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Advances in Contemporary Research





Deoximation of keto- and aldoximes to carbonyl compounds

Deprotection of keto and aldoximes can be achieved by using various hydrolytic, oxidative and reductive reagents.




Sandhyamayee Sahu, Sagarika Sahu, Sabita Patel, Sukalyan Dash & Bijay K Mishra*










Synthesis of 4-methylene-2-(1-nitromethylidene)-1,3-dithiolane and 4-methyl-2-(1-nitromethyli­dene)-1,3-dithiole from dipotassium 2-nitro-1,1-ethylenedithiolate






H Surya Prakash Rao









An efficient solventless synthesis of a-aryl-N-[1-methyl-2-(2/4-chlorophenyl)]ethyl nitrones and their antimicrobial activity

An efficient solventless synthesis of a-aryl-N-[1-methyl-2-(4-chlorophenyl)]ethyl nitrones has been achieved in excellent yield. The compounds are characterized by IR, NMR and X-ray studies. The antimicrobial activity of the synthesized compounds have also been investigated.





Chinnadurai Amutha, Sivaperuman Saravanan, Perundurai Subramaniam Dhandapani, Shanmugam Muthusubramanian* & Shanmugaperumal Sivasubramanian















Study on the conjugate addition of indole with 1,5-diaryl-1,4-pentadien-3-ones catalyzed by AlCl3 under ultrasonication








Ji-Tai Li*, Zhi-Ping Lin & Cai-Tong Liu









Reactions of 5-benzoyl-/5-carbaldehyde-/5-(3-phenyl-acryloyl)-6-hydroxy-1H-pyrimidin-2,4-dio­nes with amines- Anti-cancer and metal seque­stering properties

The rationally designed pyrimidine based metal chelators show appreciable anti-cancer activities at various cell lines of 59 human tumor cell panels.







Palwinder Singh*, Jatinder Kaur &

Kamaldeep Paul









Design, synthesis, antibacterial and anti­tuber­cular activity of cationic antimicrobial peptide, ovine bactenecin5

 A series of shorter synthetic peptides analogues of ovine bactenecin5 are designed synthesized and screened for their antibacterial and antitubercular activity.







S N Narendra Babu & K S Rangappa*















Synthesis and characterization of 5-(cyclohexyl­sulfanyl)-4-aryl-1,2,3-selena/thiadiazoles

The synthesis and characterization of new 5-(cyclo­hexylsulfanyl)-4-aryl-1,2,3-selena/thiadiazoles, ob­tain­ed from a-sulfanyl  semicarbazones are described. The stru­ctures of these compounds have been established by H NMR, C NMR and single crysal X-ray diffraction.




Sivaperuman Saravanan, Kayambu Namitharan & Shanmugam Muthusubramanian*









Chloroacetylation of arenes using chloroacetyl chloride in the presence of FeCl3 modified montmorillonite K10

Chloroacetylation of arenes using chloroacetyl chloride has been studied in the presence of Fe-modified mont­morillonite K10 catalysts in a liquid phase. The catalysts have been prepared by treating montmorillonite K10 with aqueous solution of FeCl3. Good yields and selectivity are observed for the acylated product.



Tejashri B Paranjape, Geetanjali D Gokhale & Shriniwas D Samant*









Ceric ammonium nitrate (CAN) promoted efficient solid phase synthesis of amide deri­va­tives: A green approach

Ceric ammonium nitrate (CAN) has been found to be an efficient catalyst for the solid phase synthesis of amide derivatives of wide range of substituted carboxylic acids and urea in excellent yields under microwave irradiation conditions.  High yields are achieved even on a gram scale, while the reaction times were considerably shortened.  This method displays both economic and environmental advantages.



Ch Sanjeeva Reddy*, M Raghu & A Nagaraj












p-TsOH Catalyzed regioselective synthesis of 8,8'-methylene-bis-4-oxo-dihydro­chromeno[4,3-c]pyr­a­­zoles

The ethyl-5-[3-(ethoxycarbonyl)-4-hydroxybenzyl]-2-hy­dro­xy­benzoate 3 is prepared by the usual esterification of 5-(3-carboxy-4-hydroxybenzyl)-2-hydroxy benzoic acid 2. Compound 3 on reacting with ethyl acetoacetate yields 3-acetyl-6-[(3-acetyl-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-2H-6-chromenyl)me­thyl]-4-hydroxy-2H-2-chromenone 4. The regioselective conversion, by cyclizing the hydrazone 5 of compound 4 to either 8,8'-methylene-bis-4-oxo-1,4-dihydrochromeno[4,3-c]pyrazoles 6 with p-toluene sulfonic acid in refluxing xylene or 8,8'-methylene-bis-4-oxo-2,4-dihydro­chro­meno­[4,3-c]pyrazoles 7 with corresponding hydrazine hydro­chloride in refluxing acetic acid is described.






Ch Sanjeeva Reddy* & A Nagaraj









A new scalarane sesterterpene from a marine sponge Hyatella cribrifomis Hyatt of the Indian Ocean

Chemical Investigation of a marine sponge, Hyatella cribriformis, of the Indian ocean resulted in the isolation of a new scalarane sesterterpene, 24-β-methoxyscalarolide 4, along with known scalaranes- 12-epi-deoxoscalarin 1, 12-epi-12-deacetyl-25-deoxyscalarin 2 and scalarolide 3. The structure of compound 4 was determined on the basis of H and C NMR, DEPT, H-H COSY and EIMS experi­ments.





M M Krishna Kumar, N Krishna, P Muralidhar B S Sastry & D Venkata Rao*















Synthesis of azo compounds containing thymol moiety

The present work includes the synthesis of azo compounds containing thymol moiety.



S M Koshti, J P Sonar, A E Sonawane,

Y A Pawar, P S Nagle, P P Mahulikar &

D H More*




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