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Special Issue




Emerging Trends in Accelerator Radiation Safety   Part II


[This special issue is based on the papers presented at International Conference on
Accelerator Radiation Safety (ICARS2011) at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 400 085
during November 16-18, 2011]






S Kailas





P K Sarkar, Sunil C & S P Tripathy







Neutron dosimetry around accelerators in Switzerland

C Wernli*, H Hoedlmoser, M Boschung, E Hohmann & S Mayer



Radioactivity generation in Pb target by protons  A comparative study from MeV to GeV

Maitreyee Nandy* & Chirashree Lahiri



The radioactive ion beam project at VECC and the safety issues

A Chakrabarti



High power electron accelerators for radiation processing and its safety aspects

K C Mittal



Application of PSA techniques to synchrotron radiation source facilities

V V S Sanyasi Rao*, GopikaVinod, P K Sarkar & K K Vaze



Development of beamline radiation shielding hutch for Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source

Sanjay Chouksey



The smallest plasma accelerator device as a radiation safe repetitive pulsed neutron source

Ram Niranjan, R K Rout*, Rohit Srivastava & Satish C Gupta



Determination of relative biological effectiveness of 3.2 MeV proton beam from folded tandem ion accelerator

Praveen Joseph, Y Narayana*, N N Bhat, S Santra, R G Thomas & S K Gupta



Non-destructive tomographic inspection of pipeline and landmine detection using scattering of gamma photons

Amandeep Sharma, Bhajan Singh & B S Sandhu*



Development of radiation monitors for measurement of synchrotron radiation

Sunil K Singh*, A K Mahant & Abinash Sahu



Shielding design of the proposed laboratory for an intense 14 MeV neutron generator

Rajnikant Makwana*, Sudhirsinh Vala, Mitul Abhangi, Shrichand Jakhar, C V S Rao & T K Basu



Utilization of 10 MeV RF electron linear accelerator for research and industrial applications

M Kumar*, N Chaudhury, D Bhattacharjee, V Yadav, S R Ghodke, R Baranwal, J Mondal, R R Tiwary, S Chandan, A R Tillu, V Sharma, R B Chavan, D Jayaprakash, R L Mishra, Mahendra Kumar, R Patel, B Nayak, K P Dixit, S Acharya, V T Nimje, K C Mittal, D P Chakravarthy & L M Gantayet



Safety aspects of a medium energy industrial electron beam accelerator being utilized for technology demonstration and commercial operations

K S S Sarma*, P G Benny, S A Khader, R K Patkari & Soman Nair


Radiation safety during the commissioning trials of synchrotron radiation beamlines of Indus-2

Vipin Dev*, M K Nayak, P K Sahani, Dimple Verma, Mukesh Khare, Vijay Kumar, Saleem Khan, T K Sahu, S Dashora, Debasis Sinhamahapatra, G Haridas, A K Bakshi, A K Mahant, R G Marathe, Gurnam Singh &
P K Sarkar



Studies on optimization of moderator thickness for BF3 detectors used for monitoring of fissile material

Vaishali M Thakur*, Amit Jain, K Biju, C Sunil, S Anilkumar, D A R Babu & D N Sharma



FLUKA simulation of 15 MeV linear accelerator based thermal neutron source for radiography

B J Patil, A J Patil, S T Chavan, S N Pethe, R Krishnan, V N Bhoraskar & S D Dhole*



Simulation of absorbed dose rate due to synchrotron radiation and shielding thickness for radiation safety at INDUS-2 using FLUKA

P K Sahani*, G Haridas & P K Sarkar



Note on the accident dose mapping of the fuel handling area of a fuel reprocessing plant using Monte Carlo techniques

S Anand*, Kapil Deo Singh, Sanjay Rana & V K Sharma



Residual radioactivity measurements at Indus accelerator complex

Dimple Verma*, M K Nayak, P K Sahani, Vijay Kumar, Vipin Dev, Saleem Khan, T K Sahu, S Dashora,
M Khare, D S Mahapatra, G Haridas & P K Sarkar



Experimental investigation of synchrotron and Bremsstrahlung dose at lithography beam line of Indus-2 SRS

M K Nayak*, P K Sahani, Mukesh Khare, T K Sahu, P Haridas, Vipin Dev, S Dashora, Vishal Dhamgaye,
G Haridas & P K Sarkar



Calculation of flux due to a non-uniform line radiation source and a uniform cylindrical volume source using Mathematica

P S Sharma* & D Datta



Shield assessment of the radioactive waste storage facility

Pradeep Bhargava* & V K Sharma



Evaluation of ozone concentration for a white beam line hutch at Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source

Saleem Khan*, M K Nayak, G Haridas, P K Sarkar



Measurement of high energy neutrons (E > 50 MeV) at electron accelerators of Indus accelerator complex using bismuth fission detectors

S P Tripathy*, Dimple Verma, C Sunil, G Haridas & P K Sarkar



Lead oxides filled isophthalic resin polymer composites for gamma radiation shielding applications

V Harish*, N Nagaiah & H G Harish Kumar



Synthesis of SrAl2O4:Eu phosphor by combustion method and its possible applications for mechanoluminescence dosimetry

Anil Kumar Choubey*, Nameeta Brahme & D P Bisen



Determination of kinetic parameters of TL of Eu-doped LiNaF2

S P Puppalwar & S J Dhoble*



Thermoluminescence and photoluminescence properties of K2Ca2(SO4)3:Cu nanophosphor for gamma radiation dosimetry

Nand Kumar Mandlik, J S Bakare, P D Sahare, V N Bhoraskar & S D Dhole*



Simulations of photoneutron spectra due to incident high energy electrons on tungsten target using FLUKA

P K Sahani*, G Haridas & P K Sarkar



Estimation of the heat generation in vitrified waste product and shield thickness for the transportation of vitrified waste product using Monte Carlo technique

A K Deepa*, A P Jakhete, Darshit Mehta, Neelima Singh, C P Kaushik & Kunjman Singh



Alanine-EPR dosimetry in 10 MeV electron beam to optimize process parameters for food irradiation

Bhaskar Sanyal*, Sanjeev Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, K C Mittal & Arun Sharma



Studies on optimisation of collimator thickness and aperture for hot spot identification system using Monte Carlo technique

Amit K Verma*, S Anilkumar, Vaishali M Thakur, Amit Jain, D A R Babu & D N Sharma



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