Popularization of Science 

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Popularization of science among the masses is a major programme of NISCAIR. The institute publishes popular science magazines and books.

Popular Science Magazines

NISCAIR publishes three well-circulated popular science magazines:  Science Reporter (English, monthly), Vigyan Pragati (Hindi, monthly) and  Science-ki-Duniya (Urdu, quarterly). These magazines publish informative popular science articles on contemporary science topics apart from a rich fare that includes humour and fiction, puzzles, quizzes and crosswords, amazing scientific facts, inventions and discoveries, science projects and biographies of scientists.

Popular Science Books

NISCAIR has brought out as many as 60 popular science books in English under different series, viz. CSIR Golden Jubilee Series (25), Sci-Fun Series (7), Q-series (3), Vistas in Biotechnology Series (10), Foundations of Biotechnology Series (6), others (9), AIDS, Science and Society in the 21st century the encyclopaedic publication Golden Treasury of Science and Technology (New Enlarged Diamond Jubilee Edition). Also 28 books have been brought out in Hindi. All the popular science books of NISCAIR have been very well received and several of them had to be reprinted 2-3 times to meet the demand.

IT for All

The institute has launched a new series of books on 'IT for All'. Topics of these books include Microsoft Word for Beginners, Microsoft Power Point, Web dot Com, Build your web home, C++ for beginners, The 'C' Adventure, Visual Basic. Apart from English, all the seven books are available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and Malayalam.

Popular Science Magazines

Science Reporter

Monthly, ISSN : 0036-8512 (Language - English)  

Started in 1964, Science Reporter  is one of the oldest English language popular science monthlies published in India. It has a wide circulation throughout the country.  From its initial objective of making the people of India aware of the innumerable technologies being developed within our scientific establishments, Science Reporter has today grown into being much more than just a vehicle for relaying information about technologies being developed in the national laboratories. Today it is a popular platform for exchanging ideas about the state of science in the country, matters of science policy, and discussing the future course science in India should take. Besides, it is also a one-stop solution for students on the lookout for latest updates from the world of science. Inaccessible as foreign scientific journals are to them, they find in Science Reporter a comprehensive package of information, which helps them not only during competitive exams but also throughout their careers. The contributors to Science Reporter include many eminent scientists of national and international standing. At the same time it also encourages upcoming science writers by guiding them editorially.

Science Reporter has always been in the forefront of reporting scientific events as they happen, whether it is an erupting volcano, a landslide, an earthquake or an oil spill. Or for that matter, important issues such as cloning, satellite launches, or the Human Genome Project. The two-year-long series India Can Do It, that dealt with success stories in Indian science and technology, was widely appreciated. As were the special issues brought out from time to time on varied topics such as environment, food irradiation, natural disasters, and on eminent personalities, such as Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, C. V. Raman, Ramanujan, Birbal Sahni and M. N. Saha, to name a few.

In every issue, Science Reporter presents a mixed package of humour, science fiction, puzzles, science projects and crosswords, and columns dealing with topics such as computers, environment, health and much more. 


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Mr. Hasan Jawaid Khan, hjk@niscair.res.in 



Vigyan Pragati

Monthly, Vol. 52, ISSN: 0042-6075 (Language – Hindi)

After independence when efforts were made to give Hindi its due place, the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research took a far sighted decision to provide a vehicle for communication of science to the masses in Hindi. Thus, in 1952 the publication of popular science magazine Vigyan Pragati was started originally, envisaged as a newsletter disseminating information on scientific research carried out in the CSIR institutes, it was converted subsequently into a popular science magazine to inculcate scientific temper among the common people, helping them to ward off superstitions. Since then, in consonance with its title Vigyan Pragati, it is continuously making people aware of the progress science is making. The magazine published  its  500th issue in January 1996. Indeed 50 years of publication, in 2001, marks an important milestone for science journalism in Hindi.

With its theme as “Science for common man”, it presents objectively the contributions of Indian S&T in different fields of human welfare as well as their impact on society. Some of those who gave this magazine their valuable support include Shri Shiv Raj Patil, ex-Speaker Indian Parliament; Dr. S.Z. Quasim, ex-Member (Science) Planning Commission; Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, DG, CSIR; Dr A Rehman, former Director, NISTADS; Prof. Yash Pal, Dr. N. Vithal and famous sociologist (late) Prof. S.C. Dube.

Vigyan Pragati publishes special numbers on various topical issues and an annual science quiz is also organized. How popular this magazine is, can easily be gauged by its circulation which stands today highest amongst all Indian popular science magazines. More than 10 to 11 lakh readers of this magazine are located in far flung areas of the country and a few across the boundaries of India.


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Dr. Balak Ram
Email: balak@niscair.res.in  



Quarterly, Volume 2(Language : Urdu)  

Started in 1975, Science-ki-Duniya is the only Indian popular science journal in Urdu. Over the last 25 years, this quarterly journal has published articles by various eminent scientists such as Prof. Abdus Salam (Nobel Laureate), Prof. D.S. Kothari, Prof. A.R. Kidwai, Prof. A.M. Khusro, Dr. Kishan Lal, Prof. M. Shafi and Prof. A. Rahman.

            Over the years, Science-ki-Duniya has covered several topical science stories including those on the High-Tech city of Hyderabad, the  Pokhran-II nuclear explosion, total solar eclipse, launching of the INSAT satellite, etc. Some well-acclaimed special issues on such topics as Antarctica, Nehru and Science, C.V. Raman, Ramanujan, Environment and Children Special have also been published.

Today, Science-ki-Duniya provides a package of varied columns such as Science Quiz, Science Models, Crime and Science, Cartoons, Science News, and Science for Children apart from other topical and absorbing articles in each issue.  


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(Air Mail)

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Mr. Hasan Jawaid Khan, hjk@niscair.res.in

Popular Science Books

Contact person: Sr. Sales & Distribution Officer (sales@niscair.res.in)

AIDS : A fatal gateway
Updated information for general awareness about AIDS epidemic at the start of 21st century. Tells about the deadly virus HIV that causes AIDS, its preventive initiative, and care and treatment. Presents information on AIDS in a lucid manner, especially regarding the preventive efforts and also for people suffering from AIDS who need the valued know-how and support.

Author: Parul R Sheth

ISBN : 81-7236-244-7
Price: Rs. 50/-



CSIR Golden Jubilee Series

Golden Treasury of Science and Technology (New Enlarged Diamond Jubilee Edition)

Unlocking the secrets of scientific terms, highlighting Indian contributions, providing biographical details of eminent scientists and touching the frontier areas of research, this veritable treasury of information launches one on a voyage of discovery.  
ISBN : 81-7236-235-8
Price: Rs. 250/-


A Matter of Chance  

Introduces the concept of probability, its intricacies and its wide range of applications to the non-specialist reader.  
Author: K.D. Pavate  
ISBN : 81-7236-133-5  

Price: Rs. 30/-   US $ 3.00


Artificial Intelligence

Explicitly unveils the many facets of artificial intelligence research. The ability to surpass human thinking is not far away, thanks to computer technology that is poised to create machines possessing artificial intelligence.  
Author: K.D. Pavate  
ISBN : 81-7236-035-5  
Price: Rs. 30/-   US $ 3.00


Be Weatherwise    

Takes a look at the forces that govern weather, its socioeconomic impacts, effects of human activities, and the ways and means of forecasting it.  
Author: S M Kulshrestha  
ISBN : 81-7236-184-x  
Price: Rs 30/- US $ 3.00


Beyond the Human Eye

Tells the story of how human ingenuity developed the microscope and how microscopy helped in the development of science.  
Author: P. D. Gupta  
ISBN : 81-7236-116-5  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Body’s Battles  

Unfolds the dramatic story of our defence organization, the diversity and specificity of its armament, and the methodical way in which it maintains a-round-the-clock vigil to meet squarely every imaginable threat to the human body and also how it wins the body’s battles most of the time.  
Author: Bal Phondke  
ISBN : 81-7236-039-8  

Price:Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Ceramics are Forever

Gives  a brick-by-brick account of how these down-to-earth materials rising from the ashes are today reaching towards outer space.  
Author: B.C. Sharma  
ISBN : 81-7236-060-6  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Detective DNA

Explains with utmost clarity the sophisticated modern biotechniques involved in DNA profiling and its wide range of applications.  
Author: Parvinder Chawla  
ISBN : 81-7236-175-0  
Price: Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00


Enzymes Everywhere

Identifies the amazingly diverse spheres where enzymes are employed and drives home the point that there truly are, enzymes everywhere.  
Author: J. G. Shewale  
ISBN : 81-7236-141-6  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00  


Hardy Composites

Describes with consummate skill, the many advantages of the synthetic era which is perhaps at its height today because of the hardy composites.  
Author: N S K Prasad  
ISBN : 81-7236-049-5  
Price: Rs30/-  US $ 3.00 


His Master’s Slave  

Rich in detail, it unfolds the riveting story of a modern day genie of the bottle, the PC, truly his master’s slave.  
Author: Tapan Bhattacharya  
ISBN : 81-7236-018-5  

Price: Rs30/-   US $ 3.00



Provides the reader a good look at the technique which has the potential to become an indispensable tool for scientists and technologists.  
Author: M G Joshi  
ISBN : 81-7236-169-6  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Information Highways  

Describes a plethora of benefits to mankind by opening up of a network of information highways.  
Author: K D Pavate  
ISBN : 81-7236-088-6  
Price: Rs 30/-    US $ 3.00  


Inside Stars

Probes celestial secrets, revealing the mysteries and marvels that reign inside stars.  
Author: Biman Basu  
ISBN : 81-7236-022-3  
Price: Rs: 30/-   US $ 3.00


Life: From Cell to Cell  

Tells the exciting story of life — an eternal journey from cell to cell.  
Author: Bal Phondke  
ISBN : 81-7236-037-1  
Price: Rs 20/-   US $ 3.00


Life in the Universe  

Describes in detail the origin and evolution of life forms in a most gripping style, and poses the eternal question: Is there extra-terrestrial life in the universe?  
Authors: Bal Phondke, M.S. Chadha  
ISBN : 81-7236-084-3  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Man in Space  

Takes its readers into the distant future of space stations and colonization which will literally put man in space.  
Author: P. Radhakrishnan  
ISBN : 81-7236-051-7  

Price: RS 30/-   US $ 3.00


Materially Yours


Refreshes the reader’s mind with several fundamental concepts ranging from types of chemical bondings in solids and the common forms in which carbon occurs in nature to the different kinds of magnetic materials and their properties.  
Author: D. N. Bose  
ISBN : 81-7236-110-6  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00  


Mind Master  

Unravels the mysteries of the mind and unlocks the secrets of the brain.  
Author:Medha Rajadhyaksha  
ISBN : 81-7236-045-2  
Price: Rs30/-   US $ 3.00


Mining the Ocean  

Reveals the timeless secrets of the seas. It unfolds in exquisite detail the bounty that seas hold in reserve and highlights man’s attempts at mining the oceans.  
Author: T.K.S. Murthy  
ISBN : 81-7236-014-2  

Price: Rs30/-   US $ 3.00


 Novel Biopesticides  

Details the evolution of the pesticide industry and highlights the development of novel biopesticides.  
Author: M. V. Deshpande  
ISBN : 81-7236-186-6  

Price: Rs30/-   US $ 3.00


Plastic Feast  

Describes the processing of various types of plastic products available today and the probable ones in the offing.    
Author: Subodh Jawadekar  
ISBN: 81-7236-030-4  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00 


Switch on the Sun  

Illuminates the reader on applications of solar power.  
Author: Tapan Bhattacharya  
ISBN : 81-7236-107-6  
Price: Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00

SCI-FUN Series

Bubble Bubble

Takes the reader into the beautiful, colourful and ephemeral world of bubbles.  
Author: Hem Shanker Ray  
ISBN : 81-7236-164-5  
Price: Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00  



Sheds light on the fascinating story of the desert.  
Author: Vineeta Singhal  
ISBN : 81-7236-169-9  
Price: Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00  


Fabulous Fabrics

Tells the exciting story of the making, printing and dyeing of cloth.  
Author: Neelu Srivastav  
ISBN : 81-7236-132-7  
Price Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00  


Rain Rain Come Again  

Takes readers on a trip with the clouds as they make an exciting journey over seas and mountains for their annual rendezvous.  
Author: Sukanya Datta  
ISBN : 81-7236-138-6  

Price: Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00


Strange Plants

Explores the fascinating and strange world of plants, the first citizens of Earth.  
Author: Parul R. Sheth  
ISBN : 81-7236-182-3  
Price: Rs 40/-   US $ 3.00  




Answers a hundred different common yet perplexing science questions each beginning with "How?"  
ISBN : 81-7236-142-4  
Price: Rs 50/-   US $ 3.00  



Answers a hundred different common yet perplexing science questions each with "Why?" ISBN : 81-7236-160-2  
Price: Rs 60/-   US $ 3.00


Vistas in Biotechnology Series 

Brain and Behaviour

Makes a concerted effort to describe almost all aspects of the working of the human brain. In doing so, it brings within the ambit and understanding of the layman the intricate relationship between brain and behaviour.  
Authors: Sunil K Pandya, Nikhil Shah  

ISBN : 81-7236-098-3  
Price: Rs.30/-   US $ 3.00


Brave New Generation

Presents the exhilarating facts as they emerge from the lab. Sparkling new ideas on responsible reproduction are sketched out and it is evident that exciting days lie ahead for the brave new generation.  
Authors: Tarala D. Nandedkar, Medha S. Rajadhyaksha  
ISBN : 81-7236-092-4  

Price: Rs.30/-   US $ 3.00



Curable  Cancer

Highlights the fact that many cancers may be prevented by sensible lifestyle choices and that, thanks to modern medicine, yet others are curable cancers.  
Author: A N Bhisey  
ISBN : 81-7236-104-1  

Price: Rs.30/-   US $ 3.00



Genes and Means

Tells all about biotechnological advances that boost food production and combat genetic diseases and deals with the search for the mother of all mankind and the fashioning of the green cow, ultimately highlighting the fact that genes are the means of bringing about selective transformation in the nature of life-forms.  
Author:D. Balasubramanian  
ISBN : 81-7236-064-9  
Price: Rs.30/-   US $ 3.00


Gene Power

Details the cellular activities of the molecule of life and throws light on how these are manipulated in human interest by scientists who have learnt to harness gene power.
Authors: Asis Datta, Sudha Bhattacharya  
ISBN : 81-7236-103-3  
Price: Rs.20/-   US $ 3.00


Hormone Harmony

Details the manipulation of hormones for human profit and is a tribute to the finely turned chemical orchestration that leads to hormone harmony.  
Author: P D Gupta  
ISBN : 81-7236-065-7  
Price: Rs.30/-   US $ 3.00  


Operation Gene  

Highlights the exciting new developments of gene therapy by which many congenital disorders can now be tackled and describes in detail the strategies, struggles and successes of scientists involved in operation gene.  
Author: Sukanya Datta  
ISBN : 81-7236-087-8  

Price: Rs.20/- 


Shot in the Arm

Shows how new hi-tech methods help overcome hitherto inconquerable diseases by a simple yet sure shot in the arm.  
Author: Bal Phondke  
ISBN : 81-7236-106-8  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00  


Foundations of Biotechnology Series

Amazing Biofactories  

Presents biotechnology, the commercial applications of which aims to harness the enormous biosynthetic potential of living organisms.  
Author: Parvinder Chawla  
ISBN : 81-7236-174-2  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00  



Friendly Fermentation

Highlights the role our invisible allies the microbes, play in making our lives more comfortable and, in the process, introduces the readers to the world of friendly fermentation.  
Author: J. G. Shewale  
ISBN : 81-7236-185-8  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Threads of Life  

Elaborates the structural complexities of the cell and presents a vivid picture of the role played by the chromosomes that truly are the threads of life.  
Author: Ashok Pandey  
ISBN : 81-7236-187-4  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00  


Chemicals of Life

Elaborates the role played by the various chemicals of life in running the cellular machinery.  
Author: Parul R. Sheth  
ISBN : 81-7236-198-X  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00




Explains the scientific lines of thought and technical capabilities that converged to make possible Dolly—the first successful mammalian embodiment of cloning.  
Author: P. D. Gupta  
ISBN : 81-7236-195-5  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Biotechnology in Health Care

Highlights the expanding scope for biotechnology in improving health care, an area of utmost importance to us.  
Author: J. G. Shewale  
ISBN : 81-7236-199-8  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00



Curious in Sci-Funland  

Breaking away from the mundane, unimaginative pattern comes this volume that promises to take its young readers on a trip to the fun land of science and to show them how just a dash of curiosity and keen interest can unlock the gates to a whole new world.  
Authors: V. G. Kulkarni, R. M. Bhagvat, V. G. Gambhir
ISBN : 81-7236-083-5  

Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Doing Science is Fun

Details experiments that cut across artificial barriers like physics, chemistry or biology, and deal with real situations, encountered in daily life. These deal with curiosities arising out of common everyday observations and help young minds to explore on their own, using materials and implements readily available even in rural areas. Authors: V. G. Kulkarni, R. M. Bhagwat , V. G. Gambhir  
ISBN : 81-7236-082-7  
Price: Rs 30/-   US $ 3.00


Maharaja’s New Clothes — A Patent Chronicle  

Documents all aspects of the practice of patenting.  
Author: Pritiman Sarkar  
ISBN : 81-7236-108-4  
Price: Rs 50/-   US $ 3.00  


Networks Everywhere

Enlightens on a variety of existing network systems, both natural and man-made, while highlighting the immense importance of networks in real life situations and the principles of science that are useful in creating networks for problem solving. Unfolds, in a simple language, the network channels on which we depend onconsciously, and emphasizes on the existence of of networks everywhere.

Authors: K.D. Pavate, M.H. Kori

ISBN: 81-7236-251-X

Price: Rs 30/-  

IT for All

Microsoft Word for Beginners


Uses a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson building upon the previous one, allowing one to learn the essentials from ground up. With this book, one will master the basics and then move on to more advanced features and concepts such as:

- creation and modification of all types of documents;

- formatting and correcting the documents in the feature rich word processor;

- mastering all the features of MS Word, including Thesaurus and Drawing tools;

- learning how to effectively embed objects and files;

- learning the shortcuts and mastering the tips and tricks of MS Word .


Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam.

  Authors:  Amit Jain, Samrat Sharma, Saurabh Bhanerjee  
ISBN : 81-7236-224-2
  Price: Rs. 35/-  

Microsoft Power Point  

A Beginner's Guide that uses a straight forward, step-by-step approach, each lesson building upon the previous one, allowing you to learn the essentials from the ground up.

Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam.  
Authors:  Amit Jain, Samrat Sharma, Saurabh Bhanerjee  

ISBN : 81-7236-225-0
  Price: Rs. 35/-  


Web dot Com, A tour guide to the web  

Explore everything from online education to chatting with far off friends, and learn how to accomplish each of these with the resources at hand.  

Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam.
Authors:  Arunjeet Singh, Prabhvir Sahmey  

ISBN : 81-7236-229-3
Price: Rs. 35/-


Build your Web Home, An introduction to HTML web page design

A handy guide to understand the principles of designing well-formed and relevant websites, master the various tags and attributes, add interactive elements to your sites, including forms, and effectively link your pages to put them in a well-formed directory structure, as well as plan design, publish and maintain your own website.  

Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam.
Authors:  Puneet Nayyar, Samrat Sharma  

ISBN : 81-7236-226-9  
Price: Rs. 35/-  


C++  for beginners  

Explains C++ and its features in the best and the most straightforward way possible for a beginner. The step-by-step approach, each lesson building upon the previous one, allows you to learn the essentials from the ground up.  

Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam.
Authors:  Puneet Nayyer, Vipin Kumar  
ISBN :81-7236-228-5
Price: Rs. 35/-  



The 'C' Adventure, A beginner's guide to C programming  

Allows you to understand the principles and fundamentals of programming, master the various types of decision control, create your own functions in easy and simple lessons, and also plan, design and develop your own programs.  

Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and Malayalam.
Authors:  Puneet Nayyer, Stuti Trehan, Samrat Sharma  
ISBN : 81-7236-227-7
Price: Rs. 35/-  


Visual Basic

Includes Basic programming constructs, introduction to SQL programming, database access technology ADO, report designer, debugging and error handling, and menu creation.

Apart from English, this book is available in  Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and Malayalam.
Authors:  Meeta Gupta, Shikha Gupta  

ISBN : 81-7236-222-6   Price: Rs. 35/-