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Sect. B: Organic Chemistry including Medicinal Chemistry

VOL. 41B




Rapid Communications







Hydro-de-halogenation of a-haloketones by aluminium and ammonium oxalate in refluxing methanol

A simple and convenient method for the hydro-de-halogenation of a-haloketones by aluminium and ammonium oxalate in methanol is described.






D Nagaraja & M A Pasha*












Effect of solvent and ultrasound on esterification of phenols

Phenols are coventiently acylated by acid chlorides in CH2Cl2 under the influence of ultrasound to give esters in satisfactory yields.






K Rama & M A Pasha*











Hydrophobicity profile of amino acid residues: A differential scanning calorimetry and circular dichroism study of leucine and isoleucine co-polypeptides of the protein-based polymers of elastin


Relative hydrophobicity of Leu- and Ile-containing co-polypentapeptides of protein-based polymers has been discussed by their inverse temperature transition.




Poly[fV(VPGVG), fX(XPGVG)]


Poly[fV(VPGVG), fX(VPGXG)]


Where X is Ile & Leu




D Channe Gowda*, A Ramesha Baba &
Chi-Hao Luan












Co-oxidation of malic acid and manganese(II) by chromium(VI) in the presence and absence of ionic surfactants

The redox reaction between malic acid, manganese(II) and chromium(VI) has been studied in aqueous as well as in the presence of CTAB, CPB and SDS micelles at 50°C.


HCrO4- +  HO -CH-COOH  + Mn(II)






Cr(III)  +  CO2  + other products




Kabir-ud-Din*, Khaled Hartani & Zaheer Khan








A quantum - chemical investigation on the addition of chlorine to homobenzobarrelene

In the electrophilic addition  of chlorine  to homobenzobarrelene(HBB), the HBB-Cl2 molecular complexes have been investigated by AM1 semiempirical method and HBB-Cl2 (endo) molecular complex has been found to be more stable than exo-complex. The cationic intermediates of the electrophilic addition have been searched by MNDO method. A benzylic type rearranged cation has been found as the most stable one among the cationic intermediates of the electrophilic addition have been searched by MNDO method.



R Abbasoğlu* & S Savaşkan Yılmaz         






Structure-reactivity correlation of anilines in acid medium

Reaction rates of molecular anilines in acid medium are obtained and correlated in terms of structure-reactivity relationships.




C Karunakaran*, S Kandasamy &
P N Palanisamy








Juvenile hormone like substances: Part XV- Synthesis and biological activities of some juvenile hormone analogues containing sulphonamide feature

A large number of juvenile hormone analogues (4-19; R=H, CH3; R2=R1C6H4NH-,  ), have been synthesized. Preliminary biological screening of one representative reveals a positive juvenile hormonal activity and chemosterilizing effect against potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella.





R K Mahajan*, Ved Parkash Patial &
Pamita Sharma









Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of some new 2,3-disubstituted-6-monosubstituted-quina­zolin-4(3H)-ones

Synthesis of some new 3-(substitutedphenyl)-2-(substitutedphenylchalconylaminoazetidinon - 2¢-yl)-6-monosubstituted-quinazolin-4(3H)-ones.




Preeti Rani, Archana, V K Srivastava &
Ashok Kumar*









Synthesis of some newer indolyl-thiadiazolyl-pyrazolines and indolyl-oxadiazolyl-pyrazolines as potential anti-inflammatory agents

A series of 1-acetyl-5-substitutedaryl-3-[5¢-(3¢¢-indolylmethyl)-2¢-amino-1¢,3¢,4¢,-thiadiazol-2¢N-yl]-2-pyra­zo­lines (6a-6e) and 1-acetyl-5-substitutedaryl-3-[5¢-(3¢¢-in­doly­lmethyl)-2¢-amino-1¢,3¢,4¢-oxadiazol-2¢N-yl]-2- py­ra­zolines (6¢a-6¢e) have been synthesized from indole. Some of these compounds showed potent anti-inflammatory activity.




Shalabh Sharma, Virendra Kishor Srivastava & Ashok Kumar*











Electrochemical synthesis of precursors of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents

Electochemical synthesis of 2-hydroxy-2-(p-iso-butylphenyl)propanoic acid and 2-hydroxy-2-(6-methoxynaphthyl)propanoic acid has been reported by electrocarboxylation of p-isobutylacetophenone and 2-acetyl-6-methoxynaphthalene respectively.




J Damodar, R Ramesh Raju &

S Jayarama Reddy*












Synthesis of sulpha drug acridine derivatives and their evaluation for anti-inflam­matory, analgesic and anticancer activity.

A number of sulpha drug acridine derivatives have been synthesized and evaluated for anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-ancer activity.




S M Sondhi*, Monika Johar, Nirupama Singh, Rakesh Shukla, Ram Raghubir & S G Dastidar












Synthesis of new substituted 6-ureidopurines and 6-ureido-9-(2,3,5-triacetylribo­furano­syl)pur­i­nes having cytokinin (plant growth promoting) activity

Substituted 6-ureidopurines 6a-j and 6-ureido-9-(2,3,5-triacetylribofuranosyl) purines 7a-j have been synthesized by condensing substituted phenyl isocyanates
2a-j with adenine 3 and 2,3,5-triacetyladenosine 5 respectively in pyridine. Compounds 6a, 7a, 7b and 7i having substitutents at position-3 of phenyl ring are found to show higher cytokinin (plant growth promoting) activity than benzyladenine at all concentrations.




Vandana Mhatre & Vidya Joshi*













Stereoselective synthesis of substituted steroidal 1,3-oxathiolanes

Reactions of steroidal oxirames 1-3 with thioacetamide in the presence of LiBr in THF afford substituted steroidal 1,3-oxathiolanes 4-6.





Kamlesh Sharma, Kishwar Saleem* &

Anwar Salim












Synthesis of 4-(1-phenylmethyl-5-imidazolyl)-1,4-dihydropyridines as calcium channel antagonists

Various dihydropyridines in which o-nitrophenyl group of nifedipine has been replaced with 2-alkylthio-1-phenylmethyl-5-imidazolyl substituent have been synthesized as calcium channel blockes.






F Hadizadeh*, A Shafiee, R Kazemi &

M Mohammadi










Electron ionisation induced rearrangements in some 1-(o-toluyl)-3,4-dihydroisoquinolines and related isoquinolines






Keshav Rai Agnihotri & Tejvir Singh*












Aerobic oxidation of olefins catalyzed by the glutamic acid Schiff base cobalt complex

The glutamic acid salicylaldehyde schiff base cobalt complex catalyzes the aerobic oxidation of linear aliphatic olefins and cyclohexene. The mechanism of the oxidation is discussed.


Rong-Min Wang*, Cheng- Jun Hao,

Yu-Feng He, Yun- Pu Wang, Chun-Gu Xia









One pot synthesis of some new biologically active arylfuryl thiadiazolotriazinones






B Shivarama Holla*, M K Shivananda &

B Veerendra

Synthesis of a series of 1,3,4- thiadiazolo[2,3-c]-1,2,4-triazin-4-ones carrying arylfuryl moieties 3 has been carried out starting from 1,2,4-triazin-5(4H)-ones 1.








Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new azetidinones and thiazolidinones

The compounds 5a-1 and 6a-1 have been synthesised by the condensation of 4 with chloroacetyl chloride and thiolactic acid respectively. The compounds have been evaluated for their antimicrobial and anti-tubercular activity.


J J Modha, J M Parmar, N J Datta & H H Parekh*








19-Epialstonine from Amphicome emodi roots

The structure of  19-epialstonine 1 has been established on the basis  of spectroscopic (2D NMR) and chemical studies.


Biswanath Dinda* & Utpal  Chandra De











Components from seeds of Cichorium intybus Linn.

A new seco-sterol named as cichosterol, characterized as 13,14-seco-stigma 5(6), 14(15)-diene-3-b-ol 1 and a rare sterol glycoside stigma 5(6)-ene-3-a-O-(b-d-glucopyranoside) 2 have been obtained from the seeds of Cichorium intybus Linn.





Bahar Ahmad*, Sandhya Bawa,
Abu B Siddiqui, Tanveer Alam & Shah A Khan












Esculentins A & B, two new diterpenes from Casearia esculenta

The structures of two new diterpenes 1 and 2, isolated from the twigs of Casearia esculenta, have been  elucidated by spectral analysis. 1 and 2 show weak cytokine inhibition activity.




E K S Vijayakumar*, Swati Bal-Tembe,
Kalpana S Joshi & V B Deore












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