDn                                                              626

Corrective Kirkwood correlation factor        668


E-HMQC                                                     626

Electron impact                                            621

EPR                                                             611

Equation of state                                          663


Fourier transform infrared                           632

Free length                                                   644

Free radicals                                                 611

Free volume                                                 644


FTIR spectroscopy                                      615

FT-IR                                                   558, 685

Gamma-irradiation                                       611

Gibb’s free energy                                       644


Hydrogen bond                                            668


Ionization                                                     621

Isentropic compressibility                            651


Microlens array                                            635


NMR                                                           626


Product operator theory                               626

PVP polymer films-characterization            658


Raman spectra                                              658

Relaxation time                                            668


Slag                                                              632

Spectroscopy                                               632


Teleclock service                                          676

Telephone network                                      676

Thermal expansion                                       663

Thermoluminescence                                   632


Ultrasonic velocity                                       644

Uniformity                                                   635


X-ray diffraction                                          658


Zeolite                                                          615