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This open-access quarterly science magazine was launched in 2017 and is dedicated to spread awareness about the concept of science diplomacy and harness its power to achieve sustainable development. It encloses articles related to innovation diplomacy, techplomacy, STI diplomacy, etc., along with international MoUs, forthcoming events, recent publications, and policy developments. To foster attention on the current critical issues, it invites articles from distinguished experts in areas of science policy, diplomacy and technological innovations. The magazine strives to create awareness on key current and future global issues and to promote the linkages between science, technology, innovation and international affairs.

All articles published in Science Diplomacy, like perspectives, opinions and commentaries, general articles, etc. are deemed to reflect the individual views of the authors and not the official points of view of CSIR-NIScPR.

ISSN: 2456-5318

Editor: Dr Monika Jaggi, E-mail:;

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July-September 2020

Volume 4(1)

October-December 2020

Volume 4(2)

January-March 2021

Volume 4(3)

April-June 2021

Volume 4(4)


July-September 2019

Volume 3(1)

October-December 2019

Volume 3(2)

January-March 2020

Volume 3(3)

April-June 2020

Volume 3(4)


July-September 2018

Volume 2(1)

October-December 2018

Volume 2(2)

January-March 2019

Volume 2(3)

April-June 2019

Volume 2(4)


July-September 2017

Volume 1(1)

October-December 2017

Volume 1(2)

January-March 2018

Volume 1(3)

April-June 2018

Volume 1(4)