A Bimonthly Digest on Natural Products


Guidelines for authors


We welcome articles, features and reviews on exciting new developments in the areas of natural products.


            The articles on health, nutrition, new products and wildlife and environment which are directly useful to the farming community, traders, institutes, policy planners, students and various industries manufacturing products from natural resources are preferred for publication.


The reviews covering aspects of cultivation, production, protection, post-harvest technology, marketing, exports, disease and pest control, utilization and chemistry, etc. of the plants, animals and minerals will be considered for publication.


Features are similar in style to review, highlighting specific topics of broader utility to science. Features are generally based on author’s own experiences and reports.


We also welcome letters from readers concerned with suggestions and supplementation of information on any item appearing in this journal. The column Explorer is also open to publish innovators’ innovations in the field of natural products. For Projects/Schemes column we welcome details of projects completed or running at various institutes. Latest conference reports and reviews of recently released book/journals are also considered for publication. Conference reports must highlight aims and objectives, details of presentations and recommendations.


Research papers on experimental studies are not considered for publication in this journal. Papers submitted for publication should not have been published in any other journal. A brief synopsis of the proposal may be sent to the editor for prior approval.


Twenty five free reprints of articles will be provided to corresponding author.


Instructions to the contributors


1. Manuscript of the paper should be clearly typed in double space on one side of the paper. Two copies are to be submitted.

2. Papers may also be sent on MS Word format in 3.5” floppy diskette or as an E-mail attachment along with a hard copy for easy and early processing. Type written papers are also accepted.

3. The manuscripts are to be arranged in following order: 

·        Title of the article

·        Name of the authors, full address and E-mail.

·        In case of multiple authors and an asterisk * mark should be made with the author with whom correspondence is to be made.

·        Abstract

·        Keywords

·        Introduction

·        Actual text

·        Conclusion

·        Each table should be typed on a separate page

·        References should be given in bracket in the text (Garg et al, 2002) or in superscript number form and must contain full titles of papers.

·        References at the end of the paper should be given in the alphabetical order of author names or as the number given.

·        Abbreviations for journal titles should conform to international guidelines, e.g. The Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI), BIOSIS. Each reference should provide names and initial of the authors, demarking each author by a coma (,) except the last where and should be written. It should be followed by title of the paper, journal name (Italicized), year, volume (in bold), issue number in bracket () and the starting and closing page numbers.

It is mandatory on the part of the corresponding author to furnish following certificate at the time of submission of the manuscript for publication:


This is to certify that the reported work in the paper entitled “ ………………” submitted for publication in the journal, Natural Product Radiance is an original one and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. I/we further certify that proper citations to the previously reported work have been given and no data/tables/figures have been quoted verbatim from other publications without giving due acknowledgement and without the permission of the authors(s). The consent of all the authors of this paper has been obtained for submitting the paper to the journal.


Signatures and names of all the authors