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CODEN:IJOPAU 51(1) 1-70


ISSN:0019-5596 (Print); 0975-1041 (Online)





Nuclear Physics



Cyclotron production of 94mTc via 94Mo (p, n) 94mTc reaction

        Tayeb Kakavand*, M Aref , S Rajabifar & R Razavi



Atomic and Molecular Physics



Characterization of WO3-doped borophosphate glasses by optical, IR and ESR spectroscopic techniques before and after subjecting to gamma irradiation

        M A Ouis, H A El-Batal*, M A Azooz & A M Abdelghany



Spectroscopic and radiative properties of Nd3+ ions doped zinc bismuth borate glasses

            I Pal*, A Agarwal, S Sanghi, Sanjay & M P Aggarwal



Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics



Detection of the distribution of size of the desert aerosols by multispectral method LIDAR (UV to IR) by using genetic algorithms, compared with Longtin's model

        Zeghbib Samir*, Bouzid Samia, Chaabi Abdelhafid & Latrous Mohamed Redha



Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties



Effect of exposure to electron beam irradiation in biopolymer papain and their electrical behaviour

        S Muthulakshmi, P Chithra lekha, M Balaji, Ganesh Sanjeev & D Pathinettam Padiyan*



Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties



Investigation of strain effect in InGaN/GaN multi-quantum wells

        Ya-Fen Wu



Preparation and characterization of hot-pressed Na+ ion conducting nano-composite polymer electrolytes

        Angesh Chandra*, Archana Chandra & K Thakur



Dielectric properties of different materials

        V Kumar*, A K Shrivastava, Anita Sinha & Vijeta Jha



Comparative study of mechanical, dielectric and electrical properties of solution grown semi-organic NLO crystal glycine with additives-ammonium oxalate, potassium and barium nitrate

        M N Ravishankar*, MA Ahlam, R Chandramani & A P Gnana Prakash



Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology



Design and implementation of quantum cellular automata based novel parity generator and checker circuits with minimum complexity and cell count

        M Mustafa & M R Beigh*



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Author Index



Abdelghany A M                                           11

Abdelhafid Chaabi                                         26

Agarwal A                                                     18

Aggarwal M P                                               18

Ahlam M A                                                   55

Aref M                                                             7

Azooz M A                                                    11


Balaji M                                                         33

Beigh M R                                                     60


Chandra Angesh                                            44

Chandra Archana                                           44

Chandramani R                                              55

Chithralekha P                                               33


El-Batal H A                                                  11


Jha Vijeta                                                       49


Kakavand Tayeb                                              7

Kumar V                                                        49

Mustafa M                                                     60

Muthulakshmi S                                            33


Ouis M A                                                      11


Padiyan D Pathinettam                                   33

Pal I                                                               18

Prakash A P Gnana                                       55


Rajabifar S                                                       7

Ravishankar M N                                          55

Razavi R                                                          7

Redha Latrous Mohamed                               26


Samia Bouzid                                                 26

Samir Zeghbib                                               26

Sanghi S                                                        18

Sanjay                                                            18

Sanjeev Ganesh                                             33

Shrivastava A K                                             49

Sinha Anita                                                    49


Thakur K                                                        44


Wu Ya-Fen                                                    39



Keyword Index



94Mo (p, 7n) 94mTc reaction                              7


II-VI, III-V and I-VII materials                     49


ac Impedance                                                 33


Borophosphate glass                                      11


Conductivity                                                  33

Crystal growth                                               55


Desert aerosols                                              26

Dielectric properties                                 49, 55

DSC                                                               44


Electrical properties                                        55

Electroluminescence                                       39

Electron beam irradiation                               33

Energy gaps                                                   49

ESR                                                               11


FTIR                                                        11, 44

FTIR spectra                                                  18


Gamma irradiation                                         11

Genetic algorithms                                         26

Glasses                                                          18


High-resolution X-ray diffraction                  39

HPGE                                                              7


Internal strain                                                 39

Isotopic impurities                                           7

Klett inversion                                                26


LIDAR                                                          26

LIDAR (taking by impaction)                        26

Longtin desert model                                     26


Majority logic                                                60

Mechanical properties                                    55

Mie theory                                                     26

Morphology                                                   33


Nano-composite polymer electrolytes            44

Nanoelectronics                                             60


Optical materials                                            18

Optical properties                                           18

Organic compound                                        55


Papain                                                            33

Parity checker                                                60

Plasmons in bulk materials                            49

Production yield                                               7


QCA designer                                                60

Quantum cellular automata                             60

Quantum-confined-Stark effect                      39


SEM                                                              44


TGA                                                              44

Tungsten                                                        11


UV-visible                                                     11