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16 DECEMBER  2004












022948      BUREAU OF INDIAN  STANDARDS: . Parameters for environmental impact assessment of water resources projects, Gr 3. IS 15442 : 2004   





022949      BALJEET SINGH (Math Dep, Govt Coll, Sector 11 Chandigarh-160 011) : Reflection of SH wave from a micropolar elastic solid half-space. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4), 273-8.  


022950      DIXIT K K, PANDEY P (Math Dep, Janta Coll,  Bakewar(Etawah)-206 124) : Class of p-valent functions with negative and fixed finitely many coefficients. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004,  96(4), 291-4.  


022951      DUTTA T K, SEN P (Pure Math Dep, Univ Calcutta, 35 Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata-700 019) : Some characterisations of solvable groups using <F128><113><F255>-subgroups. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4), 305-16.  


022952      EL-AHMADY A E (Fac Sci, Tanta Univ, Tanta, Egypt) :  Deformation retract of a manifold admiting a simple transitive group of motions and its topological folding. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004,  96(4), 279-84.  


022953      GOYAL S P, MUKHERJEE R (Math Dep, Univ Rajasthan,  Jaipur-302 004) : Class of convolution integral equations involving product of generalized polynomial set, general class of polynomials and Fox's H-function. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4), 265-72.  


022954      HASSAN Q E () : A survey of fuzzy paracompactness. Far East J math Sci 2004, 13(1), 119-36.  


022955      IM-YB (Dep of Mathematics, Seonam Univ, Namwon, Chonbuk-590-711, Korea) : Fuzzy pairwise pre-irresolute mappings. Far East J math Sci 2004, 13(1), 109-18.  


022956      KRACHNI M (Dep de Mathematiques, Univ de Ferhat Abbas,  Setif 19000, Algerie) : Extension of meromorphic mappings. Far East J math Sci 2004, 13(1), 79-89.  


022957      MULDOWNEY P (Magee Coll, Univ Ulster, Derry N. Ireland BT48 7 JL) : Riemann-type integrals in function spaces I: partitioning infinite dimensional spaces. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004 , 96(4), 295-300.  


022958      MULDOWNEY P (Magee Coll, Ulster Univ, Derry, N. Ireland BT 48 7 JL) : Riemann-type integrals in function spaces II : the continuous functions as domain. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4),  301-4.  


022959      RAKSHIT M, MUKHOPADHYAY B (Math Dep, B.E. Coll,  Howrah-711 103) : Vector matrix differential approach of generalized thermo-visco-elastic problem of an infinite medium with a cylindrical hole. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4), 317-24.  


022960      SHARMA R P (Govt Engng Coll, Ajmer-305 002) : Double integral involving the H-function. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4) , 285-90.  


022961      SUNG Y, HAN K (Dep of Applied Mathematics, Kongju National Univ, 182, Shinkwandong, Kongju-City, 314-701) :  Characterization of t-Fuzzy mappings. Far East J math Sci 2004, 13(1) , 91-9.  


022962      TRIPATHY D P (Regional Engng Coll, Rourkela) : Investment analysis - a computational approach. Indian Min Engng J 2002, 41(10), 26-9.  


022963      ZAKARIA M (Math Dep, Fac Educ, El-Shatby 21526 Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt) : Magnetohydrodynamic viscoelastic boundary layer flow past a stretching plate and heat transfer. Bull Calcutta math Soc 2004, 96(4), 325-38.  


022964   ZHAOWEN LI (Dep of Mathematics, Changsha Univ of Sci and Technol, Changsha, Hunan 410077) : Spaces with <F128><115><F255><B>-locally countable bases. Far East J math Sci  2004, 13(1), 101-8.   




022965   ACHAL SINGH: . The limit theorems and rates of convergence in some contagious URN models.(Prof V V Menon)  Mathematics Dep, Banaras Hindu University, Vranasi, 2004  


022966   ANIL KUMAR: . Deformation of a half space by dislocation sources.(Dr Jagdish Singh) Mathematics Dep, Maharshi Dayanand Univ,  Rohtak, 2004  


022967      DUTTA D: . Some problems on variable importance and structural stability of regression models.(Dr S C Kakaty) Statistics Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2004  


022968  GOGOI B K: . Process capability analysis in a working chemical manufacturing industry.(Dr C K Chetia) Statistics Dep,  Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2004  


022969  JAYASWAL A: . Some contributions to mathematical programmings with special reference to fuzzy and goal programmings.( Dr Nawal Kishore) Mathematics Dep, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi , 2004  


022970      KHAN Z: . Systems of variational inequalities and multi-objectie games.(Dr Qamrul Hasan Ansari) Mathematics Dep,  Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2004  


022971      LAGHATE K R: . Study of properties of discrete random variables defined on randam permutations.(Dr M N Deshpande)  Statistics Dep, Nagpur Univ, Nagpur, 2004  


022972      PANDEY S K: . Some contribution to the estimation problems in sample surveys in presence of non-response.(Dr B B Khare) Statistics Dep, Banaras hindu University, Varanasi, 2004  


022973      PATHAK S: . Modeling optimal exploitation of renewable resources under environmental stresses.(Prof Renu Jain) Mathematics Dep, Jiwaji Univ, Gwalior, 2004  


022974      SANJAY KUMAR: . Study of topological games on product spaces and its fuzzy approach.(Dr B P Kumar) Mathematics Dep,  Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar Univ, Muzaffarpur, 2004  


022975  SINGH R K: . Non-linear wave motions and shock.(Prof V V Menon) Mathematics Dep, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 2004  


022976  SONTAKKE A S: . Effect of a Newtonian peripheral layer on bearing characteristics of non-newtonian sqeeze film.(Dr S B Agase)  Mathematics Dep, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, 2004  


022977      SRIVASTAVA N: . Investigations on certain aspects of higher normed linear spaces.(Prof S N Lal) Mathematics, Banaras hindu University, Varanasi, 2004   





022978      KALER R S, SHARMA A K, KAMAL T S (Electronics and Communication Engng Dep, Thapar Institute of Engng and Technology,  Patiala-147 004) : Simulation results for four wave mixing in an optical fibre near zero-dispersion wavelength. J Instn Engrs India - Pt ET 2004, 85(Jul), 31-6.  


022979      NAGARAJAN P, SULOCHANA N, MURALIDHARAN V S (P G & Res Chem Dep, Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirapalli-620 017) : Cyclic voltammetric reduction of 7-hydroxy and acetoxy flavones at glassy carbon electrode. Bull Electrochem 2004, 20(2), 93-6.  


022980      RAJENDRAN A, NEELAMEGAM P (PG and Applied Physics Res Dep, Nehru Memorial College, Puthanampatti, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu-621 007) : An instrument for measurement of dielectric constant of liquids using 8031 microcontroller. Bull Electrochem 2004, 20(2),  59-62.   




022981      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (c/o INSDOC, 14 Satsant Vihar Marg, New Delhi-110 067) : . Device for excitation and detection of magnetic resonance using orthogonal transmitter probe coils. India: 192544.   




022982      BUTEY B P: . Some problems in general and bimetric theory of relativity.(Dr G S Khadekar) Phys Dep, Nagpur Univ, Nagpur, 2004  


022983      CHOPANE S R: . Morphology and Characterization of Indian zeolites.(Dr D R Pande) Physics Dep, Nagpur University, Nagpur, 2004  


022984      KHIRWADKAR S S: . Studies on toroidal non-neutral plasmas.(Dr H Ramchandran) Phys Dep, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya,  Indore, 2004  


022985      KHULE R N: . Study of laser induced fluorescence spectra of plant leaves.(Dr B H Pawar) Physics Dep, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, 2004  


022986      KUSHWAHA A K: . Phonons in the spinel structure compounds.(Dr S S Kushwaha) Physics Dep, Banaras Hindu University,  Varanasi, 2004  


022987      MEDHI G K: . Studies on gluon distribution function at low-X.(Dr Jayanta Kumar Sarma) Phys Dep, Tezpur Univ, Napaam, Tezpur, 2004  


022988      MUTHUMANICKAM M A: . Experimental investigation of ballistic performznce of glass/polyster polymer matrix composite and ceramic encapsulated multicomponent composite systems.(Dr K Subramanian) Physics Dep, Anna University, Chennai, 2004  


022989      NATH S S: . Synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots on polymer matrix and their applications in electronics, photonics and nonlinear optics.(Prof A Choudhury) Phys Dep, Tezpur Univ, Napaam, Tezpur, 2004  


022990      RAMI REDDY M: . Studies on electrical magnetic elastic and optical properties of Pho-A12 03-B2)3 glasses doped with Cr203, Mno and certain rare earth oxides.(Prof S Bangarraju) Phys Dep,  Andhra Univ, Waltair, 2004  


022991      ROSHAN LAL: . Some studies of classical and quantam integrable systems in two dimensions.Physics Dep, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, 2004  


022992      SONKAMBLE S J: . Investigations on binary and ternary liquid systems.(Dr G K Bichile) Phys Dep, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Univ, Aurangabad, 2004  


022993      SURESHKUMAR H M: . Study of photophysical properties of some organic molecules (Indole derivatives).(Dr R S Kunabenchi) Phys Dep, Gulbarga Univ, Gulbarga, 2004  


022994      TAMARKAR S P: . Studies on the electro-luminescence of rare earth doped ZnS phosphors.(Dr Radheshyam Gupta) Phys Dep,  Awadhesh Pratap Singh Univ, Rewa, 2004  


022995      UTHAYAKUMAR S: . Investigations on the growth aspects of Bi-2212 and Ru-1212 textured crystals and fabrication of Bi-2201 and LSMO thin films.(Dr R Jayavel) Physics Dep, Anna University, Chennai, 2004  


022996      VARADARAJAN E: . Chiloride VPE growth of GaN thin films and their characterisation with special emphasis on the nucleation kinetics and irradiation effects.(Dr R Dhanasekaran) Physics Dep,  Anna University, Chennai, 2004   





022997      AHMAD N, NASEER J, GADGIL N, GOODSON F (Chemistry Dep,  West Chester University, West Chester, Pa 19383-2215) : Novel soluble and conducting polyaniline. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 606-8.  


022998      BALUJA S (Chemistry Dep, Saurashtra University,  Rajkot-360 005) : Acoustical studies of some derivatives of ethylbenzene-1,3-diol in dimethylformamide solution at 308.15 K<F128><89><F255>. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 570-2.  


022999      BUDHRAJA J, MUKHTAR SINGH (Chemistry Dep, Agra College,  Agra-282 002) : Spectrophotometric study of adsorption of bromo thymol blue on charcoal and phosphates of Fe<^>III<D><B>, Al<. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 573-5.  


023000      ESWARAPPA B, SHERIGARA B S, KUMARASWAMY B E (Post Graduate Studies in Industrial Chemistry Dep, Kuvempu University,  Jnana sahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577 451) : Electrochemical investigation of benzelidene benzyl hydrazide and its derivative shciff bases at glassy carbon electrode. Bull Electrochem 2004, 20(1) , 1-6.  


023001      GANDHE S, DAVE GAUTAM M (Chemistry Dep, M.L.C. Govt. Girls P. G. College, Khandwa-450 001) : Trace determination of nickel and cadmium(II) amperometrically using  4-p-tolyl thiosemicarbazide.  J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 611-2.  


023002      GANGOTRI K M, GENWA K R (Chemistry Dep, Jai Narian Vyas University, Jodhpur-342 001) : Comparative studies in anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants in photogalvanic cells from solar energy conversion and storage point of view : NTA-Azur B system. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 592-4.  


023003      GANGOTRI K M, MEENA R C (Chemistry Dep, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur-324 005) : Role of reductant and photosensitizer in solar energy conversion and storage : ascorbic acid-eisoin system.  J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 576-8.  


023004      GUPTA R, MUKHTAR SINGH (Chemistry Dep, Agra College,  Agra-282 002) : Densities and viscosities of ternary systems of maltose, alkali metal halides and water from 293.15 to 313. 15 K. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 561-9.  


023005      HIRAN B L, CHATURVEDI G (Chemical Kinetics Laboratory, Chemistry Dep, College of Science, M.L. Sukhadia University,  Udaipur-313 001) : Kinetics of the effect of some bidentate ligands on the oxidation of lactic acid by chromium (VI). J Indian Chem Soc  2004, 81(7), 556-60.  


023006      KUMARARAMAN S, PARI S (Physics Dep, Nehru Memorial College, Puthanampatti, Tiruchirappalli-621 007) : Growth and characterisation of SbSI crystals. Bull Electrochem 2004, 20(1),  45-8.  


023007      LAULLOO S J, BHOWON M G, HOSANY A (Chemistry Dep, Faculty of Science, University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius) : Synthesis, catalytic and antibacterial activity of ruthenium complexes of 2,2'-dithiobis [N-(2-hydroxy-naphth-3-yl) benzamides]. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 547-51.  


023008      MADAENI S S, DANESHVAR H (Chemical Engineerig Dep, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, 67149) : Chemical cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes fouled by dye bath effluent of a carpet manufacturing plant. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 584-9.  


023009      MANISANKAR P, VEDHI C, SELVANATHAN G (Industrial Chemistry Dep, Alagappa University, Karaikudi-630 003) :  Electrochemical studies of carbendazim. Bull Electrochem 2004, 20(2), 81-6.  


023010      NAGAR R, MOHAN G (Pharmacology Dep, S N Med Coll,  Agra-282 002) : Complexes of transition metals with tridentate N-(2-thiazole) benzamide-2'-carboxylic acid and oxine and their antimicrobial studies. Proc natn Acad Sci India-Sect B 2003, 73(2),  195-203.  


023011      NANDHA KUMAR R, SURESH T, DHANABAL T, MOHAN P S ( Chemistry Dep, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-641 046) : Synthesis of 12-ethoxy-3-oxo-4-phynylquino [3,2-c][1,3] diazocines Via vilsmeier-Haack reaction. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 598-601.  


023012      PALRIA V S, PARIHAR S K (Mining Engng Dep, Jai Narain Vyas Univ, Jodhpur) : Search for new use of clay mineral. Indian Min Engng J 2002, 41(10), 17-21.  


023013      PANDA A, PANDA A K, HOTA S K, PRADHAN T K, SAHU G (P. G. Department of Chemistry, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar-768 019) :  Studies on some homo-and bimetallic dinuclear transition metal complexes of [2,3,6,9,12,13-hexaaza-4,5,9,11-tetraphenyl-1,14-di(2'-hydroxyphenyl)- tetradeca-1,3,5,9,11,13-hexaene] (HTHT). J Indian Chem Soc 2004,  81(7), 552-55.  


023014      PANIGRAHI D C, SAXENA V K, UDAYABHANU G (Mining Engng Dep, CMRI, Dhanbad) : An empirical study on susceptibility of Indian coals with some of their intrinsic properties. Indian Min Engng J  2002, 41(10), 22-5.  


023015      RAJENDRAN S, SIVAKUMAR M, SUBADEVI R, LEONORA J M ( Physics Dep, Alagappa University, Karaikudi-630 003) : XRD, FTIR, impedance and thermal studies of PVA-PMMA solid polymer blend electrolyte. Bull Electrochem 2004, 20(2), 87-92.  


023016      REDDY S, JALAPATHI P, RAJAKOMURAIAH T, REDDY S M (Lab of Polymers, chem Dep, Kakatiya Univ, Warangal-506 009) : Antibacterial properties of some new copolymer resins synthesized from 1-[2,4=dihydroxyphenyl]-2-phenyl ethanone and 1-[2,4-dihydroxyphenyl] propanone. Proc natn Acad Sci India-Sect B 2003, 73(2), 205-14.  


023017      SHARMA S (Chemistry Dep, Institute of Engineering & Technology, MIA, Alwar-301 001) : Some new 1-benzyl-1,2-dihydro-2-pyridylidenamino, dichlorophosphine. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 602-5.  


023018      SINHA RAY M, DREW M G B, GHOSH A (Chemistry Dep,  University College of Science and Technology, University of Calcutta, 92, A. P. C. Road, Kolkata-700 009) : Synthesis, crystal structure and thermal studies of catena-(L-glutamato)-aqua copper(II) monohydrate. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 543-6.  


023019      SREEDHAR N Y, THRIVENI T, SASI KUMAR K N (Chemistry Dep,  S.V. University, Tirupati-517 502) : Electrochemical investigations and analysis of allethrin in formulations and in household dust. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 613-5.  


023020      SRIVASTAVA S, SINGH M L, PANDEY Y (Department of Chemistry, University of Allahabad, Allahabad-211 012) : Synthesis of mercury-, tin-, lead- and zinc (II) complexes with a tetradentate Schiff base 1, 2-glyoxilidine-bis-2-aminoethylpyridine. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 590-1.  


023021      SUDHA SWARAGA M, CHARITHA L, ADINARAYANA M (Chemistry Dep, Osmania University, Hyderabad-500 007) : Photooxidation of substituted pyrimidines in presence of peroxydisulphate in aqueous solution. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 579-83.  


023022      YADAVA K L, KUMAR S, ANUPAM KUMAR, SINGH R K P (Chemistry Dep, University of Allahabad, Allahabad-211 002) : Synthesis of pinacols through electrochemical reduction of carbonyl compounds at platinum cathode in non-aqueous weakly acidic medium. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(7), 595-7.   




023023      MANN S C (6-81, Masjid Moth, (GK-II), New Delhi-110 048)  : . Novel metallic amido sulphate electrolyte composition. India:  192540.   




023024      BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS: . Methods of sampling and test (physical and chemical) for water and waste water: Part 2 Determination of 33 elements by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy, Gr 7. IS 3024 (Part 2) : 2004  


023025      BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS: . Commerical blasting explosives - Specification : Part 1 Nitroglycerine based explosives, Gr 3. IS 15447 (Part 1) : 2004   




023026      AJAY KUMAR: . Heterocyclic compounds synthesis of heterocyclic compounds involving the reactions of dehydroacetic acid and its derivatives.Chem Dep, Kurukshetra Univ, Kurukshetra, 2004  


023027      BAJAJ L: . Studies on synthesis and reactions of calix [n]arenes.(Prof H M Chawla) Chemistry Dep, Indian Institutre of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, 2004  


023028      BHASKARAN A: . Study of air pollutants present in the ambient air of Chennai city during 1998-2000: a statistical approach. (Dr R D Rajan) Physics Dep, Anna University, Channai, 2004  


023029      BHUYAN R: . Isolation and characterisation of natural colouring materials (natural dyes) from selected plant sources and studies of their dyeing characteristics.(Dr C N Saikia and Dr K K Das) Chem Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2004  


023030      HANUMAPPA H: . A study of inhibition of mild steel corrosion by O and N donor system in mineral acid medium.(Dr B K Prabhakar) Chem Dep, Gulbarga Univ, Gulbarga, 2004  


023031      LAKSHMANAPER U C K: . Synthesis, crystal growth and characterisation of organic molecular non linear optical meterials: N methoxy-N' methyl stibazolium p-Toluyene sulfonate (MBST), N-hydroxy-N'-methyl stilbazolium p-toluene sulfonate (HBST) and methyl, p hydroxy benzoate (p-MHB).(Dr P Ramasamy) Chemistry Dep,  Anna University, Chennai, 2004  


023032      MAHESWARI R: . Mesoporous molecular sieves supported heteropoly acid of rorganic transformations.(Dr K Santhi) Chemistry Dep, Anna University, Chennai, 2004  


023033      MANPREET KAUR: . NMR fluorscence and thermal studies of N vinylcarbazole copolymers.(Prof A S Brar) Chemistry Dep, Indian institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, 2004  


023034      PATEL D B: . Study of metal complexes of ligan with long non coordinating side groups.Chemistry Dep, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, 2004  


023035      PATEL J B: . Low cost non conventional bio-materials as an alternative for activated carbon in removal of heavy metals, dyes and pesticides from waste waters.(Chem Dep) Maharaja Sayajirao Univ of Baroda, Vadodara, 2004  


023036      PUNDEER R: . Reagents in organic synthesis applications of organoiodine (III) reagents with special emphasis ont he synthesis of haterocyclic compounds.Chem Dep, Kurukshetra Univ, Kurukshetra,  2004  


023037      SAHOO L : . Organisation of nonionic ambiphiles in solution and at solid liquid interface.(Dr P K Mishra) Chem Dep,  Sambalpur Univ, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, 2004  


023038      SENTHILNATHAN T: . Study of primary air pollutants present in the ambient air of Chennai city during 2000-2002 and design of air quality indexer.(Dr R D Rajan) Physics Dep, Anna University, Chennai, 2004  


023039      SHARMA L K: . Coordination compounds of reactive polymers.Chem Dep, Kurukshetra Univ, Kurukshetra, 2004  


023040      SHUNMUGA SUNDARRAJ A: . Adsorption dynamics and chemometric studies of fluoride and development of hand pump attachable defluoridation model.Chem Dep, Gandhigram Rural Inst,  Gandhigram, Distt Dindigul, 2004  


023041      SRIVASTAVA M: . Study on anodic contact glow discharge electrolysis and its non faradic chemical effects in aqueous media.( Prof S K Sengupta) Chemistry Dep, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 2004  


023042      VENKATA RAMANA K: . Chemoenzymatic synthesis of some bioactive compounds.(Dr Ahmed Kamal) Chem Dep, Osmania Univ,  Hyderabad, 2004   





023043      ALLAM S M, EZZAT A A, EL-MAGHRABY A M, SOLIMEN I A, WADIE W F (National Inst of Oceanography of Fisheries, Alexandria, Egypt) :  Systematic study of the genus Trachurus in the South-Eastern part of mediterranean sea. J Inland Fish Soc India 2001, 33(1), 54-8.  


023044      CYNTHIA JOHNSON M E, KAUSER R (Limnological Lab, Botany Dep, Osmania Univ college of Women, Koti, Hyderabad-500 195) :  Chemical and microbial quality of different types of drinking water of Hyderabad, Hi-Tech city, A.P., India. J aqu Biol 2004, 19(1),  93-7.  


023045      DE U S, RAO G S P (Visiting Faculty, Pune Univ, Pune) :  Urban climate trends-The Indian scenario. J Indian Geophys Union 2004 , 8(3), 199-203.  


023046      DEO A A, GANER D W, SALVEKAR P S (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune-411008) : Behaviour of the upper ocean in response to an idealized symmetric and asymmetric Indian Ocean cyclone in opposite hemisphere. J Indian Geophys Union 2004, 8(3),  211-22.  


023047      GOWD T N (National Geophysical Research Institute,  Hyderabad-500007) : Stable continental region earthquakes due to pressure weakening of existing faults. J Indian Geophys Union 2004,  8(3), 195-8.  


023048      HIMABINDU D, RAMADASS G (Centre of Exploration Geophysics, Osmania Univ, Hyderabad-500007) : Estimation of crustal thickness from power spectra of regional bouguer gravity: Jadcharla-vaso transect. J Indian Geophys Union 2004, 8(2), 173-8.  


023049      ISRAIL M, GUPTA P K, TYAGI D K (Dep of Earth Sciences,  Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee-247667) : Determining sharp layer boundaries from straghtforward inversion of resistivity sounding data. J Indian Geophys Union 2004, 8(2), 125-33.  


023050      JAYARAJU N (Dep of Geology, S.V. Univ, Tirupati-517502) :  Control on formation an distribution of heavy minterals along southern tip of India. J Indian Geophys Union 2004, 8(3), 191-4.  


023051      MAHAJAN S R, NANDAN S N (Botany Dep, Bhusawal Arts, Sci and P.O.Nahata Commerce Coll, Bhusawal Dist-Jalgaon) : Studies on euglenophycaean diversity in Velhala lake of Jalgaon, Maharashtra. J aqu Biol 2004, 19(1), 13-14.  


023052      MEITEI N S, PATIL P M, BHOSLE A B (Zool & Fishery Sci Dep, Sci Coll, Nanded -431 602) : Physico-chemical analysis of purna river for potability. J aqu Biol 2004, 19(1), 103-05.  


023053      MELWANKI M B, SEETHARAMAPPA J (Reseacher Scholar, Dep of Chemistry, Karnatak Univ, Dharwad-580003) : Spectrophotmetric studies on the investigation of chromium in environmental samples. Indian J Envirn Hlth 2003, 45(1), 25-8.  


023054  MOHAN KUMAR G, SAMPATH S, JEENA V S (Atmospheric Sciences Division, Centre for Earth Science Studies, PB7250, Akkulam, Thirvanathapuram-695031) : Continous measrement of ambient carbon monoxide at a tropical coastal station. J Indian Geophys Union 2004,  8(3), 205-10.  


023055  NAGARNAIK P B, BHOLE A G, NATARAJAN G S (Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur) : Adsorption of Arsenic on flyash.  Indian J Envirn Hlth 2003, 45(1), 1-4.  


023056      NARAYANAN K (Dhruva, 5th Cross Street, Trustpuram, Chennai-600024) : India's choice of an energy policy and its impact on future economic growth-discussed with special reference to fossil fuels. J Indian Geophys Union 2004, 8(2), 79-96.  


023057      NATH D, SRIVASTAVA N P (CICFRI, Barrackpore) :  Physico-chemical characteristics of Narmada for the stretch Sandia to Mola in M.P. state in the context of construction of reservoirs on the river or its tributaries. J Inland Fish Soc India 2001, 33(1),  17-24.  


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