Recent Achievement

Implementation of Online Access of NISCAIR's Primary Journals

A solution called “NISCAIR ONLINE PERIODICALS REPOSITORY (NOPR)” has been implemented based on the open source digital repository system software. This has enabled NISCAIR to host online its research journals. All the 17 research journals have been added under Open Access mode for accessing full text []. Research communities including students not only in India but all over the world are being benefited by open access of NISCAIR journals. This will also help in enhancing the accessibility, visibility and subscription base of NISCAIR journals at National and International level. Current issues of all the research journals are published in NOPR for open access well before the publication of print version. The repository has data spanning from 2007 till current issues and for some journals from 2002 onwards. The repository has about 40600 articles.

To increase visibility of NISCAIR journals, all the journals are registered with Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR), Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR), Google Analytics and all of the prominent search engines.


National Knowledge Resource Consortium (formerly CSIR e-Journals Consortium)

NISCAIR is the nodal organization for developing a "Consortium for CSIR Laboratories for Accessing e-journals". The activity ranges from creation to monitoring of the access facility of scientific periodicals published by leading international institutions. Under this scheme, CSIR scientists are able to access these journals and download material for their use. Such access to world wide journal resources will play a very vital role and strengthen research and development in CSIR laboratories, thus leading to knowledge generation useful for socio-economic development of the country. The objectives are:

  • to strengthen the pooling, sharing and electronically accessing the CSIR library resources.
  • to provide access to world S&T literature to CSIR labs.
  • to nucleate the culture of electronic access resulting into evolution of digital libraries.

Resources subscribed include publishers like M/s Blackwell, M/s John Wiley, M/s Springer, M/s AIP, M/s ASCE & others, Journals/Conference Proceedings, Patents, Standards, and Databases like Web of Science, JCCC, & SCI-Finder.


TKDL project

The proposal submitted by India based on the TKDL project on the International Patent Classification (IPC)-Traditional Knowledge Resource Classification (TKRC) concordance list prepared for the new main group A61K 36/00 was adopted by the Committee of Experts at its thirty-fourth session and deliberated in the thirty-fifth session of the IPC-Union meeting held from 25th to 29th October, 2004. The list provides the searchers, who are carrying out research in the field of traditional medicine documentation published in India, by indicating how an IPC symbol relating to a specific subject matter corresponds to a TKRC symbol concerned with the same or similar subject matter. This is likely to have significant impact on the system of search and examination while granting patents in the area of traditional knowledge whereby the possibilities of grant of wrong TK patents shall get significantly reduced. This information will also facilitate searching in the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) created by India, which is a TKRC-based database. The final version of the IPC-TKRC concordance will be posted on the WIPO website after its examination by the Task Force members.


Inclusion of IJTK and MAPA in PCT minimum list

The two journals published by the institute namely Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge(IJTK) and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts(MAPA) have been included in the PCT minimum list.