Volume 49, Issue 3




Lohar (M  S) and Kumbar (M)


Use of Library Facilities and Information Resources in Sahyadri College


Evaluates the use of Sahyadri College Libraries in Shimoga (Karnataka). A  survey of 91 teachers from both the Sahyadri Arts & Commerce College and the Sahyadri Science College is conducted through a questionnaire. The analysis of the collected data covers the use of library resources, classification and catalogue, library services and physical facilities. Concludes that the chief intention for the use of libraries has been the academic interest of the users.




Utilisation of News Papers and Magazines by the U.G. College Teachers in Shimoga City : A Case Study

Study attempts to identify the utilisation of newspapers and magazines by the teachers in an undergraduate college environment. Tries to trace out the impact of personal attributes on use of periodicals.



            Education for Information : Emerging Scope and Challenges in India


Application of information and communication technologies in libraries, information centres and documentation centres have compelled the traditional library professionals to change into information professionals to develop their skills in collecting, organising and disseminating information to users. The emergence and establishment of specialised information and documentation centres, information systems and networks, library and information networks at local, national and international level further necessitated educational training on different facets of “Information”. Considering all these aspects this paper emphasises that education for information which is already in existence needs to be further strengthened with adequate information components to develop the skills for the learners.   Concludes that there is lot of scope to the information professionals in a variety of academic, corporate and government environment.





Changing Facets of Library Instruction Programs in Universities in Thailand


Instructing users on library use and promoting information literacy have become a major responsibility of university library staff due to changes in teaching and learning processes in the higher education and more so with the advent of digital libraries.  Library orientation and library tour introduce the user to the university library, its collection and services. The university librarians create printed manuals to impart knowledge of library use along with the web-based instruction. It is also intended to introduce a credit course on the library use and information literacy in the university curricula. The paper deliberates on these facets as is found in Thailand.



SINGH ( S N) and GARG (B S )                                                                        

Impact of Information Technology (Reprography) on Biomedical Information Centres and Libraries (ICLs) in India : A Critical Evaluation


Provides an overview of reprography as an inseparable part of information centres and libraries. Study gives a brief historical development of reprography and its impact on document delivery services. Questionnaire method using field stratified sample survey has been selected as main instrument for collection of data. The study shows that there is increase in availability and use of photocopying facilities in biomedical ICLs in India.  The use and awareness during above periods, including the impact and gradation as indicated by the respondent ICLs have been highlighted.


Present survey summarises that most of the biomedical ICLs have photocopying facilities and is an inseparable part of ICL service. It is suggested that that while selecting a copier, its reliability, high productivity, user friendliness of products and after sale services are to be taken into consideration depending upon work load, colour photocopying, stapling and sorting facilities requirement.