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CODEN:IJOPAU 50(8) 543-612


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)




Atomic and Molecular Physics



New gallium(III) complex-synthesis, spectral characterization and cytotoxicity

Irena Kostova* & Tsvetanka Stefanova



Model for up-conversion luminescence in silver nanoparticles embedded erbium-doped tellurite glass

S K Ghoshal*, M R Sahar, M R Dousti, S Sharma, M S Rohani, R Arifin & K Hamzah



Thermoluminescence characteristics of natural kyanite  A study on non pre-heated and pre-heated sample

G Wary & J M Kalita*



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Theoretical study of spin splitting in parabolic semiconductor quantum dots

Manish K Bafna*, Pratima Sen & P K Sen



Solvothermal synthesis and crystal structure of aluminogermanate halide sodalites using organic solvent

Ashok V Borhade*, Arun G Dholi, Dipak R Tope & S G Wakchaure



Vapour-liquid equilibria in binary systems formed by methylocyclopentane with alcohols

Andrzej Kosowski & Paweł Gierycz*



Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology



Design and development of atomic flux controller for cesium Fountain clock at NPL, India

Kavindra Pant*, Poonam Arora, Suchi Yadav & Amitava Sen Gupta



Current-mode high-Q bandpass filter and mixed-mode quadrature oscillator using ZC-CFTAs and grounded capacitors

Worapong Tangsrirat*, Pratya Mongkolwai & Tattaya Pukkalanun



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Keyword Index



Absorption coefficient 555

Activation energy 566

Aluminogermanate sodalite 576


Bandpass filter 600

Binary system 583

Bulk inversion-asymmetry 571


Coumarin-3-carboxylic acid 547

Crystallization 576

Cytotoxicity assay 547


Ebulliometer 583

Electron traps 566


Feedback control 593

FT Raman spectra 547

FTIR 547


Gallium(III) complex 547

Glow curves 566


Kyanite 566


Lock-in amplifier 593

Luminescence 555


Nanoparticles 555

Order of kinetics 566

Organic solvent 576


P-T-x experimental data 583

Phase shift 593


Quadrature oscillator 600


Rietveld refinement 576


Semiconductor quantum dot 571

Spin splitting 571

Surface plasmon resonance 555


Thermoelectric coolers 593

Thermoluminescence 566


Up-conversion 555


Vapour liquid equilibria 583

VLE methylcyclopentane
 + alcohols experimental data 583


Wheatstone bridge 593


Z-Copy current follower
 transconductance amplifier