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APRIL 2012

CODEN:IJOPAU 50(4) 213-280


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)








Solution of Schrödinger equation with exponential Coshine-screened potential

        Oladunjoye A Awoga*, Akpan N Ikot, Ita O Akpan & Akaninyene D Antia



Nuclear Physics



Natural radioactivity levels and associated radiation hazards in Nile river sediments from Aswan to El-Minia, Upper Egypt

        A El-Taher* & Adel G E Abbady



Atomic and Molecular Physics



New intensity formula for ionic spectra

        Bo Thelin



Spectral analysis and structure of Cu2+-doped cadmium bismuth borate glasses

Inder Pal*, Ashish Agarwal & Sujata Sanghi



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Equation of state and bulk modulus of C60 solid

        Uma D Sharma, Vishalakshi Joshi & Munish Kumar*



Temperature dependence of width and soft mode frequency in sodium potassium tantalate mixed system

        Manish Uniyal* & S C Bhatt



Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties



Effect of nanocrystalline silver impregnation on mechanical properties of diamond-like-carbon films by nano-indentation

        R Paul, A Dey, A K Mukherjee, S N Sarangi & A K Pal*



Study of photoelectret effect in dysprosium doped zinc oxide

        Nitin Pandey, Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava* & S G Prakash



Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology



Saturated velocity model of MESFET in the presence of interface states and interfacial layer at the gate contact

        P Chattopadhyay* & S Dutta



Qualitative analysis of small-signal modified Sziklai pair amplifier

        Beena Pandey, Susmrita Srivastava, Satyendra Nath Tiwari, Jitendra Singh & Sachchida Nand Shukla*



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Keyword Index



Arc                                                               231


Bulk modulus                                              245

Complementary Darlington pair
 amplifiers                                                 272

Cu2+ glasses                                                 237


Diamond-like carbon                                   252

Dielectric constant                                        248

Dysprosium                                                 260


Equation of state                                          245

Exponential Coshine-screened potentials     217


Frictional coefficient                                    252

FTIR                                                            237

Fullerite                                                        245


Gate contact                                                 265


Hardness                                                      252


Intensity formula                                          231

Ionic spectra                                                 231


MESFET                                                     265

Model Hamiltonian                                      248

Nano-crystalline silver                                 252

Natural radioactivity                                     224

Nikiforov-Uvarov method                           217

Nile river sediments                                     224


Optical emission spectrometry                     231

Optical properties                                         237


Photoelectret                                                260

Photopolarization                                         260


Radiation hazards                                         224


Schrödinger equation                                   217

Small Signal amplifiers                                272

Soft mode frequency                                    248

Spectral analysis                                          237

Spectral Tables UV-IR                                231

Structural velocity model                             265

Sziklai amplifiers                                         272


Transconductance                                        265


Upper Egypt                                                224


Width                                                           248


ZnO                                                             260