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1 DECEMBER  2004











021991      ALICE K V, KRISHNA KUMAR V (Dep of Mathematics, Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala-685585) : Two classes of second and third-order differential expressions in the limit circle case. J Analysis 2003, 11, 115-45.  


021992    ALICE K V, KRISHNA KUMAR V, PADMANABHAN A (Dep of Mathematics, Newman College, Thodupuzha 685 585) : On the limit-classifications of even and odd order formally symmetric differential expressions. Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004, 114(1), 65-78.  


021993      ALIMOHAMMADI D, EBADIAN A (Dep of Mathematics, Univ of Arak, Arak, 879, I.R. Iran) : Second dual of real Lipschitz algebras of complex functions. J Analysis 2003, 11, 85-103.  


021994      AMARDEEP SINGH, GARG R (Mathematics Dep, Govt Motilal Vigyan Mahavidayalaya, Bhopal-462 003) : Some unique common fixed point theorems in semi-Hausdorff spaces. Vikram math J 2001, 21,  42-8.  


021995      ANSARI M S A (Town Inter Coll, Sultanganj, Patna-800 006)  : Coincide uniform structures of abelian topological groups. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 50-1.  


021996      ARORA S C, BATRA R (Dep of Mathematics, Univ of Delhi,  Delhi 110007) : On generalized slant toeplitz operators. Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 121-34.  


021997      ASHOK KUMAR, SHARAN L K, SINGH S R (Mathematics Dep, F S College, Fatehpur Sanda, Arwal) : On parametric and strong projective convergence. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 118-20.  


021998      BABUJEE J B (Mathematics Dep, Rajiv Gandhi Coll of Engn and Technol, Kirumampakkam, Pondicherry-607 402) : Bimagic labelling in path graphs. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 12-16.  


021999      BAJAJ N (Mathematics Dep, Dr Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar-470 003) : A fixed point theorem in Banach space. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 7-10.  


022000      BERLAND M (8, rue Dupin 75006 Paris, ) : Convergence D'une certaine Serie D' exponentielles. J Analysis 2003, 11, 61-7.  


022001      BHAGAT R P, KUMAR R B (Mathematics Dep, A S Coll,  Bikramganj-802 212) : Existence of invariant measure for the flow.  Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 47-9.  


022002      BURNWAL A P (Mathematics Dep, B I T, Sindri-828 123, Distt-Dhanbad) : Insight into different areas of mathematical modeling. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 105-7.  


022003      CHOUDHARY M P (Mathematics Dep, Univ of Delhi, Delhi-110 007) : Infinite index property of subgroups in a free group. Vikram math J 2002, 22, 6-12.  


022004      DAS A K (Dep of Mathematics, North-Eastern Hill Univ,  Permanent Campus) : Cobordism independence of Grassmann manifolds.  Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math 2004, 114(1), 33-8.  


022005      DATTA S, SHUKLA M (Dep of Math & Astron, Lucknow Univ,  Lucknow-226007) : Drag of flow past a cylinder with slip. Bull Calutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 63-72.  


022006      DEO S D, THENGANE K D (Mathematics Dep, N S Sci Coll,  Bhadrawati-442 902) : N.dimensional static plane symmetric space.time in bimetric relativity. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 86-8.  


022007      DEVENDRA KUMAR (Dep of Math, D.S.M. Coll, Kanth 244 501)  : Approximation of generalised axisymmetric potentials having fast growth. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 265-78.  


022008      DHEENA P, NANDAKUMAR P (Dep of Mathematics, Annamalai Univ, Annamalinagar 608 002 Tamil Nadu) : On regular semirings.  Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 135-40.  


022009      DONG ZHE (Dep of Mathematics, Zhejiang Univ, Hangzhou 310 027) : Rank one operators in reflexive one-sided A-submodules. Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004, 114(1), 55-63.  


022010      DURAISAMY C, RAMASWAMY R S (Mathematics Dep, Kongu Engn Coll, Perundurai-638 052) : On a solution of one step integral equation. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 78-85.  


022011      EL-SAYIED H K (Dep of Math, Fac of Sci, Tanta Univ,  Tanta, Egypt) : Complete metric of positive scalar curvature on non compact manifold. Bull calcutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 31-8.  


022012      FANG M L, LAHIRI I (Dep of Applied Mathematics, Dong Hua Univ, Shanghai 200051 P.R. China) : Unique range set for certain meromorphic functions. Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 141-50.  


022013      FISHER B, TELCI M (Dep of Mathematics, Leicester Univ,  Leicester, LE1 7RH, England) : Some neutrix convolutions of functions and distributions. J Analysis 2003, 11, 23-32.  


022014      GANAPATHY J (Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI-54901, USA) : Weighted L<^>p,q<D><B> inequalites for the weighted hardy-little wood maximal function M<v>v<D><B>f. J Analysis 2003, 11, 69-83.  


022015      GANGULI A, PARSAI R (Applied Mathematics Dep, Shri G S Inst of Technol & Sci, Indore) : Fixed point theorem on d-metric space over topological semifield. Vikram math J 2002, 22, 79-85.  


022016      GOYAL S P, PARASHAR A, BANERJI P K (Dep of Math, Univ of Raj, Jaipur-302004) : On Dirichlet average for several variables.  Bull Calcutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 55-62.  


022017      GRAHL J (Mathematisches Institute, Universitat Wurzburg,  Am Hubland 97074 Wurburg) : A short proof of Miranda's theorem and some extensions using Zalcman's lemma. J Analysis 2003, 11, 105-13.  


022018      GROENEWALD (Dep of Math, Univ of Port Elizabeth, P.O. Box 1600, Port Elizabeth South Africa 6000) : Semi-uniformly strongly prime near-rings. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 241-50.  


022019      GUPTA S K (Dep of Mathematics and Statistics, P.O. Box 36, AL-KHODH 123) : Multipliers from L<^>p<D><B> to l<v>q<D><B>.  Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 151-8.  


022020      GUPTA V K, GUPTA V, GUPTA J K (Govt. Girls P G Coll,  Ujjain) : Functions of class lip(<F128><121><F255><B>,p) and their Taylors means. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 11-16.  


022021      INC M, ISIK M (Dep of Mathematics, Firat Univ, 23119 Elazig/Turkiye) : Adomian decomposition method for three-dimensional parabolic equation with non-classic boundary conditions. J Analysis  2003, 11, 43-51.  


022022      JAIN S, PARIHAR J S (Statistics Dep, S N G G P G Coll,  Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal) : Some methods of construction of regular block designs. Vikram math J 2002, 22, 55-60.  


022023      JHA S B () : Some new results on the completion of metrizable topological group of functions. Math Educ, Siwan 2004,  38(1), 55-7.  


022024      JUNG S M (Mathematics Section, College of Science and Technology, Hong-Ik Univ, 339-701, Chochiwon, Korea) : On some congruence with application to exponential sums. Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004, 114(1), 1-6.  


022025      KANDASAMY R, PEIYASAMY (Dep of Mathematics, Institue of Road and Transport Technology, Erode 638316) : Effects of chemical reaction, heat and mass transfer on nonlinear MHD boundary layer flow with heat source and thermal difusion. J Energy Heat Mass Transfer  2003, 25(1), 83-93.  


022026      KANG M K, LEE B S (Dep of Math, Dongeui Univ, Pusan 614 714) : Generalized pseudomonotone set-valued variational-like inequalities. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 251-64.  


022027      KHANDELWAL A K, GOYAL M C, JAIN N C (Methematics Dep,  Govt Coll, Gangapurcity-322 201) : MHD three dimensional flow past a vertical porous plate with periodic temperature in slip flow regime.  Vikram math J 2002, 22, 61-78.  


022028      KUMAR M S, HARI BHAT K N, UMESH G (Electronics & Communication Dep, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal 576 119)  : Performance of Iteratively decoded parallel concatenated error control codes in phase noise corrupted BPSK systems. IETE J Res 2004, 50(3), 237-42.  


022029      LAHIRI I, DATTA S K (Dep of Mathematics, Univ of Kalyani, West Bengal 741 235) : Some growth properties of composite entire and meromorphic functions. Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 177-93.  


022030      LEE B S, LEE B D (Dep of Mathematics, Kyungsung Univ,  Pusan 608 736) : Generalized common fixed point theorems for fuzzy mappings on menger PM-spaces. Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 195-205.  


022031      LORCH L (Dep of Mathematics and Statistics, York Univ,  4700 Keele street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3 Canada) : A property of completely [absolutely] monotonic and other logarithmically convex [concave] functions. Indian J Math 2003, 45(2), 207-10.  


022032      LUUD V, TUNG L M (Inst. of Math, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Road 10307 Hanoi Vietnam) : B-preinvexity critera and applications. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 279-300.  


022033      MAHURPAWAR V, DEO S D (Mathematics Dep, Govt. Autonomous P G Coll, Chhindawara-480 001) : On bianchi-1 cosmic strings in bimetric relativity. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 17-19.  


022034      MAHURPAWAR V, DEO S D (Govt. Auto P G Coll, Chhindwara) :  N-dimensional static plane symmetric space-time with cosmic strings in bimetric relativity. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 17-20.  


022035      MAJUMDER A K, BARNWAL J P (Regional Research Laboratory,  Bhopal-462 026) : Computational method to predict particles free terminal settling velocity. J Instn Engrs India - Pt MI 2004, 85(Aug) , 17-19.  


022036      MANHAS J S (Dep of Math and Statist, Coll of Sci, Sultan Qaboos Univ, P.O.Box 36, P.C. 123 AL-Khod) : Multiplication operators on non-locally convex weighted spaces of continous functions. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 301-13.  


022037      MEDGHALCHI A R (Instiute of Mathematics, Teacher Training Univ, Tehran, Iran) : Amenability and weak amenability of L(X)<^> **<D><B>, M(X)<. J Analysis 2003, 11, 53-9.  


022038      MISHRA C K, YADAV D D S (Dr. R M L Avadh Univ, Faizabad)  : Metric like P-tensor field in a finsler space. Vikram math J 2002,  22, 41-7.  


022039      MITRA M (29F, Creek Row, Kolkata 700 014, ) : Height in splittings of hyperbolic groups. Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004,  114(1), 39-54.  


022040      MOHYUDDIN M R, ASHRAF E E (Dep of Mathematics,  Quaid-i-Azam Univ, 45320, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan) : Inverse solutions for a second-grade fluid for porous medium channel and Hall current effects. Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004, 114(1), 79-96.  


022041      MURTY M S N, APPA RAO B V (Dep of Applied Mathematics,  Nagarjuna Univ Post-Graduate Centre, Nuzvid 521 201) : On conditioning for three point boundary value problems. Indian J Math  2003, 45(2), 211-21.  


022042      MUTHUCUMARASWAMY R, VADIVEL V U S (Information Technol Dep, Sri Venkateswara Coll of Engn, Sriperumbudur-602 105) : Heat transfer effects on moving vertical surface in the presence of magnetic field. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 20-9.  


022043      NATARAJAN P N (Dep of Mathematics, Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai-600004) : Euler and Taylor methods of summability in complete ultrametric fields. J Analysis 2003, 11,  33-41.  


022044      NITSURE N (School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamnetal Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai 400 005) :  Representability of Hom implies flatness. Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004, 114(1), 7-14.  


022045      PANDEY K, BAWA N P S (Mathematics Dep, Govt. Model Sci Coll, Rewa-486 002) : Existence of measurable selector for measurable multifunction and extension of measurable selectors. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 30-3.  


022046      PAWAR M M, WAPHARE B N (Dep of Math, Univ of Pune, Pune 411 007) : Enumeration of monisomorphic lattices with equal number of elements and edges. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 315-23.  


022047      PRASAD B (Dep of Math, S.M.M. Town (P.G.) Coll, Ballia) :  Hypersurfaces of almost hermite manifolds. Bull Calcutta Math Soc  2003, 95(1), 1-4.  


022048      PREMCHANDRA, SINGH H P (All India Inst of Med Sci, New Delhi) : Modified estimators for population variance that utilizes the kurtosis of an auxiliary variable in sample surveys. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 31-6.  


022049      RAJNEESH KUMAR, RANJIT SINGH, CHADDA T K (Dep of Mathematics, K.U. Kurukshetra, Haryana) : Some source problems of micropolar theory of thermoelastic continum. Indian J Math 2003,  45(2), 159-76.  


022050      RAJPUT U S, VARSHNEY N K (Mathematics Dep, S V Coll,  Aligarh-202 001) : Unsteady free and forced convection MHD flow past an infinite vertical porous plate of oscillating temperature with variable suction and mass transfer. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1),  34-46.  


022051      RANA N K, BASU D K (Kalora Hihg School, P.O. Kalora, Dist. Midnapore-721146) : Origin of certain generating functions of orthgonal polynoials from the view point of lie-algebra. Bull Calcutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 81-6.  


022052      RANADIVE A S, SINGH S P (G G Univ, Bilaspur) : On approximation by a class of positive linear operators. Vikram math J  2001, 21, 73-7.  


022053      RAVICHANDRAN K S, SAIVARAJU N (Mathematics Dep, Shanmugha Arts, Sci, Tech and Res Academy, Deemed Univ, Thanjavur-613 402) :  Compositional ways of sending secured communications with/without crossover techniques. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 89-95.  


022054      SHARMA A K, BATRA K C, GOAL N K, NARESH KUMAR ( Mathematics Dep, R R Govt. P G Coll, Alwar-301 001) : An EOQ model with exponential demand and shortage conside ring random deterioration rate. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 61-5.  


022055      SHARMA D C, SHARMA G C (Mathematics Dep, M S J Coll,  Bharatpur-321 001) : M/M/I queueing system with sluggish machine and discouragement. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 69-73.  


022056      SHARMA S D, REKHA SINGH (Dep of Math, Univ of Jammu,  Jammu 180006) : Conjugation theorem in operator-valued functional Hilbert spaces. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 325-32.  


022057      SINGH J P, PRASAD A, TIWARI R K (Math Sci Dep, A P S Univ, Rewa-486 003) : Bianchi type-I perfect fluid cosmological models with constant active gravitational mass. Vikram math J 2001,  21, 1-6.  


022058      SINGH J P, PRASAD A, TIWARI R K (Mathemaical Sci Dep, A P S Univ, Rewa-486 003) : An LRS bianchi type-I cosmological model with varying G and A. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 21-6.  


022059      SINGH J R (School of Studies in Statistics, Vikram Univ,  Ujjain-456 010) : Reliability estimation under measurement error for normal distribution. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 49-54.  


022060      SINGH J R, SIDDIQUE S, SAYYED M (Sch of Studies in Statistics, Vikram Univ, Ujjain-456 010) : The effect of morkoff model on the performance of variables sampling plans for mean with known coefficient of variation. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 27-30.  


022061      SINGH L S, GOPINATH RAO L S (Mathematics & Statistics Dep, Dr RML Avadh Univ, Faizabad-224 001) : Moments of order statistics of beta distribution. Vikram math J 2002, 22, 23-35.  


022062      SINGH O P (Applied Mathematics Dep, Inst of Technol, BHU, Varanasi-221 005) : The n-dimensional distributional hankel transform of complex order. Vikram math J 2001, 21, 78-88.  


022063      SINGH O P (Applied Mathematics Dep, Inst of Technol, BHU, Varanasi-221 005) : A distributional cauchy problem. Vikram math J  2002, 22, 13-22.  


022064      SINGH T B, SHARMA B K, SAHU D R, YADAV M R (Sch of Studies in Math, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla Univ, Raipur-492010) :  Certain existence results with Lipschitzian iterates. Bull Calcutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 5-16.  


022065      SINHA A K, RANADIVE A S (Q.N.32, Navjivan Society,  Pachpedi Naka, Raipur) : Pure M-injective modules. Vikram math J 2002 , 22, 36-40.  


022066      SINHA N K, SHARAN L K (Mathematics Dep, Purnea Coll,  Purnea-854 301) : On parametric and strong projective continuity.  Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 52-4.  


022067      SOMASHEKARA D D, NOOR FATHIMA S (Dep of Studies in Math,  Univ of Mysore, Manasagngothri) : On continued fraction expansions for the ratios of <v>2<D><F128><121><F255><D><v>2<D><B>.. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 333-55.  


022068      STEVIC S (Matematicki Fakultet, Studentski TRG 16, 11000 Beograd, Serbia, Yugoslavia) : On the recursive sequence x<v>n<D><B>+1=x<v>n<D><B> + x<^> <F128><97><F255><D><B><v>n<D><B><F128><158><F255><B>n<. Bull Calcutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 39-46.  


022069      STEVIC S (Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Science, Knez Mihailova 35/1, 11000 Beograd Serbia) : A note on bounded sequences satisfying linear nonhomogeneous differences equations. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 357-67.  


022070      SUJIVRATHAN N S (Govt Ay Coll, Puthiyakavu, Tripunithura-682 301, Dist- Ernakulam) : Area of right triangle on code. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 113-4.  


022071      SUMITRA, CHUGH R (Dep of Math, Maharshi Dayan and Univ,  Rotak 124 001) : A generalization of Banach contraction principle in menger PM spaces. Indian J Math 2003, 45(3), 369-72.  


022072      SUNEJA S K, LALITHA C S, GOVIL M G (Dep of Mathematics,  Miranda House, Univ of Delhi, Delhi 110007) : Generalized E-covex functions in nonlinear programming. Indian J Math 2003, 45(2),  223-40.  


022073      THANDAPANI E, PONNAMMAL B (Dep of Math, Periyar Univ,  Salem-636011) : Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of two dimensional difference systems. Bull Calcutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 47-54.  


022074      THENGANE K D (Mathematics, R S Bidkar Arts, Commerce & Sci Coll, Hinganghat-442 301) :  [z-1/2(t<v>1<D><B>+t<v>2<D><B>+t<v>3<D><B>+t<v>4<D><B>)]- type and [ (t<v>1<D><B>+2+t<v>3<D><B>+t<v>4<D><B>)/2z]-type plane waves in five dimensional space-times. Math Educ, Siwan 2004, 38(1), 1-5.  


022075      TRIPATHI M M, SHUKLA S S (Dep of Math and Astro, Lucknow Univ, Lucknow-226007) : Semi-invariant submanifolds of nearly Kenmotsu manfolds. Bull Calutta Math Soc 2003, 95(1), 17-30.  


022076      UMA V (Institue of Matehmatical Sciences, C.I.T. Campus,  Chennai 600 113) : On the fundamnetal group of real toric varieties.  Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2004, 114(1), 15-31.  


022077      UNNISA S L (Mathematics Dep, P G Coll of Sci, Saifabad (O.U.)) : Analysis of mathematical model in case of harvesting a logistic population. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 108-12.  


022078      VAITHIYANATHAN V, PALANIYAPPAN, RAJARAMAN A (Mathematics Dep, Shanmugha Arts, Sci, Tech & Res Academy, Thanjavur-613 402) :  Object orientation to modelling visualisation. Appl Sci Period 2003,  5(2), 96-104.  


022079      VASANTHA KANDASAMY W B (Mathematics Dep, Indian Inst of Tech, Chennai-600 036) : Smarandache groupoids and its application.  Vikram math J 2001, 21, 60-72.  


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022081      VASANTHA KANDASAMY W B, DEVAKUMAR S (Mathematics Dep,  Indian Inst of Technol, Chennai-600 036) : Equivalent fuzzy subsets of a group. Vikram math J 2002, 22, 48-54.  


022082      VERMA P P, MISHRA B N (Vinoba Bhave Univ, Hazaribag-825 301) : Effect of magnetic field on free convection flow of ionized air past a porous wall. Appl Sci Period 2003, 5(2), 115-7.  


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022088      ZELTSER M (Tartu Univ, Vanemuise 46, r.250, Tartu, 510 014 Estonia) : Weak sequential completeness of <F128><98><F255><B>-duals of double sequence spaces<^>*<D><B>II. J Analysis 2003, 11, 1-22.   




022089      RANDEEP KUMAR: . Profit analysis of parallel units reliability models with different repair policies of servers.(Dr Suresh Chander Malik) Statistics Dep, Maharshi Dayanad Univ, Rohtak,  2004  


022090      SHAILENDRA SINGH: . Rough fuzzy approach for user centric text information retrieval.(Dr Lipika Dey) Mathematics Dep, Indian Inst of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, 2004   





022091      BARDOLOI I, BARUAH M M (Handique Girls' College, Guwahati 781 001) : Binary accreting neutron star as a source of X-ray transients-Aql X-1, Cen X-4, 1608-522. Bull Astr Soc India 2004,  32(1), 3-13.  


022092      DAS T K, DE B K, BHATTACHARYYA J (Institute of Radio Physics & Electronics, Calcutta University, 92, A P C Road, Kolkata 700 009) : Different distribution functions of solar X-ray flares.  Bull Astr Soc India 2004, 32(1), 15-23.  


022093      LATA S, MOHAN V, PANDEY A K, RAM SAGAR  (State Observatory, Manora Peak, Naini Tal 263 129) : CCD photometry of the unstudied galactic star clusters Be 10, Be 67 and To 5. Bull Astr Soc India 2004, 32(1), 59-74.  


022094      PERAIAH A (57, 4th Cross 36th Main, B T M 1st Stage, Madiwala-Dollar Scheme, Bangalore 560 068) : Transfer of resonance line radiation in advected atmospheres with partial frequency redistribution of photons. Bull Astr Soc India 2004, 32(1), 33-57.  


022095      SANWAL B B, KUMAR B, MAHENDRA SINGH (State Observatory,  Manora Peak, Nainital 263 129) : Spectrophotometry of the comet C/2002 V1 NEAT. Bull Astr Soc India 2004, 32(1), 25-31.  


022096      VAITHEESWARAN V, KAMATH U S, RANGASWAMY V (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore 560 034) : IR-IMAC - a development approach. Bull Astr Soc India 2004, 32(1), 75-9.   





022097      BAYRAK A B, BAYRAKCEKEN F, KESKIN A U (Yeditepe Univ, Dep of Electronics Engineering, 34755 Istanbul Turkey) : Spectroscopic study of p-methoxy-styrene in aqueous media. Asian J Spectrosc 2003,  7(1), 15-8.  


022098      BAYRAKCEKEN F (Yeditep Univ, Dep of Electronics Engineering, Istanbul 81120 Turkey) : Triplet triplet absorption spectrum of 1,2,3,4-dibenzanthracene in EPA . Asian J Spectrosc 2003, 7(1), 11-3.  


022099      BAYRAKCEKEN F, KARAASLAN I S (Yeditepe Univ, Dep of Electronics Engineering, Istanbul-34755 Turkey) : Anti-stokes Raman scattering of triptycene in solution. Asian J spectrosc 2003, 7(3-4), 125-8.  


022100      BAYRAKCEKEN F, KESKIN A U (Yeditepe Univ, Dep of Electronics Engineering, 34755, Istanbul, Turkey) : Photochromism and thermochromism of trimethylindolinobenzospiropyran in methanol. Asian J spectrosc 2003, 7(3-4), 137-41.  


022101      DESHMUKH C C, DOSHI A G, DESHMUKH C M (Vidyabharti Institute of Research, P.G. Studies in Sci and Mangement, Amravati - 444602) : Ultrasonic behaviour of substituted pyrazoline and its complexes. J Pure appl Ultrason 2003, 25(4), 105-8.  


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