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MARCH 2012

CODEN:IJOPAU 50(3) 143-212


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)








Hall effect on heat and mass transfer in the flow of oscillating viscoelastic fluid through porous medium with wall slip conditions

        Khem Chand & Rakesh Kumar*



Atomic and Molecular Physics



Pecularities in the distribution of produced particles emission in 24Mg-Ag/Br interactions at 4.5 A GeV

        Prabir Kumar Haldar*, Sanjib Kumar Manna, Prosenjit Saha & Dipak Ghosh



Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics



Molecular interaction parameters of binary mixtures of diethyl ether and apolar solvents using ultrasonic probe

        S K Pradhan, S K Dash, L Moharana & B B Swain*



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Temperature dependence of antiferroelectric mode frequency, dielectric constant and loss tangent of ADP crystal in presence of electric field

        Trilok Chandra Upadhyay* & Deepak Joshi



Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties



Dielectric behaviour of aprotic polar liquid dissolved in non-polar solvent under static and high frequency electric field

        S Sahoo *, T R Middya & S K Sit



Modification and designing of electrodeposited polypyrrole film for optoelectronic applications

        I D Sharma*, V K Sharma, S K Dhawan & P K Saini



Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology



Versatile current-mode universal biquadratic filter using plus-type dual-output ICCIIs

        Hua-Pin Chen



Fabrication of ISFET microsensor by diffusion-based Al gate NMOS process and determination of its pH sensitivity from transfer characteristics

        V K Khanna



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Keyword Index



Analog circuit design                                   188

Analytical device                                          199

Anharmonic interactions                              167

Antiferroelectrics                                         167


Band gap                                                      184

Binary mixtures                                           161


ChemFET                                                    199

Chemical sensor                                           199

Cherenkov gluon radiation                           156

Conducting polymer                                    184

Current conveyor                                         188

Current-mode circuit                                    188


Diethyl ether                                                161

Dimer                                                           175

Dipole moment                                            175

Dipole-induced dipole interaction                161

Double relaxation times                               175


Electric field                                                 167

Electrodeposition                                         184


Filter                                                            188

FTIR                                                            184


Green function                                             167

Hall effect                                                    149


ICCII                                                           188

Ion sensor                                                    199

ISFET                                                          199


Jet like events                                               156


Monomer                                                     175

Monte-Carlo simulations                             156


Nucleus-nucleus collisions                          156


Oscillating viscoelastic fluid                        149


pH sensor                                                    199

Polypyrrole                                                  184

Porous medium                                            149

Pseudorapidity                                             156


Ring like events                                           156


Scanning electron microscopy                     184

Slip conditions                                             149


Ultrasonic studies                                        161