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Number 2

JUNE 2011

ISSN: 0976–0504 (print)

ISSN 0976–0512 (online)




Review papers


Phytochemicals as radioprotective agents¾A Review


           Piya Paul, M K Unnikrishnan and A N Nagappa


Research papers


Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of Ficus carica Linn. leaves


           Vikas V Patil and Vijay R Patil




Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities of common wild greens from Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu,            India


           P Jagadeesan, D Arun Prasad, P Pandikumar and S Ignacimuthu




Colour fastness of walnut dye on cotton


           Anshu Sharma and Ekta Grover




Characterization of extracellular amylase enzyme produced by Aspergillus flavus MV5 isolated from mangrove            sediment


           B Valentin Bhimba, S Yeswanth and B Edhaya Naveena




Antioxidant activity of selected lesser known edible fruits from Western Ghats of India


           S Karuppusamy, G Muthuraja and K M Rajasekaran




Comparative evaluation of photo-protective effect of Aloe vera Tourn. ex Linn. on UV damage in different            Asian hair types


           F S Daud and S B Kulkarni




Immunostimulatory effects of curcumin in fish, Labeo rohita (H.)


           T Behera, P Swain, S K Sahoo, D Mohapatra and B K Das




Purification and characterization of pectinase produced from Apple pomace and evaluation of its efficacy in            fruit juice extraction and clarification


           V K Joshi, Mukesh Parmar and Neerja Rana




Anti-microbial and wound healing activities of Cordia macleodii Hook. f & Thoms. Leaves


           Bhargav Bhide, B K Ashok, R N Acharya and B Ravishankar




Development and quality assessment of value added plantain stem juice incorporated with grape juice


           Usha Ravi, Lakshmi Menon and G Gomathy




Pharmacognostical studies and preliminary phytochemical investigations on the bark of Persea macrantha            (Nees) Kosterm (Lauraceae)


           Y A Kulkarni, S B Gokhale, S U Yele, S J Surana and A U Tatiya




Pharmacognostical studies and evaluation of total phenolic and flavonoid contents of traditionally utilized fruits of       Solanum torvum Sw.


           Muhammad Arif and Sheeba Fareed




Evaluation of antimicrobial potential of some Indian medicinal plants against some pathogenic microbes


           Sumitra Chanda, Mital Kaneria and Yogesh Kumar Vaghasiya




Contribution of Phrynium capitatum Willd. leaf a non-timber forest product to the livelihoods of rural poor of            South Meghalaya, North-East India


           H Tynsong and B K Tiwari




Screening of essential oil obtained from inflorescence of lemongrass [Cymbopogon flexuosus (Nees ex Steud.)            Wats] accessions


           Aniruddha Sarma, Hemen Sarma, T C Sarma and A K Handique




Effect of sole and conjoint application of iron and manganese on herb yield, nutrient uptake, oil quality vis-a-vis their   optimal level in spearmint (Mentha spicata Linn. emend. Nathh. cv. ‘Arka’)


           Preeti Pande, S Chand, Ankit Pandey and D D Patra




Ethnobotany of Irular tribe in Palamalai Hills, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


           T Umapriya, A Rajendran, V Aravindhan, Binu Thomas and M Maharajan




Ethnomedicinal plants used for curing dysentery and diarrhoea by tribals of Jhabua District (Madhya            Pradesh)


           Vijay V Wagh, Ashok K Jain and Chitralekha Kadel




Short Communications


Indirect organogenesis of Vitex trifolia Linn.-An important medicinal plant


           John Peter Arulanandam L and S Ghanthikumar




Antibacterial and cytotoxic activities of Spondias pinnata (Linn. f.) Kurz fruit extract


           Ashif Muhammad, Md Shafiur Rahman, A N M Hamidul Kabir, Shaila Kabir and Md Khalid    Hossain




Book review




Instructions to Contributors





Acharya R N                                          198

Aravindhan V                                         250

Arif Muhammad                                     218

Arulanandam John Peter L                     261

Ashok B K                                             198


Behera T                                                184

Bhide Bhargav                                        198

Bhimba B Valentin                                 170


Chand S                                                  242

Chanda Sumitra                                      225


Das B K                                                 184

Daud F S                                                 179


Fareed Sheeba                                         218


Ghanthikumar S                                     261

Gokhale S B                                           211

Gomathy G                                            204

Grover Ekta                                           164


Handique A K                                         236

Hossain Md. Khalid                                265


Ignacimuthu S                                        156


Jagadeesan P                                          156

Jain Ashok K                                         256

Joshi V K                                               189


Kabir ANM Hamidul                              265

Kabir Shaila                                            265

Kadel Chitralekha                                  256

Kaneria Mital                                         225

Karuppusamy S                                      174

Kulkarni S B                                           179

Kulkarni Y A                                         211


Maharajan M                                         250

Menon Lakshmi                                     204

Mohapatra D                                         184

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Muthuraja G                                           174


Nagappa A N                                         137

Naveena B Edhaya                                 170


Pande Preeti                                          242

Pandey Ankit                                         242

Pandikumar P                                        156

Parmar Mukesh                                      189

Patil Vijay R                                          151

Patil Vikas V                                          151

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Rajendran A                                           250

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Ravi Usha                                              204

Ravishankar B                                        198


Sahoo S K                                              184

Sarma Aniruddha                                    236

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Sharma Anshu                                        164

Surana S J                                               211

Swain P                                                  184


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Tiwari B K                                             229

Tynsong H                                             229


Umapriya T                                           250

Unnikrishnan M K                                 137


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Wagh Vijay V                                         256


Yele S U                                                 211

Yeswanth S                                            170