Norms for discharge of functions

Nature of functions/ services offered

Each Laboratory shall be headed by the Director who shall be assisted by a Controller of Administration, Controller of Finance and Accounts/ Finance and Accounts Officer and Controller of Stores & Purchase/ Stores & Purchase Officers. They will advice the Director on all administrative and financial matters and be responsible for providing support services to all the Scientific staff and bench level Scientists. Directors shall have the power to over-rule the advice of aforesaid functionaries after recording reasons thereof. A report of such cases shall be sent to Director-General.

Service conditions of all the employees shall be governed by fundamental and supplementary rules framed by Government of India from time to time. Extent of applicability of these rules may vary.

All the Labs including CSIR Hqrs. and Directors of National Laboratories would operate under director control of Director General without and intermediate line functionary. The Laboratories would be freed from routine administrative and financial control of the Hqrs. The head-quarters will, inter alia deal with the following matters:

  • a) Receipt and disbursement of funds from the Government
  • b) Appointment of Director/Director Level Scientist
  • c) National Mission
  • d) International and Inter-agency Scientific Collaboration
  • e) Research Fellowships and Training
  • f) Liaison and interaction with major users and Government departments
  • g) Data Bank of total CSIR R&D activities
  • h) Construction activity
  • i) Audit & Vigilance matters
  • j) Grievance mechanism
  • k) Appellate against the decisions of Management Council and Directors
  • l) Parliament matters
  • m) Budget and Finance
  • n) Limitations imposed under the rules for delegations of Financial power
  • o) Accounting of funds to the Ministry of Finance/Accountant General and Public Accountant Committee
  • p) Recruitment/promotion policies and procedures
  • q) Common cadres
  • r) Legal matters
  • s) Patent matters; and
  • t) Other matters as decided by DG.

Process of redress of grievances (OM Dt. 31.08.2016) / (OM Dt. 03.08.2016) / (OM Dt. 07.01.2019)