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Optimization of die angle and ram velocity for rod extrusion using dynamic material modeling and genetic algorithm



        K K Pathak & N Ramakrishnan



Optimization of tool wear in turning using genetic algorithm


        C Felix Prasad, S Jayabal & U Natarajan



Investigation of stress homogenization near inner cavity in the polymer structure


        S Diliunas, V Leisis & D Zeleniakiene



Issues in fretting fatigue design of shot peened leaf springs


        M L Aggarwal &   P S Chawla



Materials Science



Experimental investigation of reinforced concrete beams with and without steel fiber under explosive loading



        Fatih Altun, M Metin Köse, Canan Yilmaz, Kamuran Ari & Adem Durmuş



Effect of using ground waste tire rubber as fine aggregate on the behaviour of concrete mixes



        M M Balaha, A A M Badawy & M Hashish



LiSIPA doped polyaniline-colloidal graphite composites: Synthesis and characterization


        Parveen Saini, Veena Choudhary & S K Dhawan



Fracto-mechanoluminescence produced during slow deformation of solids


        B P Chandra, S K Mahobia, R K Kuraria & Vibha Chaudhary




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Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 399-402



Optimization of die angle and ram velocity for rod extrusion using dynamic material modeling and genetic algorithm

K K Pathak & N Ramakrishnan


Selection of processing and geometrical parameters is a crucial step in the extrusion process design. Optimized parameters may result in desirable microstructure at minimum load. To achieve this goal, dynamic material modeling (DMM) and genetic algorithms (GA) are used in this study. Selection of strain rate and temperature is done by DMM which insures dynamic recrystalization (DRX) zone during processing. Minimization of punch load is formulated as a nonlinear programming problem which is solved using GA to result in optimum ram velocity and die angle. Two rod extrusion processes are successfully optimized using proposed approach.


Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 403-407



Optimization of tool wear in turning using genetic algorithm


C Felix Prasad, S Jayabal & U Natarajan


Optimization has significant practical importance particularly for operating in machines. In order to increase the accuracy of finishing product the tool must be in good condition always as much as possible. To achieve good condition of tool the machining parameters like speed, feed and depth of cut should be optimized2-4. This paper aims to increase the condition of tool, i.e., minimization of tool wear by applying the optimized input parameters using Genetic Algorithm technique. For solving the machining problems various traditional techniques such as Integer programming, Quadratic programming and Simplex method have been used so far. But results of these various methods vary to some extent. Genetic Algorithm helps in obtaining better results than of traditional methods available.


Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 408-413



Investigation of stress homogenization near inner cavity in the polymer structure


S Diliunas, V Leisis & D Zeleniakiene


The stress concentrates near inner cavities in deformed structures. Sometimes, it is useful to obtain stress magnitude on cavity surface as uniform and low as possible. In this study, the attempt is made to determine magnitude of stress concentration near spherical cavity in polymeric structure loaded under unidirectional tension or compression and to find possibility to decrease and homogenize this stress with internal pressure.

Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 414-418



Issues in fretting fatigue design of shot peened leaf springs

M L Aggarwal & P S Chawla


Shot peening has long been widely used as a low cost and simple method for increasing fatigue strength of the leaf springs. During a survey, it has been found that fretting fatigue failure of semi-elliptical leaf springs in commercial vehicles occur between 3-6 years. Recently, fretting fatigue between leaves has been reduced by careful control of shot peening parameters and with the application of double shot peening. In the present work, the bending fatigue strength of EN45A spring steel parabolic leaf springs is found to be much higher as compared to semi-elliptical leaf springs. The paper discusses the elimination of fretting fatigue between leaves of EN45A spring steel shot peened leaf springs by using taper leaves and rubber pads.


Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 419-426



Experimental investigation of reinforced concrete beams with and without steel fiber under explosive loading

Fatih Altun, M. Metin Köse, Canan Yilmaz, Kamuran Ari & Adem Durmuş


The aim of this study is to determine the energy absorption capacities of the reinforced concrete (RC) beams of the same concrete class and to obtain the performances of the steel-fiber added beams according to the damage characteristics obtained by the explosive loading. In this paper, effects of blast load on the RC beams samples with and without steel fiber have been investigated. First, the compressive strength of concrete made with and without steel fiber have been measured. Second, the load carrying capasities of the RC beams produced with and without steel fiber are determined by two point loading test. Lust, the damage levels under explosive loading applied on the RC beams produced with and without steel fiber have been observed. The results show that RC beams made with steel fiber is damaged less in blast loading than that of conventional RC beams. The results also show that the expression used in calculating the amount of the explosive material needs to be revised.



Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 427-435

Effect of using ground waste tire rubber as fine aggregate on the behaviour
of concrete mixes

M M Balaha, A A M Badawy & M Hashish


The development of environmentally accepted methods of used tire disposal is one of the greatest challenges that waste management experts face today. Using of wastes and by-products as concrete aggregate has attained great potential in the last few years. The aim of this work is to investigate the possibility of the usage of ground waste tire rubber (GWTR) in the civil construction as a partial replacement for fine aggregates and the influence of these wastes on the properties of ordinary concrete. The cement content for concrete mixes is 300, 400, and 500 kg/m3. The total fine aggregate (TFA) in all mixes is sand, which is partially replaced by GWTR particles. The percentages by volume of GWTR/TFA are 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. The physical and mechanical properties of rubberized concrete are compared with those of ordinary concrete mixes. Also, three treated materials, polyvinyl acetate, silica fume and sodium hydroxide (PVA, SF and NaOH) are used for treatment the ground waste tire rubber to improve the interface friction between rubber particles and cement matrix. The results show that the mass density (bulk density) of hardened rubberized concrete decreases with increasing rubber content, this is an advantage for that concrete application. Also concrete specimens containing rubber particles are much tougher than those without rubber particles. The damping ratio of the rubberized concrete containing 20% rubber is much higher than those of normal concrete by about 63.2%. Rubberized concrete incorporating treated rubber particles gives better results than concrete incorporating normal rubber.

Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol 14, December 2007, pp. 436-442



LiSIPA doped polyaniline-colloidal graphite composites :
Synthesis and characterization

Parveen Saini, Veena Choudhary & S K Dhawan


Aniline has been polymerized in the presence of colloidal graphite using lithium sulphoisophthalic acid (LiSIPA) as dopant, via the chemical oxidative polymerization route. The thermal stability and electrical conductivity have been improved significantly as compared to polyaniline doped with conventional inorganic dopants like HCl or H2SO4. The XRD and FTIR show a systematic shifting of the characteristic bands/peaks with the increase in the graphite content, which indicates sufficient interaction between graphite and polyaniline. The UV-visible spectra also show the characteristic bands of polyaniline which shows the hypsochromic shift with the increase in the graphite content. Apart from their doped counterparts, these composites also show sufficient conductivities, even in the undoped forms.


Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 443-446


Fracto–mechanoluminescence produced during slow deformation of solids

B P Chandra, S K Mahobia, R K Kuraria & Vibha Chaudhary


The present paper reports the mechanoluminescence (ML) induced by the movement of cracks produced during slow deformation of solids. The ML may be induced by fracture of crystals due to several processes involved in charging of newly-created surfaces. In fracto-ML, the number of ML pulses emitted indicates the number of cracks moved in a crystal. Thus, there is one-to-one correspondence between the number of cracks formed and the number of ML flashes emitted during the deformation of a crystal. An expression derived for the dependence of the number of ML flashes, Np on the strain e of crystals may be expressed as, Np = [{exp a(e e f )}–1], where ef is the fracture strain and a is a constant. The total ML intensity indicates the total area of the newly-created surfaces created during the deformation of a crystal. As the decay time of ML is constant and of the order of microseconds, in the case of slow deformation, the peak of ML intensity induced by a single crack indicates the area of newly-created surfaces. The studies on fracto-ML give important information that the number of cracks increases exponentially with the deformation of crystals and the area of newly created surfaces increases linearly with the deformation of crystals. The ML may be useful in the study of crack dynamics in microsecond and nanosecond ranges, whereby important information related to the initiation, propagation and interaction of cracks in solids may be obtained. The rapid photographic methods and CCD cameras can be used effectively to map the ML emission from fracture of solids. A good agreement is found between the theoretical and experimental results.






Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 447-450



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  The Publisher and the Editor of Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences gratefully acknowledge the honorary services rendered by the following experts in reviewing the papers during 2007.


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Zhou Tianle

Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ, China










Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Vol. 14, December 2007, pp. 451-458





Subject Index



AA 6061-SiCp composites                                     277

absorption                                                      167, 365

absorption data                                                      167

accelerated warm-water                                          266

acid                                                                         240

acid treated polyester fibers                                   240

across thickness                                                       95

admixtures                                                              146

aggregate                                                                 427

Al-Cu/TiC MMCs fabrication                               303

Al-Cu/TiC MMCs                                                 303

algorithm                                                        346, 403

alkali treated polyester fibers                                 240

alkali                                                                       240

alloyed super heater tubes                                       19

alloyed super heater                                                 19

AlN powder                                                           309

amplifier                                                                 289

analysis                                      81, 95, 215, 240, 282

angle                                                                       103

arc welding                                                             177

ash blended                                                              69

ash                                                                    69, 257

aspect ratio effect                                                   184

asphalt mixtures                                             151, 358

asphalt                                                            151, 358

atomatic license plate location and
 recognition                                                          337

automatic license plate                                           337


Back scattering                                                       253

bagasse ash                                                             257

bagasse                                                                   257

bamboo leaf ash blended Portland cement               69

bamboo leaf ash blended                                          69

bamboo leaf ash                                                        69

bamboo leaf                                                              69

bamboo                                                                     69

band gap                                                                 253

bandpass                                                                125

bandpass filters                                                      125

barreling profile                                                      184

barreling                                                                  184

basin parameters                                                      39

basin                                                                         39

BaTiO3                                                                                                        64

beams                                                                     419

benzene                                                                  167

benzene solution                                                    167


binary mixtures                                                      167

bituminous pavements                                             48

bituminous                                                               48

blends                                                                     317

blood                                                                      112

blood serum                                                            112

buildings                                                                 220


Capillary water absorption                                    365

capillary water                                                       365

carbon black                                                           358

carbon nanorods (CNRs) production                     235

carbon nanorods (CNRs)                                       235

carbon                                                                     235

cavity                                                                     408

CdxZn1-xS vacuum evaporated thin films               313

CdxZn1-xS                                                               313

cement and EPS beads ratios effect                       158

cement                                                              69, 158

cementitious composites                                        146

cementitious                                                           146

chain dynamics                                                       317

chain dynamics study                                            317

chloride resisting concrete                                      257

chloride                                                                   257

CHNO high energy materials                                   77

CHNO                                                                      77

circular cutout                                                          95

circular section                                                         12

circular                                                                        5

colloidal graphite composites                                 436

columns                                                                  295

composite disc                                                       282

composite plates                                                   103

composite skew plate                                              95

composites                                      95, 103, 146, 277,

compressive                                                           158

compressive strength                                             158

concrete                                           158, 257,266,352,


concrete-filled steel tubular columns                      295

concrete-filled steel                                                295

conduction                                                       163,209

conduction pump                                                   209

continuous systems                                                 81

controlled rolling route                                           193

corrosion susceptibilities                                       303

corrosion                                                                303

cracks                                                                       31

creep coefficient evaluation                                    295

creep coefficient                                                     295

crown ether                                                            112

crown ether membrane                                           112

cryptography                                                         346

cryptography’s algorithm                                      346

crystals                                                                   373

curing conditions                                                    365

curing method                                                         266

curing                                                               266,365

current                                                                    289

current differencing transconductance
amplifier                                                                 289

current differencing transconductance
 amplifier-based current-mode                            289

current differencing transconductance                    289

current differencing                                                289

current-mode                                                          289

cutout                                                                       95

cylindrical elevated tanks                                       133


Damages                                                             19, 48

data security                                                           346

d.c conduction pump                                             209

d.c.conduction                                                        209

deflection basin parameters                                      39

deflection basin                                                        39

deflection                                                                  39

deformation                                                            443

density                                                                   158

depositing ionophoric crown ether
 membrane                                                           112

detonation                                                         77,324

detonation heat                                                       324

detonation pressure                                                  77

detonation products                                               324

die angle                                                                  399

dielectric properties                                                 64

dielectric relaxation studies                                    167

dielectric relaxation                                                 167

dielectric response                                                  317

dielectric                                                                    64, 112,167,317

disc                                                                         282

division multiplexing                                              125

double doped BaTiO3                                              64

double doped                                                            64

drying                                                                     146

drying shrinkage                                                     146

dynamic material                                                    399

dynamic material modeling                                     399

dynamics                                                                317

dynamics study                                                      317


Efficient quantum cryptography’s
 algorithm                                                            346

elastic-plastic stress                                               282

elastic-plastic stress analysis                                 282

elastic-plastic                                                         282

elasto-plastic analysis                                            215

elasto-plastic                                                          215

electrical measurement                                           119

electrical properties                                                  64,358

electrical                                                                    64,119

electrochemical finishing                                        202

electrochemical                                                       202

electrode                                                                 202

element                                                                     31

elemental composition                                           324

elliptical hole                                                          103

energy materials                                                       77

energy                                                                       77

epitaxial                                                                  163

EPS beads                                                               158

ether membrane                                                      112

expansion                                                               103

explosive loading                                                    419

explosives                                                        324,419

extrusion                                                          184,299

Facto-mechanoluminescence                                  443

failure analysis                                                         24

failure cause                                                              24

failure                                                                       24

fast reactor                                                             209

fatigue design                                                          414

fatigue                                                              352,414

ferrites                                                                    381

fiber                                                        151, 240, 419

fibre-reinforced concrete                                        352

fibre-reinforced                                                       352

field-effect                                                              112

films                                                                         55

filters                                                                      125

fine aggregate                                                          427

finishing                                                                  202

flame reactor unit design                                        235

flame reactor unit development                              235

flame reactor unit                                                   235

flame reactor                                                           235

flame                                                                       235

flow characteristics                                                  12

flow                                                                        184

four-phase quadrature oscillator                            289

fracture analysis                                                       31

fracture                                                                     31

frame                                                                      133

frame supporting system                                       133

frequency                                                               317

fretting fatigue design                                             414

fretting fatigue                                                        414

furnace                                                                    193

fusion                                                                     386


Gate dielectric                                                        112

gear                                                                         184

gear-form electrode                                                 202

gear-form electrode design                                      202

gear-form                                                                202

gear-like forms                                                        184

genetic algorithm                                             399,403

GeSe single crystals                                               373

graphite composites                                               436

graphite                                                                  436

ground waste tire rubber                                        427

ground waste                                                          427


Hardening parameters                                            277

hardening                                                                277

heater tubes                                                              19

heater                                                                        19

heats                                                                324,386

high energy materials                                                77

high energy                                                               77

high-strength fibre-reinforced concrete                  352

high-strength                                                          352

hole                                                                  103,215

homogenization                                                      408

hot pressing                                                            303

hydration                                                                  69

In/Sb thin films                                                       253


Indigenously developed DC
 conduction pump                                               209

induction                                                                193

induction melting furnace                                       193

inner cavity                                                            408

in-plane loading                                                      103

InSb thin films                                                          55

instability analysis                                                   81

instability                                                                 81

invariant continuous systems                                  81

invariant systems                                                     81

ionophoric                                                              112

ionophoric crown ether membrane                         112

ion-sensitive                                                           112


Joints                                                                        24


K+-ion concentrations                                            112


La0.7A0.3MnO3 manganite                                      163

La0.7A0.3MnO3 manganite thin film                        163

laminated composite skew plate                              95

laminated composite                                                95

lateral extrusion                                                      184

leaf ash blended                                                        69

leaf ash                                                                     69

leaf springs                                                             414

leaf                                                                     69,414

license                                                                     337

license plate location                                              337

license plate                                                            337

lightweight concrete                                               158

lightweight                                                              158

linear time                                                                 81

linearly varying temperature                                    95

LiSIPA doped polyaniline-colloidal
 graphite composites                                           436

LiSIPA                                                                   436

LM6 aluminium alloy                                                7

loading                                                             103,419

low temperature                                                     151

low temperature performances                              151

low-frequency dielectric response                         317

low-frequency                                                       317


Manganite                                                              163

manganite thin film                                                 163

mass irregular buildings                                          220

mass                                                                       220

material flow                                                          184

materials                                                            77,184

measurement                                                          119

mechanical properties                                            358

mechanoluminescence                                            443

melting furnace                                                       193

melting                                                                    193

membrane                                                               112

Mg-Zn ferrites                                                       381

micro alloyed structural steels                               193

micro alloyed                                                          193

microstructure                                                          55

microwave                                                              167

microwave absorption                                            167

microwave absorption data                                    167

mineral admixtures                                                 146

mineral                                                                    146

mitigation                                                                 48

mixtures                                                    151,167,358

modified asphalt mixtures                                      151

modified quarter point element                                31

moisture damage                                                       48

moisture                                                                   48

multiplexing                                                            125

multiplexing applications                                       125


Nanorods                                                                235

nanosized AlN powder synthesis                          309

nanosized AlN powder                                          309

narrow bandpass                                                    125

narrow bandpass filters                                          125

narrow bandpass filters fabrication                        125

nitramines                                                               386

nitridation route                                                     309

nitridation                                                               309

N-methylformamide                                               167

non-linear conduction                                             163

novel nitridation route                                            309


Optical band gap                                                    253

optical constants                                                    313

optical                                                             253,313

orientation angle effect                                           103

orientation angle                                                     103

oscillator                                                                 289


Parabolic                                                                 282

parabolic temperature                                            282

parabolic temperature distribution                         282

pavement rutting                                                      39

pavement                                                             39,48

peened leaf springs                                                 414

performance testing                                                209

phase transition                                                      373

physical properties                                                381

plane loading                                                          103

plastic zone expansion                                           103

plates                                                          95,103,337

point element                                                           31

poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)-poly(ethylene glycol)     317

polyaniline                                                             436

polyaniline-colloidal graphite                                 436

polyester                                                                240

polyester fibers                                                      240

polymer                                                           151,408

polymer structure                                                  408

polymeric                                                               317

polymeric blends                                                    317

polynomials                                                             81

Portland cement                                                       69

potassium-selective ion-sensitive field-effect
       transistor (ISFET)                                                 112

potassium-selective ion-sensitive                          112

potassium-selective                                                112

powder                                                                   309

power station                                                           19

power                                                                       19

practical aspects                                                     119

precipitation                                                           277

predicting heats                                               324,386

prediction                                                                 77

pressure                                                                    77

process                                                                     55

process conditions                                                   55

process parameters                                                177

profile                                                                     184

pump                                                                      209


Quadrature oscillator                                              289

quantum cryptography                                          346

quantum cryptography’s algorithm                       346

quantum                                                                 346

quarter point element                                               31


Ram                                                                        399

ram velocity                                                           399

reactor                                                             209,235

rectangular section                                                    12

regression analysis                                                 177

reinforced concrete beams                                      419

reinforced concrete                                                 419

reinforcement                                                         277

relaxation                                                                167

residual stresses                                                     103

rice                                                                          257

rice husk                                                                 257

rice husk ash                                                           257

rod                                                                          399

rod extrusion                                                          399

rolling route                                                            193

route                                                                193,309

Routh column polynomials design                           81

Routh column polynomials                                      81

Routh column                                                           81

rubber                                                                     427

Rutherford back scattering                                     253

rutting characterization                                            39

rutting                                                                       39


SAXS                                                                     240

scattering                                                                253

secondary steel sector                                            193

security                                                                  346

seismic                                                                    133

seismic behaviour                                                   133

seismic code                                                           220

self-compacting concrete                                        365

serum                                                                      112

shot peened leaf springs                                         414

shrinkage                                                                146

silica                                                                       266

silica fume                                                              266

silica fume concrete                                                266

single crystals                                                         373

skew plate                                                                95

slow deformation of solids                                     443

slow deformation                                                   443

SNC236 surface                                                     202

sodium cooled                                                        209

sodium                                                                    209

solids                                                                      443

springs                                                                    414

square hole                                                             215

square                                                                     215

squeeze casting                                                           7

station                                                                      19

steel fiber                                                                419

steel sector                                                             193

steel tubular columns                                             295

steel                                                          193,295,419

strain induced non-linear conduction                     163

strain induced                                                         163

strength                                                                  266

strength prediction                                                 266

strength                                                                  158

stress analysis                                                        282

stress around square hole                                       215

stress homogenization near inner cavity                408

stress homogenization                                            408

stress                                                              103,215,

structural parameters analysis                               240

structural parameters                                             240

structural steels                                                      193

structure                                                                 408

submerged arc                                                         177

submerged arc welding                                           177

submerged arc welding process                              177

submerged arc welding process parameters           177

subsoil                                                                    133

super heater tubes                                                    19

super heater                                                              19

supporting system                                                 133

surface roughness                                                       7

surface                                                                    202

susceptibilities                                                       303

systems                                                             81,133

Taguchi method                                                   7,177

tanks                                                                       133

temper                                                                      95

temperature distribution                                        282

temperature                                                     151,282

theoretical prediction                                               77

theoretical                                                                 77

thermal power station                                              19

thermal power                                                          19

thermally evaporated InSb thin films                       55

thermally evaporated                                               55

thermoelastic analysis                                              95

thermoelastic                                                            95

thermoplastic                                                         282

thermoplastic composite                                 103,282

thermoplastic composite disc                                282

thermoplastic composite plates                             103

thickness                                                                  95

thin films                                             55,163,253,313

time                                                                          81

tire rubber                                                               427

tool wear optimization                                           403

tool                                                                         403

transconductance amplifier                                    289

transconductance                                                    289

transistor                                                                112

transition duct passing                                             12

transporting agents                                                 373

tubes                                                                         19

tubular columns                                                      295

Turkish seismic code evaluation                            220

Turkish seismic code                                              220

turning                                                                    403

two-phase                                                              317

two-phase polymeric blends                                  317


Ultrasonic-aid                                                         202


Vacuum                                                                  313

vacuum evaporated thin films                                313

varying temperature                                                 95

velocity                                                                  399


Warm-water                                                           266

waste tire rubber                                                    427

water absorption                                                    365

water                                                                      365

wavelength                                                             125

wavelength division                                                125

wavelength division multiplexing
 applications                                                        125

wear                                                                        403

welded joints                                                            24

welding                                                                   177


Zone expansion                                                      103


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