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Development of aqua-soluble compounds based on vitamin A series molecules: Synthetic transformations of b -ionone




b -Ionyls bearing hydrophilic moieties like a carbohydrate, amine, phosphate and amino acid are prepared and characterised. Their aqua-solubilisation is examined by studying their absorption in micelles.








Solomon Libsu & Anil K Singh*










Pinacol coupling of aromatic aldehydes and ketones mediated by TiCl4-Zn in ethyl acetate under ultrasound


Zinc powder can reduce titanium tetrachloride to the corresponding low valent titanium complexes, which can promote coupling of some aromatic aldehydes and ketones to the corresponding pinacols in 35-99% yield in ethyl acetate at 20-25° C within 20-45 min. under ultrasound irradiation.








Ji-Tai Li*, Xue-Li Sun, Zhi-Ping Lin,
Yan-Xue Chen & Tong-Shuang Li









An RCM based approach to (± )-herbertene-1,14-diol and (± )-tochuinyl acetates


Efficient syntheses of title compounds is described.





A Srikrishna* & M Sreenivasa Rao









Towards the total synthesis of MKN-349A






Ch Maheedhara Reddy, R Vasu Dev, K Mukkanti &
Palle V R Acharyulu*








Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some new 3-alkyl-, 3-(2¢ -naphthyl)-isocoumarins and their (dl)-3,4-dihydroderivatives

A convenient synthesis of some new 3-alkyl-, 3-(2¢ -naphthyl)isocoumarins and their (dl)-3,4-dihydroderivatives has been carried out. Antimicrobial activity of all the synthesized compounds is reported.




Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Nasim Hasan Rama*, Muhammad Tahir Hussain & Gul Shahzada Khan









An efficient synthesis of 2-aminobenzochromene derivatives catalysed by tetrabutylammonium-bromide (TBABr) under microwave irradiation in aqueous medium

TBABr efficiently catalyzes the three-component coupling of substituted aldehyde, a -naphthol or ß-naphthol and malononitrile to afford the corresponding 2-aminobenzochromene, the new protocol under microwave irradiation works in the absence of organic solvent, the yields are high and the reactions go to completion within 2-3 min.






M A Päsha* & V P Jayäshankara









Synthesis of some new 1-(6-fluorobenzothiazol-
2-yl)-3-(4-fluoro-phenyl)-5-arylpyrazolines and their iodine(III) mediated oxidation to corres-ponding pyrazoles





Ranjana Aggarwal*, Vinod Kumar & Shiv P Singh









Competitive [3,3] sigmatropic rearrangement of aryl propargyl ether moiety vs propargyl vinyl amine part in 6-[N-(4′-aryloxybut-2-ynyl)N-methyl amino]coumarins











K C Majumdar*, T K Das & B Chattopadhyay














Synthesis of novel a -arylpropionic acids and their derivatives

A series of 2-(6H-benzo[c]chromen-3-yl)propionic acids have been synthesized and evaluated for COX-2 inhibitor activity.







Veera Reddy Arava*, Udaya Bhaskara Rao Siripalli, P K Dubey, P Reddanna &

D Bharat Reddy









An efficient C-C bond cleavage of 1,2-diols using tetraethylammonium superoxide

Tetraethylammonium superoxide, generated in situ by the phase-transfer reaction of potassium superoxide and tetraethylammonium bromide in DMF, brings about an easy cleavage of vicinal diols and related dihydroxy arenes under mild reaction conditions, at room temperature.










Krishna Nand Singh*, Rajesh Kumar & Ajay Kumar Shukla








New monoterpenoids from Dracocephalum forrestii aerial parts

Dracocephalum forrestii (Lamiaceae) has been used as astringent, diuretic and antipyretic in traditional Tibetan medicine. Three new 2-hydroxyl substituted pinanone- type monoterpenoids, 2β,10-dihydroxy-3-pinanone 10-O-β-D-gluco-pyranoside 1, 2α,5α-dihydroxy pinan-3-one 2, and 2α,5α-dihy-droxy-3-pinanone 5-O-β-D-glucopyranoside 3, are isolated from the whole plant ofthis medicine. The structures of compounds 1-3 are determined by spectroscopic methods.





Gan-Peng Li, Jing-Feng Zhao, Li-JuanYang,
Xiao-Dong Yang & Liang Li*









Pyrrolidine catalyzed regioselective and diastereoselective direct aldol reaction in water

Pyrrolidine is an efficient organocatalyst for the regioselective direct aldol reaction in water affording high yields of linear aldol addition product arising from the selective attack of the unsubstituted carbon of the unsymmetrical ketone.





Dinesh Mahajan & Swapandeep Singh Chimni*








Essential oil composition of Gliricidia sepium (Leguminosae) leaves and flowers




The essential oils from the leaves and flowers of Gliricidia sepium are analysed by GC and GC-MS. The leaf oil contained 18% of coumarin making the leaves unsuitable for fumigation as a mosquito repellent.  The flower oil contained both coumarin (43%) and hydroquinone (22%) suggesting its unsafe nature as a food material.





Molykutty M Kaniampady,
M Muhammed Arif, L Jirovetz & P Mohamed Shafi*









Facile and efficient synthesis of 1,8-naphthyridinyl phthalazine-1,4-diones under microwave irradiation

Microwave-assisted solvent-free synthesis of 2-(3-aryl-1,8-naphthyridin-2-yl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-phthalazine-1,4-diones has been described.





K Mogilaiah*, J Uma Rani & H Sharath Babu









Constituents of high altitude Himalayan herbs. Part XX. A C-19 ditwerpenoid alkaloid from Aconitum balfourii

A C19 diterpenoid alkaloid, 14- benzoylpseudoconine 1 has been isolated from  the  aerial parts of Aconitum balfourii by means of VLC and CARTLC methods and identified by MS 1H, 13C NMR (SFORD and DEPT) as well as by chemical analytical methods.





R= H



K S Khetwal





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