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JUNE 2012

CODEN:IJOPAU 50(6) 351-418


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)





Nuclear Physics



Radon and its progeny measurements in dwellings of Farrukhabad city of Uttar Pradesh in
Northern India

        Deepak Verma*, M Shakir Khan & Mohd Zubair



Atomic and Molecular Physics



Thermoluminescence of Li2B4O7:Cu and La

        S Nabadwip Singh*, B Arunkumar Sharma & A Nabachandra Singh



Vibrational assignment, HOMO – LUMO, first-hyperpolarizability and Mulliken’s charge analysis of 2,7-dinitrofluorene

        M Arivazhagan* & J Senthil Kumar



Physics of Gases, Plasmas and Electric Discharges



Application of the multisource thermal model in pseudorapidity distributions of charged particles produced in  or pp collisions over an energy range from 0.053 to 7 TeV

        Jian-Xin Sun, Cai-Xing Tian, Er-Qin Wang, Bao-Chun Li & Fu-Hu Liu*



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Structural and optical properties of ZnS, PbS, Zn1-xPbxS, ZnxPb1-xS and PbZnxS1-x thin films

        Mahdi Hasan Suhail



Thermoelastic properties of alkali halides at high temperatures

        K Sunil & B S Sharma*



Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties



Optical and infrared properties of lithium diborate glasses doped with copper oxide: Effect of gamma irradiation

        Hatem A El-Batal*, Zeinab S El-Mandouh, Hamdia A Zayed, Samir Y Marzouk, Gihan M
El-Komy & Ahmed Hosny



Effect of salinity on the dielectric properties of water

        D H Gadani*, V A Rana, S P Bhatnagar, A N Prajapati & A D Vyas



Characterization of dielectric dispersion and ionic conduction behaviour of acetonitrile at low frequencies

        Shobhna Choudhary & R J Sengwa*



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Keyword Index



2,7-dinitrofluorene                                       363


Acetonitrile                                                  411

Activation energy                                 358, 411

Alkali halides                                               387


Bulk modulus                                              387


Charged particle                                           374

Copper ions                                                 398


Dielectric constant                                        405

Dielectric loss                                              405

Dielectric properties                                     411


Effective dose                                              355

Emissivity                                                    405

Energy gap                                                   380

Equation of state                                          387


First hyperpolarizability                               363

Frequency factor                                          358

FT-IR                                                           363

FT-Raman                                                    363


Gamma rays                                                 398

Glow peak                                                   358


HOMO-LUMO                                           363

Interatomic potential                                     387

Ionic conductivity                                        411

IR spectra                                                     398


Klein and Swift model                                 405


Lithium borate glass                                     398


Molecular electrostatic potential                   363


Optical properties                                         380


PbS thin films                                              380

Potential alpha energy concentration            355

 or pp collisions                                     374

Pseudorapidity distribution                          374


Radon                                                          355

Relaxation time                                            411


Saline water                                                 405

Sea water                                                     405

Semiconductor thin film                               380

Stogryn equations                                        405

Structural properties                                     380


Thermal expansivity                                     387

Thermoluminescence                                   358


UV-visible                                                   398


ZnS thin film                                                380