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Annals  of  Library and Information Studies




ISSN : 0972-5423    


 JUNE 2004





Analytical Study Of Contents Of Lanl Physics And Cross-Listed E-Print Archives, 1994-2002   

Prakasan (E R), Anil Kumar, Sagar  (Anil) , Lalit Mohan, Singh (Sanjay Kumar),  Kalyane (V L) and Vijai Kumar




TKM College Of Engineering Library Automation System 

Abdul Azeez T A



Doctoral Dissertations In Library And Information Science

In India 1997-2003: A Study                                                       

Mahapatra (R K) and  Sahoo (Jyotsana)




Indo-German Collaboration In S&T: An Analysis Through

Co-Authored Publications, 1996-2000                                                

Rao (M K D) and  Gupta (B M)




Library Databases: Development And Management

Prem Singh                                          




Electronic Journals: Modalities For Providing Free Access  

Halijwale (Sangeeta S),  Manjunath  ( G K ) and  Pujar (SM)                     



Book Review 





Annals of Library and Information Studies

 Vol.51,  June 2004, pp 43-51


Analytical Study of Contents of LANL Physics and Cross-Listed E-Print Archives,  1994-2002

 E. R. Prakasan, Anil Kumar, Anil Sagar, Lalit Mohan, Sanjay Kumar Singh, V. L. Kalyane and Vijai Kumar


The frontiers of physics and cross-listed e-print archives posted during the years 1994-2002 at web service of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) are explored from 7770 submissions. E-print archives posted to top most six physics-cross-listed research categories besides physics (5390) are: Condensed matter (754), Quantum physics (279), Astrophysics (222), Chemical physics (129), High energy physics - Phenomenology (118), and High energy physics-Theory (100). Prominent contributors include B.G. Sidharth (India), V.V. Flambaum (Australia), Antonina N. Fedorova (Russia), and Michael G. Zeitlin (Russia). Most preferred journals for rechannelising e-print archives are Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, Physical Review E, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, and Journal of Chemical Physics.




 Annals of Library and Information Studies

Vol.51, June 2004, pp 52-57


TKM College of Engineering Library Automation System

Abdul Azeez T A


The TKMCE Library Automation System aims at providing a comprehensive computerized solution to the needs of the library routines such as data entry, circulation control, catalogue access, etc.  The system provides an overall view of the above said functions and the package is user-friendly and menu driven.  Special efforts have been made during the design and development stage to ensure data integrity and security.  This package facilitates fast retrieval of information and error free statistics.  This project was done at the TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala, using Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and MS Access 7.0 as back end under Windows 98 environment.




Annals of Library and Information Studies

 Vol.51, June 2004, pp 58-63


Doctoral Dissertations in Library and Information Science in India 1997-2003: A Study

  R.K.Mahapatra and Jyotshna Sahoo


Research  programmes at the Ph.D. level  in Library and Information Science carried out in India during the seven years (1997-2003) have been analyzed to find out the trends and areas of research, growth pattern and productivity of universities along with broad and narrow subject areas in the discipline. Presents the analysis of the study with the primary goal of appraising the perspective LIS research community to make them aware of the direction of research.




Annals of Library and Information Studies

 Vol.51, June 2004, pp 64-71


Indo-German Collaboration in S&T: An Analysis through Co-Authored Publications, 1996-2000"

 M.K.D.Rao and B.M. Gupta


The paper looks into the Indo-German collaboration in S&T, through the co-authored publications during the period 1996-2000. The collaboration is under two broad streams, bilateral and multilateral. The study provides an analysis of co-authored papers by main fields and sub-fields and the impact of such collaboration in different fields of S&T. The paper identifies the major institutions involved in collaborative research in the two countries. The study reveals the extent of commonality of subject interest between the two countries. The analysis showed that the bilateral papers were maximum in physics followed by chemistry, biomedical research, etc. However the impact factor of bilateral papers was highest in biomedical research followed by physics, chemistry, etc. As many as 88 per cent of all bilateral papers have been reported in journals having impact factor less than 1.38, the average impact factor of all bilateral papers. Similar result of analysis is shown for the multilateral papers.



Annals of Library and Information Studies

 Vol.51, June 2004, pp 72-81


Library Databases : Development and Management

Prem Singh


Definition, importance, advantages and disadvantages of the database approach have been discussed. There are four main sources – Shelf List, Books and other Reading material, Data Sheets and international utilities such as OCLC - for retroconversion of library’s card catalogue and union catalogue of journals. The librarian can use any one or a combination of them for data entry. Librarian has to decide the priority as to which part of library collection should be computerized first. Data entry can be done in-house or it can be outsourced. After weighing the economics and other pros and cons, the librarian can decide the mode of entry. The author of this paper found in-house data entry fastest, reliable and cheapest. Having created the database, its management is also essential. There is, therefore, a need for Database Administrator in each library.




Annals of Library and Information Studies

 Vol.51, June 2004, pp 82-85


Electronic Journals : Modalities for Providing Free Access

 Sangeeta S. Halijwale, G.K. Manjunath, and S.M. Pujar


Many publishers have started giving free online access to electronic journals against print subscription. Institutions having a good computer network, in other words Internet access, can benefit from the free offer. This paper attempts to describe the modalities involved in getting free access to such e-journals.  The main focus is on the administrative procedures with due emphasis on the role of aggregators and access management.