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MAY 2011

CODEN:IJOPAU 49(5) 293-362


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)


Atomic and Molecular Physics



Applications of PeakFit software in thermoluminescence studies

        Th Basanta Singh*, L Rey & R K Gartia



Synthesis, photoluminescence and thermal quenching of YAG:Ce phosphor for white light
emitting diodes

Arunachalam Lakshmanan*, R Satheesh Kumar, V Sivakumar, Preema C Thomas & M T Jose



Analysis of photographically recorded EXAFS spectra using theoretical model

        A Johari, A Gaur*, B D Shrivastava, V K Hinge, S K Joshi & D C Gaur



Spectroscopic properties and dielectric dispersion of K2O-BaO-B2O3 glasses doped with Fe2O3

        S Yusub, G Sahaya Baskaran, S Bala Murali Krishna, Ch Rajyasree, A Ramesh Babu &
D Krishna Rao*



Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics



Effect of structure parameters on transmission characteristics in one-dimensional photonic crystal

        C D Wang* & L P Xiao 



Physico-chemical and excess properties of ketones with propanol and cyclohexane by measurement
of ultrasonic speed

T Sumathi*, S Priyatharshini & S Punithasri



Roughness measurement using optical profiler with self-reference laser and stylus
instrument — A comparative study

        Mahesh Chand*, Aarti Mehta, Rina Sharma, V N Ojha & K P Chaudhary



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Synthesis, growth and characterization of copper mercury thiocyanate crystal

        B Vijayabhaskaran, M Arivazhagan & C Ramachandra Raja*



Prediction of effective thermal conductivity of cellular and polymer composites

        Ramvir Singh*, P K Sharma, R S Bhoopal & L S Verma



Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties



Dielectric and electrical properties of K1−xNaxNbO3 system

        Manish Uniyal* & S C Bhatt



Effect of structural disorder on electrical and magneto transport of La0.5Pr0.2R0.3MnO3 (R = Sr and Ba) manganite films

        J H Markna, P S Solanki, U D Khachar, C M Thaker, D S Rana & D G Kuberkar*



Authors for correspondence are indicated by (*)



Keyword Index


Activation energy                                        297


Bloch theory                                                323

Blue and white LED                                    303


Cellular materials                                         344

Characterization                                          340

Cu complex                                                  308

Cu K-edge EXAFS                                      308

Cu metal                                                      308


Dating                                                          297

Dielectric constant                                       350

Dielectric properties                                    315

Dosimetry                                                   297



Effective thermal conductivity                    344

Electrical conductivity                                 350

ESR spectra                                                 315

Excess values                                               328


Glasses                                                        315


IR spectra                                                    315


Ketones                                                       328


Loss tangent                                                350


Magneto transport                                      354

Manganite films                                           354

Molecular interaction                                  328

Nanometrology                                            335

Non linear optical materials                         340


Optical profiler                                            335


PeakFit software                                         297

Phosphor                                                     303

Photographic method                                  308

Photoluminescence                                      303

Photonic crystal                                          323

Polymer composites                                    344

Pulsed laser deposition                                354


Resonator laser                                            323


Second harmonic generation                        340

Slow evaporation technique                        340

Statistical mechanics                                    344

Structural disorder                                       354

Stylus profiler                                             335

Surface texture                                             335


Ternary mixtures                                         328

Theoretical models                                      308

Thermal quenching                                      303

Thermodynamic functions                          328

Thermoluminescence                                   297

Transition temperature                                350


X-ray diffraction                                         315


YAG:Ce                                                       303