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1 MARCH 2004













004119      AMROUNE A, GHEBOLI M, ZEDAM L (Dep of Math, Univ of Med Boudiaf, P. Box 166 Ichbilia 28003 M'sila, Algeria) : Priestley duality and representation of Heyting algebra. Far East J Math Sci  2003, 11(1), 65-74.


004120      BAHL S, NAIN M (Dep of Statist, M D University,  Rohtak-124 001) : Post-stratified estimation in two stage design using multivariate auxiliary information. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2000, 21(1-4), 19-30.


004121      BALJEET SINGH (Math Dep, Govt Coll, Sector 11, Chandigarh ) : Wave propagation in an anisotropic generalized thermoelastic solid. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1479-85.


004122      BHAVANARI S, KUNCHAM S P (Math Dep, Nagarjuna Univ,  Nagarjuna Nagar-522 510) : An isomorphism theorem on directed hypercubes of dimension n. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10),  1453-7.


004123      BHAVE N S, DESHPANDE C M (Math Dep, Univ of Pune,  POune-411 007) : Range of diameters of a bipartite graph and its generalized 2-partite complement. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8) , 1209-18.


004124      BHOWMIK B B, RAJPUT A (Netaji Subhas Vidyaniketan Higher Secondary School, Basugaon-783 372, Dist. Kokrajhar, Assam) :  Five-dimensional Brans-Dicke cosmology with constant deceleration parameter. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1189-93.


004125      BORKAR M S, KARADE T M (Math Dep, Nagpur Univ, Mahatma Jotiba Phule Educational Campus, Amravati Road, Nagpur-440 010) : On singularity of spherically symmetric space times. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1219-24.


004126      CAMMAROTO F, CHINNI A (Dep of Math, Univ of Mesina, 98166 Sant Agata-Messina, Italy) : Infinitely many solutions for a Two points boundary value problem. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1),  41-51.


004127      CHAKRABARTI A, AHLUWALIA D S, MANAM S R (Math Dep, Indian Inst of Sci, Bangalore-560 012) : A note on surface water waves for finite depth in the presence of an ice-cover. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1631-44.


004128      CHARLES V, DUTTA D (Dep of Math & Humanities, REC Warangal-506 004, ) : Two level linear stochastic fractional programming problem with discrepancy vector. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 59-67.


004129      DATTA S, SHUKLA M (Math and Astronomy Dep, Lucknow Univ,  Lucknow-226 007) : Slow steady rotation of a DISC with slip in a viscous fluid. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1459-68.


004130      DIAGANA T (Dep of Math, Howard Univ, 2441 6th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20059, U S A) : On the algebric sum of Unbounded normal operatots. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 89-94.


004131      EDMUNDS D E, KOKILASHVILI V (Cen for Math Analysis and its Applic, Univ of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9QH, United Kingdom) : On Fourier multipliers. J Analysis and Applic 2003, 1(3), 143-55.


004132      GANDHI B K, REDDY M J (Math Dep, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ Coll of Engng, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500 072) :  Triangular numbers in the generalized associated Pell sequence.  Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1237-48.


004133      GUNGOR M, ET M (Math Dep, Firat Univ, 23119-Elazig, Turkey) : <F128><68><F255><^>r<D><B>-strongl almost summable sequences defined by orlicz functions. Indian J pure appl Math 2003,  34(8), 1141-51.


004134      GUPTA K C, TANEJA A K (Dep of Math, M D U P G Reg Cen,  Rewari) : Comparative study of two models for a Two-unit cold standby system with instructions and two types of repairman. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 23-39.


004135      GUPTA P, ARORA G K, TUTEJA R K (M D University,  Rohtak-124 001) : R-divergence for continuous probability distributions. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4),  45-51.


004136      HAN J H, SON J W (Math Dep, Univ of Mysore,  Manasagangothri, Mysore-570 006) : q-Distribution operator. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 207-14.


004137      HE L (Math Dep, Harbin Inst of Technol, Harbin, 150001, P.R. China) : Version's inner product of <F128><112><F255>-partial characters for <F128><112><F255>-separable groups. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 147-51.


004138      HEYDARI A P D (Dep of Stats, Mazandaran Univ, Babolsar, Iran) : On flow-shop scheduling problem with processing of jobs in a string of disjoint job-blocks : fixed order jobs and arbitrary order jobs. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2003, 24(1-4), 39-43.


004139      JIANSHENG G (Math Dep, Suzhou Science-Technique Coll,  Suzhou 215009, P.R. China) : On closed hereditary properties on <F128><101><F255>-inverse compactness. Far East J Math Sci 2003,  11(2), 153-60.


004140      JOOREL J P S, VIJAY KUMAR, CHAMAN LAL (Dep of Statst,  Univ of Jammu, Jammu-180 006) : Reliability analysis of complex system composed of two parallel sub-systems. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2001, 22(1-4), 25-36.


004141      KANANTHAI A, SUANTAI S (Math Dep, Chiangmai Univ,  Chiangmai-502 200) : On the inversion of the kernel K<v><F128><97><F255>, <F128><98><F255>, <F128><103><F255>, v<D><B> related to the operator <F128><164><F255><^>k<D><B>. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1419-29.


004142      KANWAR V, KARANVIR SINGH, MAMTA (Math Dep, Sant Longowal Inst of Engng and Technol, Longowal, Sangrur, Punjab-148 106) : An upper bound on the growth rate of a linear instability in an inviscid compressible subsonic parallel shear flow. Indian J pure appl Math  2003, 34(11), 1533-8.


004143      KAVITHA K, ANANDHI G, IYENGAR N CH S N (Dep of Computer Applications, Vellore Inst of Tech, Vellore University, Vellore-632 014, Tamilnadu) : An overview of Transaction processing in mobile information systems. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 105-11.


004144      KHAKSARI A, ERSHAD M (Math Dep, Shiraz Univ, Shiraz, 71454, Iran) : On essential congruences of a semigroup. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 229-32.


004145      KHOSRAI A, KHOSRAVI B (Fac of Math Sci and Computer Engg, Univ for Teacher Education, 599 Taleghani Ave, Tehran 15614, Iran) :  Invariant C*-valued means and summability in C*-algebras. J Analysis and Applic 2003, 1(3), 157-63.


004146      KIM D S (Math Dep, Chonnam, National Univ, Kwangju-500 757, Korea) : Characterization of generalized B-scrolls and cylinders over finite type curves. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11),  1523-32.


004147      KIM J S, SONGH Y M, TRIPATHI M M (Math Edu Dep, Sunchon Nat Univ, Chonnam-540 742, Korea) : Shape operator for slant submanifolds in generalized complex space forms. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1153-63.


004148      KUBIACZYK I, SAKER S H, MORCHALO J (Fac of Math and Computer Sci, Adam Mickiewicz Univ, Matejki 48/49, 60-769 Poznan, Poland) : Kamenev-type oscillation criteria for sublinear delay difference equations. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1273-84.


004149      KUBIACZYK I, WAN-TONG, SAKER S H (Fac of Math and Computer Sci, Adam Mickiewicz Univ, Matejki 48/49, 60-769 Poznan, Poland) : Oscillation of higher order delay differential equations with applications to hyperbolic equations. Indian J pure appl Math  2003, 34(8), 1259-71.


004150      KUMAR M (Dep of Statistics, M. D. University, Rohtak-124 001) : Use of multivariate information through double sampling design for stratification in estimating population ratio. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2000, 21(1-4), 11-8.


004151      KUMAR S D, RAMJI LAL (Math Dep, Govt Post Grad Coll,  Ramnagar-244 715) : Lifting of the generators of an ideal and Nori's homotopy conjecture. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1599-1610.


004152      LAXMI NARAIN (Dep of Math, Univ of Delhi, Delhi) :  Minimizing total elapsed time subject to minimum total cost of machines in nx3 flowshop problem. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2001, 22(1-4), 5-17.


004153      LAXMI NARAIN, BAGGA P C (Dep of Math, Univ of Delhi,  Delhi) : Two-machine flowshop problem with availability constraint on each machine. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2003, 24(1-4),  17-24.


004154      LEE B S, JUNG D Y (Math Dep, Kyungsung Univ, Pusan=608 736, Korea) : A fuzzy extension of Siddiqi et al.'s results for vector variational-like inequalities. Indian J pure appl Math 2003,  34(10), 1495-1502.


004155      LI W T, SUN H R, YAN X X (Math Dep, Lanzhou Univ,  Lanzhou, Gansu-730 000, People's Republic of China) : The Asymptotic behavior of a higher order delay nonlinear difference equations.  Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1431-41.


004156      LING Y, CHEN J (Sch Phys and Information Technol, Yunnan Nationalities Inst, Kunming-650 031, P.R.China) : Some notes on regular semigroups with orthodox transversals. Far East J Math Sci  2003, 11(2), 137-45.


004157      LIU Z (Math Dep, Changsha Univ of Electric Power, Hunan 410 077, People's Republic of China) : Some existence theorems for evolution hemivariational inequalities. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1165-76.


004158      LIU Z S, WU S H, ZHANG Z G (College of Mathematics and Information Science, Hebei Teacher's University, Shijiazhuang, 050016, Peoples Republic of China) : Oscillation of solutions for even order nonlinear difference equations with nonlinear neutral term . Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1585-98.


004159      MAGGU A (G S B A, Delhi) : On two-machine flow-shop problem in which processing times assume probabilities and there exists equivalent job for an ordered job-block. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 41-4.


004160      MAGGU A (G S B A, Delhi) : On an optimal schedule for n-job, two and three stage flow shop production scheduling problem involving set-up times, processing times and job-blocks with repeating the same job in each job-block. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 53-7.


004161      MAGGU A, MAGGU P L (G S B A, Delhi) : 2 x n Flow-shop problem with set up times separated from processing times. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 19-21.


004162      MAGGU A, MAGGU P L (G S B A, Delhi) : On an optimal schedule principle for solving a nx2 flow-shop problem involving processing times, setup times and transportation times alongwith job-blocks of jobs in which first job in each job-block being the same. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 69-73.


004163      MAHAJAN P K (Dep of basic Sci, Univ of Horticulture and Firestry, Nauni-Solan 173 230 (HP)) : Optimum stratification with equal allocation for scrambled response. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2001, 22(1-4), 19-24.


004164      MALGONDE S P, WAPHARE B B (Math Dep, Coll of Engng,  Kopargaon-423 603) : Real inversion formula for a Hankel type integral transformation. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8),  1195-1207.


004165      MATSUGU Y, UEKI S I (Dep of Math Sci, Fac of Sci, Shinshu Univ, Matsumoto 390-8621, Japan) : Algebra homomorphisms on the privalov spaces in the Unit ball B<v>n<D>. Far East J Math Sci 2003,  11(1), 1-17.


004166      MOHEBI H, SISTANI T (Math Dep, Shahid Bahonar Univ of Kerman, Kerman, Iran) : <F128><115><F255>-chebyshev subspaces in L<^> 1<D><B>(S, X). Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 161-75.


004167      MUKHERJEE A, BHATTACHARYA B (Math Dep, Tripura Univ,  Surjyamaninagar, Agartala-799 130, Tripura) : Pre-induced L-supra topological spaces. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1487-93.


004168      MUKHERJEE A, DEBNATH S (Math Dep, Tripura Univ,  Suryamaninagar, Agartala-799 130) : On Fuzzy faintly <F128><97><F255>-continuous functions. Indian J pure appl Math 2003,  34(11), 1625-30.


004169      NIGAM G D, NIGAM S D (Dep of Phys, Indian Inst of Technol, Kharagpur-721 302) : The Euler angles a paper model. Phys Educ 2002, 18(3-4), 275-7.


004170      NIHEI M (Joso Gakuin High Sch, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, 300-0849, Japan) : Algebraic connectivity of the join of graphs. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 25-31.


004171      O'UCHI M (Appl Math Dep, Fac Sci, Osaka Women's Univ,  Sakai City, Osaka 590-0035, Japan) : Coring structures associated with multiplicative unitary operators on hilbert C<^>*<D><B>-modules.  Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 121-36.


004172      OHNUKI Y, WATANABE S: Characterization of point transformations in quantum mechanics. J Analysis and Applic 2003,  1(3), 193-205.


004173      PARHI N (Math Dep, Berhampur Univ, Berhampur-760 007) :  Oscillation of forced nonlinear second order self-adjoint difference equations. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1611-24.


004174      PARK J Y, JEONG J U (Math Dep, Pusan Natn Univ, Pusan 609-735, South Korea) : On existence and uniqueness fo solutions of fuzzy integrodifferential equations. Indian J pure appl Math 2003,  34(10), 1503-12.


004175      PATHAK R S, AKHILESH PRASAD (Math Dep, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi-221 005) : The pseudo-differential operator h<v><F128><109><F255>, a<D><B> on some Gevery spaces. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1225-36.


004176      PRABHA RANI (Dep of Math, M M H College, Ghaziabad) : On alternate optimal solution procedure for solving nx2 flow-shop problem with transportation time and equivalent job-block. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2001, 22(1-4), 1-4.


004177      QI W J (Math Dep, Zhangzhou Normal Univ, Zhangzhou 363 000, Fujian, China) : The <F128><97><F255>-sun topologuy and L-sun topology in the plane. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1177-87.


004178      RHOADES B E (Math Dep, Indiana Unv, Bloomington, IN 47405-7106, USA) : A fixed point theorem for unbounded D-metric spaces. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1513-20.


004179      RIZWAN S M, KHURANA V, TANEJA G (Dep of Math, JSS Acad of Tech. Education, Noida (U.P.)) : Profit evaluation of a two unit system with tiredness and two types of repairman. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2000, 21(1-4), 1-10.


004180      ROH E H, XU Y, QIN K (Dep of Math Edu, Chinju National Univ of Edu, Chinju 660-756, Korea) : On Implicative filters of Lattice implication algebras. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 85-7.


004181      SAHLEH H (Dep of Math, Guilan Univ, P.O. Box 1914, Rasht, Iran) : Crossed modules of topological groups. Far East J Math Sci  2003, 11(1), 19-24.


004182      SAITOH S (Dep of Math, Fac of Eng, Gunma Univ, Kiryu 376-8515, Japan) : Approximate real inversion formulas of the Laplace transform. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 53-64.


004183      SAITOH S, MATSUURA T, ASADUZZAMAN M (Math Dep, Fa of Eng Gunma Uni, Kiryu 376-8515, Japan) : Operator equations and best approximation problems in reproducing kernel hilbert spaces. J Analysis and Applic 2003, 1(3), 131-42.


004184      SALEH M (Math Dep, Birzeit Univ, West Bank, Palestine) :  On faint and quasi <F128><113><F255>-continuities. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 177-86.


004185      SALEH M (Math Dep, Birzeit Univ, West Bank, Palestine) :  Note on projectivity. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 187-90.


004186      SALEH M (Math Dep, Birzeit Univ, West Bank, Palestine) :  Note on weak injectivity and weak projectivity. Far East J Math Sci  2003, 11(2), 199-206.


004187      SALEH M, MOHSEN A A (Math Dep, Birzeit Univ, West Bank, Palestine) : Note on weak injectivity. Far East J Math Sci 2003,  11(2), 191-7.


004188      SHAHRTASH S M (Dep of Math, Chamran Univ, Ahvaz, Iran) :  ACC on Prime one-sided ideals. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 33-9.


004189      SHARMA A, SHARMA A K (Dep of Math, Raj Rishi P.G. College, Alwar-301 001) : A deterministic production inventory model for deteriorating items with inventory level dependent demand rate considering shortages. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002,  23(1-4), 75-81.


004190      SHIRALI N (Dep of Math, Chamran Univ, Ahvaz, Iran) : On the cardinality of the minimal generating set of modules with Krull-dimension. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 95-104.


004191      SHOUKAKU Y, YOSHIDA N (Toyama Natn Coll of Maritime Technol, Toyama 933-0293 Japan) : Oscillatory properties of solutions of nonlinear parabolic equations with functional arguments. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10), 1469-78.


004192      SHU X, LI Y (Math Dep, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) Univ,  Guangzhou, 510275, P.R. China) : Ishikawa iterative process for constucting solutions of k-subaccretive operator equations. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 215-28.


004193      SINDHU B S (Dep of Math, Univ Coll, Rohtak-124 001) :  Reliability and profit evaluation of a Two-unit cold standby system with regular and visiting repairman. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2002, 23(1-4), 1-17.


004194      SINGH R P, RAJEEV KUMAR (Dep of Math, Lajpat Rai Coll,  Sahibabad (Ghaziabad)) : Weighted J-divergence of order <F128><97><F255> and type <F128><98><F255> and its applications. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2000, 21(1-4), 31-8.


004195      SINGH S P (Math Dep, T.D.P.G. Coll, Jaunpur-222 002) : On certain transformation formulae for poly-basic hypergeometric series.  Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1539-46.


004196      SULAIMAN W T (Ajman Univ, P.O. Box 346, Ajman, United Arab Emirates) : Inclusion theorems for absolute matrix summability methods of an infinite series (IV). Indian J pure appl Math 2003,  34(11), 1547-57.


004197      TRIPATHY B C, MIKAIL E T, ALTIN Y (Math Sci Div, Inst of Advanced Study in Sci and Tech, Khanapara, Guwahati-781 022) :  Generalized difference sequence spaces defined by orlicz function in a locally convex space. J Analysis and Applic 2003, 1(3), 175-92.


004198      TRIPSIANNIS G A, PAPATHANASIOU A A, PHILIPPOU A N (Dep of Med Statist, Fac of Medicine Democritus Univ of Thrace, 68100 Alexandroupolis, Greece) : Multivariate generalized negative binomial distribution of order k, type II. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2003, 24(1-4), 1-15.


004199      TUTEJA R K, TANEJA G, MALIK A (Dep of Statistics,  M.D.University, Rohtak-124 001) : Profit evaluation of a two-unit warm standby system with partial failure and waiting time of repairman. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2000, 21(1-4), 39-51.


004200      VAGANAN B M, KUMARAN M S (Sch of Math, Madurai Kamaraj Univ, Madurai-625 021) : Direct similarity solutions of the Burgers equation with variable viscosity. Indian J pure appl Math 2003,  34(11), 1645-69.


004201      VIKRAM, MAN SINGH (Dep of Math and Statis, CCS Haryana Agric Univ, Hisar) : Steady-state solution of multiple parallel channels in series with impatient customers and balking. J Indian Soc Statist Operations Res 2003, 24(1-4), 25-37.


004202      WILLIAMS K S (Centre Res in Algebra and Number Theory, Sch of Math and Statists, Carleton Univ, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6) : n = <F128><68><F255> + <F128><68><F255> - 2(<F128><68><F255> + <F128><68><F255>). Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(2), 233-40.


004203      XIONG W (Dep of Information and Computing Sci, Guangxi Inst of Technol, 545006, Liuzhou Guangxi, P R Chine) : Meromorphic functions that share one finite set CM. J Analysis and Applic 2003,  1(3), 163-73.


004204      XU T (Appl Math Dep, Beijing Inst of Technol, Beijing 100081, People's Republic of China) : Covariant completely positive maps. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8), 1131-40.


004205      YANG Y, KIM D (Dep of Math and Information, Cheju National Univ, Jeju, 690-756, Korea) : On generalized roots of hyponormal operators. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 75-83.


004206      YILDIRIM M (Math Dep, Fac of Sci, Cumhuriyet University,  Sivas-58140, Turkey) : On the spectrum and fine spectrum of the compact Rhaly operators. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(10),  1443-52.


004207      YOUSEFI B, KASHKULI A I (Dep of Math, Shiraz Univ, 71454 Shiraz, Iran) : Hypercyclic adjoint multipliers on banach spaces of analytic functions. Far East J Math Sci 2003, 11(1), 113-9.


004208      YU-MEI L, XUE-PING W (Math Dep, Sichuan Normal Univ,  Chengdu, Sichuan 6100 066, People's Republic of China) : The solution sets of @-fuzzy relational equations in finite domains and on a complete Brouwerian lattice. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(8),  1249-57.


004209      ZAYED E M E (Math Dep, Fac of Sci, Zagazig Univ, Zagazig, Egypt) : An inverse problem of the three-dimensional wave equation for a general annual vibrating membrane. Indian J pure appl Math 2003 , 34(10), 1407-18.


004210      ZHANG B G, SAKER S H (Math Dep, Ocean Univ of Qingdao,  Qingdao 266071, People's Republic of China) : Kamenev-type oscillation criteria for nonlinear neutral delay difference equations . Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1571-84.


004211      ZHANG X H, WANG Y Q, DUDEK W A (Math and Computer Sci Dep, Shaanxi Inst of Sci and Technol, Hanzhong 723 001, Shaanxi Province, Peoples Republic of China) : T-ideals in bz-algebras and t-type bz-algebras. Indian J pure appl Math 2003, 34(11), 1559-70.   




004212      ALAM M K: . On certain integral transforms and generating functions.(Dr M Kamarujja) Mathematics Dep, Aligarh Muslim University , Aligarh, 2003


004213      ALI S S: . Some statistical methods of studying consumer buying behaviour.(Dr S N Alam) Operational Research Dep, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2003


004214      BHOSALE B N: . Topics in the theory of integral transformations of generalised functions.(Dr M S Chaudhary)  Mathematics Dep, Shivaji Univ, Kolhapur Univ, 2003


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004217      ISMAIL M V: . Optimization in multivariate sampling.(Prof S U Khan) Statistics Dep, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2003


004218      ITAGI M K: . Some topics on distance in graphs.(Dr H B Walikar) Mathematics Dep, Kakatiya Univ, Warangal, 2003


004219      KHAN A R: . On some aspects of analysis and V-theory with applications.(Prof Mumtaz A Khan) Mathematics Dep, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2003


004220      KHAN T I: . Study of common fixed point theorems under certain weak conditions of commutativity.(Dr Mohd Imdad) Mathematics Dep, Aligarh University, Aligarh, 2003


004221      MADHAY K S: . A study of some geometrical aspects in univalent and multivalent function theory.(Dr S K Kulkarni)  Mathematics Dep, Shivaji Univ, Kolhapur, 2003


004222      MADHURA B P: . Statistical modelling and analysis in the study of contraceptive effect of breastfeeding.(Dr H J Vaman)  Statistics Dep, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2003


004223      MATHUR N: . Contribution to the theory of randomized response sampling technique.(Dr H P Singh) Statistics Dep, Vikram Univ, Ujjain, 2003


004224      NAGARATHNA N: . Nonlinear penetrative convection in fluid and porous layers with heat flux prescribed on the boundaries.(Dr P K Srimani) Mathematics Dep, Bangalore Univ, Bangalore, 2003


004225      NAJMUSSEHAR: . On some problems of optimization in sample surveys.(Dr M J Ahsan) Statistics Dep, Aligarh Muslim University,  Aligarh, 2003


004226      PATNAIK M D P: . Some deterministic inventory models for deteriorating items with variable cycle lengths.(Prof M Krishna Murthy and Prof K Srinivasa Rao) Mathematics Dep, Andhra University,  Waltair, 2003


004227      ROOPA K M: . Stability of magnetized ferro-fluid melt during unidirectional solidification.(Dr Srimani P K) Mathematics Dep , Bangalore Univ, Bangalore, 2003


004228      SANTOSH KUMAR: . Some contributions to metric fixed point theory.(Mr M Imdad) Mathematics Dep, Aligarh Muslim University,  Aligarh, 2003


004229      SHARMA B: . Study of the pattern of demographic scenario in rural Eastern U P: some mathematical investigations.(Dr K N S Yadav) Statistics Dep, Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa, 2003


004230      SHOWKAT MAQBOOL: . Optimization techniques in sample surveys.(Prof S U Khan) Statistics Dep, Aligarh Muslim Univ, Aligarh, 2003


004231      VIJAYALAKSHMI A R: . Evolution of instabilities in shear flows and convection problems.(Dr Balagondar) Mathematics Dep,  Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2003


004232      YASMIN G: . Generating relations of some special functions using representations of life algebras.(Dr Subuhi Khan)  Mathematics Dep, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2003   






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