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1 MAY 2004











008096      MURIUKI G W, NJOKA T J, REID R S (Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute, P.O. Box 362 Kikuyu, Kenya) : Tsetse, wildlife and land-cover change in Ruma National Park, south-west Kenya. J Hum Ecol 2003, 14(4), 229-35.  




008097      RAMESH K: . An ecological study on the pheasants of Great Himalayna National Park, Western Himalaya.(Dr G S Rawat) Dep of Forestry, Forest Res Inst, Dehradun, 2003   







008098      ALI T: . A study on some aspects of fuzzy Algebraic structures.(Dr A K Ray) Mathematics Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh,  2003  


008099      PAL A: . Large deflections of thin elastic plates and shells.(Dr B Banerjee and Dr R K Bera) Mathematics Dep, Univ of North Bengal, Raja Rammohunpur, Distt Darjeeling  


008100      SHARMA D: . Effect of atmospheric resistance, magnetic force and ablateness of the earth on the motion and stability of inextensible cable connected satellites system.(Dr Byas Sharma)  Mathematics Dep, Babasaheb Bhimaro Ambedkar Bihar Univ, Musaffarpur,  2003   





008101      MADHAV MR, UMASHANKAR B (Civil Engg. Dep, Indian Institute of Tehcnology, Kanpur-208 016) : Response of extensible reinforcement to transverse pull / displacement: linear subgrade behavior. Indian geotech J 2003, 33(4), 397-421.  


008102      SARAN S, BHANDARI NM, AL-SMADI MMA (Civil Engg. Dep,  Indian Insitute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee-247667) : Analysis of eccentrically-obiquely loaded ring footings on sand. Indian geotech J 2003, 33(4), 423-46.  


008103      SENGUPTA A: Performance of a thermodynamic constitutive model for granular materials. Indian geotech J 2003, 33(4), 319-46.  




008104      BALAMURUGAN B: . Synthesis structure and properties of copper oxide and copper carbide nanoparticle films.(Dr B R Mehta)  Phys Dep, Indian Institute of Technol Delhi, New Delhi, 2003  


008105      BORAH R M: . Application of semi-classical and quantum theory to some gas and quantum well laser systems.(Dr G D Baruah)  Phys Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008106      HUNJAN J S: . Structure, spectra and energetics of finite atomic clusters.(Prof R Ramaswamy) School of Physical Sci, Jawaharlal Nehru Univ, New Delhi, 2003  


008107      MUKHERJEE A: . Some studies in four and five dimensional cosmology.(DrKamalendu Dev Kirori and Dr P Mahanta) Phys Dep,  Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008108      PANDEY P: . Study of structure-property correlation in diamond thin films grown by HFCVD process.(Prof V D Vankar) Phys Dep, Indian Inst of Technol Delhi, New Delhi, 2003  


008109      PHUKAN D: . Some analysis of the classical and quantum theories of stimulated Raman scattering and applications in fibre optics.(Dr G D Baruah) Physcis Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008110      SAIKIA P K: . Electrical and optical properties of tin oxide thin films and application to SnO2/ZnSe/CdSe/Al photocell.(Dr K L Deori) Phys Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008111      SANTOSH KUMAR: . Preparation and characterisation of Ag2 Se and Ag In Se2 thin films: Effects of electron irradiation and ion implantation.(Dr B Pratheep) Phys Dep, Cochin Univ of Sci and Technol , Kochi, 2003  


008112      SARMA R: . Study of thin film active devices with mixed rare earth oxides.(Dr B Baishya) Phys Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008113      SEN GUPTA S: . Practicle simulation of quark-antiquark plasma.(Prof P K Kaw) Phys Dep, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore,  2003  


008114      SINGH M K: . Lattice dynamical study of Perovskite oxides and defect chalcopyrite compounds.(Prof H C Gupta and Dr L M Tiwari)  Phys Dep, Indian Inst of Technol Delhi, New Delhi, 2003  


008115      SINGH M P: . Neural network models of associative memory. (Dr K C Rastogi) Phys Dep, Indian Inst of Technol Delhi, New Delhi,  2003  


008116      SINGH R S: . Study of physical properties of liquid3 He-4 He Mixures at low temperature.Physics Dep, Magadh Univ, Bodh Gaya,  2003  


008117      SOOD G: . Experimental study of neutral and charged particle fluctuations in Pb Pb collisions at 158A Gev.(Dr M M Aggarwal) Phys Dep, Panjab Univ, Chandigarh, 2003   





008118      ALI MOHAMMAD, NAHED JABEEN (Analytical Res Lab Dep of Appl Chem, Z H Coll of Enng & Technol, AMU, Aligarh 202 002) : TLC studies and separation of heavy metal cations on soil amended silica gel layers developed with surfactant-mediated solvent systems. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 79-86.  


008119      ASTHANA A, PILLAI A, GUPTA V K (Chem Dep, Govt Arts and Sci Coll, Durg 491 001) : A simple sensitive spectrophotometric method for determination of dichlorvos in environmental samples.  Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 96-8.  


008120      BAREGAMA L K, BHAWANI SINGH, TAHIRA BANU, TALESARA G L ( University Chem Dep, M. L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur-313 001) :  Synthesis of some benzotriazole derivatives as antibacterial and antifungal agents. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 203-06.  


008121      BASAVARAJU Y B, DEVARAJU (Dep Studies in Chemistry,  University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore-570 006) : Synthesis of analogues of podophyllotoxin : tetralones as intermediates for the synthesis of analogues of <F128><98><F255>-apopicropodophyllin.  Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 229-32.  


008122      CHOWDHURY P, SAMUI S, KUNDU T, SAHA B, GHOSH A K (Chem Dep, Siksha Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Shantiniketan 731 235) : Graft polymeriztion of ethyl methacrylate onto guar gum using ceric ion/dextrose redox pair. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 38-43.  


008123      DALVI M B, MULWAD V V (Chem Dep, Inst of Science, 15, Madam Cama Road, Mumbai-400 032) : Synthesis of pyrroloisaxazoles.  Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 195-8.  


008124      GADAGINAMATH G S, PUJAR S R (P.G. Dep Studies Chem,  Karnatak University, Dharwad-580 003) : Synthesis of some new 1-substituted-3-carbethoxy/acetyl-5-(,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazin-6-yl) methoxy-2-methylindoles. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3),  207-10.  


008125      GHOSH B ET AL (Cen Fuel Res Inst, Dhanbad 828 108) :  Removal of arsenic from water by coagulation treatment using iron and magnesium salt. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 87-95.  


008126      ISHWARA BHAT J, SHIVA KUMAR H R (Chem Dep, Mangalore Univ, Mangalagangothri 574 199) : Conductometric and ultrasonic studies on ion-solvent interaction of K + of KCNS in water + methanol/ethanol mixtures. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 7-13.  


008127      JAIN S, CHAWADA S S (School of Studies in Chemistry,  Vikram Uuniversity, Ujjain-456 010) : Laser photolysis of some alkaloids. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 247-8.  


008128      KAKATI H S, DEKA D C (Chem Dep, Gauhati Univ, Guwahati 781 014) : Pressure mediated reduction of aromatic nitro compounds with hydrazine hydrate. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 60-2.  


008129      LAGASHETTY A, MALLIKARJUNA N N, VENKATARAMAN A (Chem Dep, Gulbarga Univ, Gulbarga 585 106) : Adsorption studies of lead ions on Y-Fe2O3-thiourea complex composite. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1) , 63-6.  


008130      MANJUNATH GHATE D, SREENIVASA A (D.S.T.S., M's college of Pharmacy, Bijapur Road, Solapur-413 004) : Synthesis and pharmacological activity of 3-alkyl-6-aryl-1,2,4-triazolo [3,4-b]-1,3,4-thidiazoles. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3),  255-6.  


008131      MEENA A, RAJAGOPAL C (Cen for Environment & Explosive Safety, Metcalfe House, Delhi 110 054) : Comparative studies on adsorptive removal of chromium from contaminated water using different adsorbents. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 72-8.  


008132      MOGILAIAH K, REDDY N V, RAO R B (Chemistry Dep, Kakatiya University, Warangal-506 009) : Microwave assisted synthesis of 2-chloro-quinoline-3-carboxaldehydes. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 253-4.  


008133      MOHAN J, ASHOK KUMAR (Chemistry Dep, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak-124 001) : Condensed bridgehead nitrogen heterocyclic systems: synthesis and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of thiazolo [3', 2': 2,3] as-triazino [5,6-b] indoles and isomeric thiazolo [2', 2': 3,4] as- triazino [5,6-b] indoles. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 183-6.  


008134      MULWAD V V, SHIRODKAR J M (Organic Chem Dep, The Institute of Sciences, 15, Madam Cama Road, Mumbai-400 032) :  Synthesis and biological activity of some new Schiff's bases, thiazolidinones and azetidinones of 4-hydroxy coumarin. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 199-202.  


008135      PANDIYAN P S, PADMANABHAN R, RAMESH KUMAR N: Synthesis and biological evaluation of some substituted 1,2,3-triazole derivatives. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 243-4.  


008136      PATEL H D, MISTRY B D, DESAI K R (Chemistry Dep, South Gujarat University, Surat-295 001) : Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 4-oxothiazolidines. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3) , 233-6.  


008137      PATHAK V N, JOSHI R, TIWARI R, GUPTA N (Chem Dep,  University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302 004) : Synthesis and biological activities of some 2,3-dihydro-5-alkyl/aryl/trifluoromethyl/3-pyridyl/7-fluoroaryl-1H-1,4 -diazepines. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 211-16.  


008138      PERNAK J, KALEWSKA J, SOBASZKIEWICS K (Poznan University of Technology, 60-965 Poznan, pl. Sklodowskiej-Curie 2, Poland) :  Alkoxymethylation of n-(hydroxymethyl) pyridinecarboxamide. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 217-220.  


008139      PRABHAVATHI C L, SIVAKUMAR K, VENKATESWARLU P, RAMAN G K ( Chem Dep, S V U College of Enng, Tirupati 517 502) : Molecular  interactions in binary liquid mixtures of o-xylene with 1-alkanols at 303.15 K. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 21-6.  


008140      PRABHUSWAMY B (Chem Dep, University of Mysore,  Manasagangothri, Mysore-570 006) : Novel synthesis of linearly fused tetracyclic quinoline heterocycles. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002,  11(3), 245-6.  


008141      PURATCHIKODY A, SIVAJOTHI V, JASWANTH A, RUCHMANI K,  NALLU M (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dep, Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Sciences for Girls, Tiruchirapalli-620 021) :  Synthesis of benzimidazole drivatives of biological interest. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 241-2.  


008142      RAM LAKHAN, SHARMA B P (Chem Dep, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221 005) : Synthesis of 4-aryl-1,2,3 (1H, 2H)- triazolin-5-ones from <F128><97><F255>-keto acids. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 191-4.  


008143      SHARMA R L, SAWHNEY S, BHATT S, MEENA KUMARI (P.G. Dep of Chemistry, University of Jammu, Jammu-180 006) : Synthesis of two differently fused benzothiazoloquinazolones-benzothiazolo [2,3-b] quinazolones and benzothiazolo [3,2-a] quinazolones and Benzothiazolo [3,2-a] quinazolones. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 177-82.  


008144      SHARMA S D, BHADURI S (Chemistry Dep, Panjab University,  Chandigarh-160 014) : Synthesis of 2-azetidinones and other heterocycles from N-(3-hydroxypropyl) imines. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 221-4.  


008145      SINHA B N, BHARTHI DHASAN P (Phamaceutical Sciences Dep,  Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranch-835 215) : Chemistry and pharmacology of Jatropha species. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002,  11(3), 237-40.  


008146      SRINIVAS C, RAO C P (P.G. College, Osmania University,  Mirzapur-502 249) : Synthesis of 2-benzoyl-3-a;lkyl-5-aryl-6-phenyl benzo [1,2-b; 5,4-b'] difurans as potential antifeedants. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 249-50.  


008147      SUNDARI V, VALLIAPPAN R (Chemistry Dep, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar-608 002) : Synthesis of some 3,5-diaryl-n-hydroxy-1,4-thiazine-1,1-dioxides and their nitriles.  Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 187-90.  


008148      THORAT D D, MAHADEVAN T N, GHOSH D K (Beryllium Machining Facility, Bhabha Atomic Res Cen, Vashi Complex, Navi Mumbai 400 705)  : Optimisation of GFAAS technique for beryllium determination in environmental samples. Indian J Chem Technol 2003, 10(1), 67-71.  


008149      VIPIN KUMAR, SATYANARAYANA D, SUBRAHMANYAM E V S,  KALLURAYA B (NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanthoor, Mangalore-575 005) : Synthesis and biological activities of 2-aryl-3-substituted benzamido-4,3-thiazolidin-4-ones. Indian J Heterocylic Chem 2002, 11(3), 251-2.  




008150      AHMED M M: . Studies directed towards the total synthesis of Scytophycin C.(Dr I Ajit Kumar Reddy) Chem Dep, National Inst of Technol, Warangal, 2003  


008151      ANDOTRA U: . Synthesis of some bioactive condensed heterocyclic compounds.(Dr C S Andotra) Chem Dep, Univ of Jammu,  Jammu, 2003  


008152      ASHOK KUMAR V: . Anodization of Zireniobium in suitable electrolytes.(Dr Ch Anjaneyulu) Chem Dep, Univ of Jammu, Jammu, 2003  


008153      BORAH G: . Synthesis and characterisation of some compounds of Platinum metals with N-Donor ligands.(DrT Bora) Chem Dep , Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008154      KARAN SINGH: . Heterocyclic compounds: Synthesis of some pyrazole derivatives of potential medicinal interest.Chem Dep,  Kurukshetra Univ, Kurushetra, 2003  


008155      KHANNA S: . Chemical and microwave induced transformations on terpenoids and their evaluation as plant growth regulators.Chem Dep, Punjab Agric Univ, Ludhiana, 2003  


008156      MOTHAY J: . Studies on the transformative reactions of carbocyclic compounds.(Prof B P Pradhan) Chem Dep, Univ of North Bengal, Raja Rammohunpur, Distt Darjeeling, 2003  


008157      PRADHAN D R: . Structural investigation of vinyl terpolymers by NMR spectroscopy.(Prof A S Brar) Chem Dep, Indian Inst of Technol Delhi, New Delhi, 2003  


008158      SAIKIA P J: . Atom transfer radical polymerisation of alkyl (Meth) acrylates having pendent alkyl side chains.(Dr S D Baryah and Dr N N Dass) Chem Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh, 2003  


008159      SAMANT M P: . The crafting of novel structures and transport systems in Peptide based designs.(Prof Subramania Ranganathan) Chem Dep, Osmania Univ, Hyderabad, 2003  


008160      SAXENA I: . Studies on carbon-carbon bond formation through disciplined radical generated from N-hydroxy-2--thiopyridone derivative.(Dr Jadab C Sarma) Chem Dep, Dibrugarh Univ, Dibrugarh,  2003  


008161      SHARMA R: . Synthesis and analytical studies on substituted thiosemicarbazones and coumarins.(Dr Ashok Kumar) Chem Dep, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, 2003  


008162      SINGH J: . Design synthesis and characterisation of 2-Picolyl and methyl substituted 2-Pyridyl Chalcogen (Se,Te) compounds and their derivatives.(Dr K K Bhasin and Dr Kamal Nain Singh) Chem Dep, Panjab Univ, Chandigarh, 2003   





008163      ALI M M (National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad - 380 037) :  Satellite altimetry for meteorology and oceanographic applications. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 205-14.  


008164      ANTHES R A, YING-HWA KUO, ROCKEN C (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado-80307, U.S.A. ) : Atmospheric sounding using GPS Radio occultation. Mausam 2003,  54(1), 25-38.  


008165      BASAVAIAH N, JUYAL N, PANT R K, YADAVA M G, SINGHVI A K,  APPEL E (Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Kalamboli, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai-410 218) : Late quaternary climate changes reconstructed from mineral magnetic studies from proglacial lake deposits of higher central Himalaya. J Indian geophys Union 2004, 8(1), 27-37.  


008166      BASAVAIAH N, KHADKIKAR A S (Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Kalamboli, New Panvel, Nevi Mumbai-410 218) :  Environmental magnetism and its application towards palaeomonsoon reconstruction. J Indian geophys Union 2004, 8(1), 1-14.  


008167      BHOSLE A B (P G Dep of Environ Sci, Yeshwant Maha Vidyalaya, Nanded 431 602) : Iron content in the river Godavari at Nanded and its impact on river ecology. J Ecotoxic envir Monit 2002,  12(3), 193-9.  


008168      CHAKRABORTY A, SRINIVASAN J (Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012) :  Comparison of Radiative fluxes at the top of the atmosphere from INSAT and ERBE. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 299-314.  


008169      DADHWAL V K, SEHGAL V K, SINGH R P, RAJAK D R (Crop Inventory & Modelling Div, ARG, RESA Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad - 380015) : Wheat yield modelling using Satellite remote sensing with Weather data : recent Indian experience. Mausam  2003, 54(1), 253-62.  


008170      DAS GUPTA M, MITRA A K, PRASAD V S, RAJAN D (National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF),  Mausam Bhawan Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003) : Impact of ATOVS temperature and moisture profiles on NCMRWF analysis and prediction. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 215-24.  


008171      DAS I, MOHAN M (Space Applications Centre, Ahemdabad - 380 015) : Detection of marine aerosols using Ocean colour sensors.  Mausam 2003, 54(1), 327-34.  


008172      DEOTARE B C, KAJALE M D, RAJAGURU S N, BASAVAIAH N ( Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute, Pune-411 006) :  Late quaternary geomorphology, palynology and magnetic susceptibility of playas in western margin of the Indian Thar Desert. J Indian geophys Union 2004, 8(1), 15-25.  


008173      DESAI P V S, JAYARAMAN V, NAVALGUND R R, RAJARATNAM P,  SRIDHARAN R, SUBBARAYA B H (Space Dep, Antariksh Bhavan, Bangalore - 560 094) : Use of satellite data in the geosphere-biosphere programme . Mausam 2003, 54(1), 263-76.  


008174      DEVENDRA SINGH, BHATIA R C, SRIVASTAV S K (Satellite Meteorology Div., India Meteorological Dep, New Delhi - 110 003) :  Retrieval of atmospheric parameters from NOAA-16 AMSU data over Indian region - preliminary results. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 107-10.  


008175       GAIROLA R M, VARMA A K, AGARWAL V K (Oceanic Sciences Div, Meteorology and Oceanography Group, Space Application Centre,  Ahmedabad - 380 015) : Rainfall estimation using spaceborne microwave radar and Radiometric measurements. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 89-106.  


008176      GOVINDAN A, RAO J N, SENTHIVEL E (Asian Biostratigraphic Services, H-53, Central Avenue, Chennai 600 080) : Orbitoides tissoti (Schlumberger) - Campanian larger foraminifera from cauvery basin, India. J Geol Soc India 2003, 62(4), 405-12.  


008177      HINSMAN D E (Satellite activities office, world meteorological organization P.O.Box 2300, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland)  : The expanded space-based component of the global observing system and the role of the coordination group for meteorogical satellite.  Mausam 2003, 54(1), 13-24.  


008178      JOSEPH P V, SOORAJ K P, RAJAN C K (Centre for Monsoon studies, Atmospheric Science Dep, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Fine Arts Avenue, Cochin - 682016) : Conditions leading to Monsoon onset over Kerala and the associated hadley cell. Mausam  2003, 54(1), 155-64.  


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008180      KAR S C, PATINAIK S, RUPA K, PRASAD V S, SINGH S V ( National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, New DElhi - 110003) : Impact of surface wind and Moisture data from Microwave sensors in the analysis and predicition of weather in the Indian ocean region. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 225-36.  


008181      KHADKIKAR A S, BASAVAIAH N, GUNDURAO T K, RAJSHEKHAR C ( Geology and Palaeontology Group, Agharkar Research Institute, G.G. Agarkar Road, Pune-411 004) : Palaeoenvironments around the Harappan port of Lothal, Gujarat, western India. J Indian geophys Union 2004,  8(1), 49-53.  


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008192      NARSIMHA REDDY M, BABU E V S S K, LEELANANDAM C (Geol Dep, Osmania Univ, Hyderabad 500 007) : Petrography, mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of the inukurti anorthosite complex and associated rocks from the Nellore schist belt, Andhra Pradesh. J Geol Soc India 2003, 62(4), 413-28.  


008193      PAL P K, KISHTAWAL C M, AGARWAL N (Meteorology and Oceanography Group, Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad - 380015) :  Multifeature classification based rainfall estimation using visible infrared TRMM data. Mausam 2003, 54(1), 67-74.  


008194      PANDA N K, RAJAGOPALAN V, RAVI G S (Atomic Mineral Directorate for Exploration and Res, Dep of Atomic Energy BSOI Group, Visakhapatnam 530 018) : Rare-earth-element geochemistry of placer monazites from kalingapatnam coast, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh. J geol Soc India 2003, 62(4), 429-38.  


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008583      MOTOROLA INC (1303 East Algonquin Road, SchaumburgIllinois 60196, USA) : . Apparatus for sharing a communication channel. India: 189933.  


008584      MOTOROLA INC (1303 East Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illionis, 60196, USA) : . System controller for generating a compressed facsimile message. Indian: 189952.  


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008982      ALEMBIC LTD (Alembaic Road, Vadodara-390 003) : . Process of preparing meloxicam tablets by using B-cyclo dextrin. India:  190077.  


008983      ALEMBIC LTD (Alembic Road, Vadodara-390 003) : . Improved process for the preparation of non-hygroscopic azithromycin dihydrate. India: 190080.  


008984      ALPS TEXTILES PVT. LTD (B-2, Loni Road, Industrial Area, (opp. Mohan Nagar_ Ghaziabad-201 007) : . A process for producing dyestuffs from plant material. India: 189689.  


008985      AMOTRON CO LTD (185-4, Sucham-Ri, Tongjin Myun, Kimpo-Kun, Kyungki-Do, Korea) : . Dielectric ceramic composition for microwave application. India: 190005.  


008986      ATOMIC ENERGY DEP GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (Anushikthi Bhavan, Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Mumbai-400 001) : . Process for preparing products such as banana juice and banana powder form ripe banana. India: 189999.  


008987      AUSIMONT S.P.A. (Foro Buonaparte 31, Milano, Italy) : .  Process for producing imido-alkanpercarboxylic acid with a reduced content of water and polar impurities. India: 190087.  


008988      BAYER AKTEINGESELLSCHAFT (D-51368 Leverkusen, Germany) :  . Process for the preparation of the composition for protecting industrial material. India: 190038.  


008989      BAYER CORP (100 Bayer Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, USA) :  . Process for preparing sulfonyl amino carbonyl triazolinones or a salt thereof. India: 189996.  


008990      BAYERS CORP (100 Bayer Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205, USA) : . Process for producing N-(4-fluorophenyl)-N-(1-Methylethyl)-2-[(5-(trifluoromethyl)-1,3,4-thi adiazol-2-yl)-oxy]-acetamide. India: 190016.  


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008992      COMINCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD (100 - 1200 West 73rd Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6P 6G5) : . Process for the preparation of copper sulphate salt from a sulphide copper ore or concentrate. Indian: 189946.  


008993      CORNING INCORPORATED (Houghton Park, Corning, New York 14831, USA) : . Process for the preparation of transparent glass.  Indian: 189937.  


008994      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110 001) : . Process for the preparation of novel dipyrano-quinoline class of compounds useful as anti-HIV agents.  India: 190036.  


008995      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110 001) : . Improved process for the preparation of cadmium tin mixed oxide powder. Indian: 189943.  


008996      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110 001) : . Improved process for the preparation of pernigraniline from emeraldine base. Indian: 189957.  


008997      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi 100 001) : . Improved processes for extraction of alkaline earth oxide phases in ceramic materials. Indian: 189959.  


008998      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110 001) : . An improved process for the preparation of lead zirconate titanate powder. Indian: 189960.  


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009000      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110 001) : . Process for the preparation of novel bio-inorganic composite useful for bone substitution. India: 189968.  


009001      ENGELHARD CORP (101 Wood Avenue, Iselin, New Jersey 08830, USA) : . Process for preparing a phosphorous treated cracking catalyst. India: 190086.  


009002      ENGELHARD CORPORATION (101 Wood Avenue, Iselin New Jersey 08830, USA) : . Method of making homogeneous catalytic regenerative heat transfer packing material. India: 189984.  


009003      EXXONMOBIL CHEMICAL PATENTS INC., (5200 Bayway Drive Baytown, Texas 77520, USA) : . A vulcanizable composition. India:  189699.  


009004      FOREST RESEARCH INSTITTE (Dehradun-248 006) : . Process for preparation of katha from Gambier extract. India: 190039.  


009005      FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE (Dehradun-248 006) : . Process for preparation of katha from gambier extract. India: 190040.  


009006      GILEAD SCIENCES, INC (333 Lakeside Drive, Foster CityCalifornia 94404, USA) : . Method for preparing crystalline adefovir dipivoxil. India: 190037.  


009007      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan Liver House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Method for preparing a bar composition capable of enhancing deposition of benefit agent from the bar. India: 190051.  


009008      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan Lever House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Process for manufacture of crystal salt free of sharp edges. India: 190053.  


009009      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan Lever House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Bleaching composition. India : 190055.  


009010      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan Lever House, 165-166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Antiperspirant or deodorant composition. India: 190064.  


009011      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan Lever House, 165-166, Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Enzymatic bleach composition. India: 190065.  


009012      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindun Lever House, 165-166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Cosmetic composition. India: 190070.  


009013      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan Lever house, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Process for producing anti freeze peptides. India: 189994.  


009014      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustanlever House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Aqueous cleansing composition. India: 190004.  


009015      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustanlever House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Synergistic thickener composition. India: 190008.  


009016      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustanlever House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Granular composition suitable for incorporation a particulate detergent composition and process for preparing the same. India: 190009.  


009017      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (Hindustan lever House, 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Hard surface cleaning compositions. India: 190010.  


009018      HINDUSTAN ORGANIC CHEMICAL LTD (Rasayani, Dist Raigad-410 207) : . Process for accelerated in-situ catalyst regeneration. India : 190071.  


009019      INDIAN OIL CORP LTD (G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051) : . Oligomerisation of olefins of cracked refinery streams to medium viscosity lubricants base stocks. India:  190001.  


009020      INDIAN OIL CORP LTD (G-9, Aliyavar Jung Marg, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051) : . Process for the removal of sulfur from hydrocarbon liquids. India: 190007.  


009021      INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD (G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Maharashtra, Bandra (East), Bombay-400 051) : . Process for demetallisation of petroleum distillates and residues for removal of organically bound metals. India: 190066.  


009022      INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD () : . Oligomerisation of alpha-olefins from cracked refinery distillates for preparation of high viscosity synthetic lubricants. India: 189991.  


009023      INSTITUT FRANCAIS DU PETROLE (4 Avenue de Bios Preau 92506 Rueil Malmaison, France) : . Process for the selective hydrogenation in the gas phase of acetylenic hydrocarbons. India:  190046.  


009024      JOHNSON & JOHNSON INC (7101 Notre-Dame East, Montreal, Quebec Hin 2G4, Canada) : . Integrally formed liquid-absorbent article and a method of manufacturing thereof. India: 190084.  


009025      L G ELECTRONICS INC (20 Yoido-dong Young dungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea) : . Bead mount of an electron gun for a color cathode ray tube. Indian: 189947.  


009026      LUBRIZOL INDIA LTD (DGP House, 4th Floor, 88-C, Old Prabhadevi Road, Mumbai-400 025) : . Method of manufacture of polyalkylacrylate polymer. India: 190056.  


009027      MAHLI S S (Qtr. No. 4, Type-III, G E Block, Customs Qtrs. Complex, Salt Lake, Calcutta-700 091) : . Process for the preparation of an anti-epileptic compound pongamol from the plant Pongamia pinnata. India: 190090.  


009028      MARICO INDUSTRIES LTD (Rang Sharda, K.C. Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (West), Mumbai-400 050) : . Process for making water soluble and fat soluble herbal proteins. India: 190076.  


009029      MITSUBISHI JUKOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA (5-1, Marunouchi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan) : . Flue gas desulfurization process. India: 190048.  


009030      PANACEA BIOTEC LTD (102 Ashok Plaza, 24, School Lane, New Delhi-110 001) : . Process for the preparation of composition for making targeted vesicular constructs for treatment of H. Pylori Infections. India: 190017.  


009031      PFIZER PRODUCTS INC (Eastern Point Road, Groton Connecticut 06340, USA) : . Process for preparing a diastereomeric mixture of piperidinylaminomethyl triflloromethyl cycle ether compounds. India: 190078.  


009032      PHILIPS PETROLIEM COMPANY (Bartlesville, State of Oklahome, USA) : . Process for producing a catalyst composition.  India: 190085.  


009033      PRAXIAR TECHNOLOGY INCOWENS-BROCKWAY GLASS CONTAINER INC ( 39 Old Ridgebuy Road, Danbury, State of Connecticut 06810-5113, USA)  : . Method of producting carbon dioxide for use in complete combustion of a charge in a furnace. India: 190013.  


009034      PROCTER & GAMBEL COMPANY (One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, State of Ohio 45202, USA) : . Nil phosphate granular detergent compositions. Indian: 189941.  


009035      PROCTER & GAMBLE (Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202) : . Soil dispersing composition. India: 189683.  


009036      RHODIA INC (CN 7500, 259 Prospect Plains Road, CranburyNJ 08512, USA) : . Process for producing a polygalactomannan. India:  190047.  


009037      SEMBIOSYS GENETICS INC (Suite 204, 609-14 Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta, 12N 2A1, Canada) : . Novel method for the preparation of an emulsion formulation from cellular plant material.  India: 190035.  


009038      SOLVAY FLUOR UND DERIVATE (Hans-Bockler-Allee 20, 30173 Hannover, Germany) : . Process for the preparation of aminohalo crotonates. India: 189969.  


009039      SOLVAY INTEROX LTD (Baronet works, Baronet Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 6HB, England) : . Process for the manufacture of particulate poorly water-soluble peroxyacid. India:  190049.  


009040      TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES PTY LTD (55, Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia) : . Process for partially reducing iron oxides. India: 190083.  


009041      THAPAR CORPORATE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (Post Box No.68, Patiala-147 001) : . Improved process for the preparation of jaggery. Indian: 189965.  


009042      THE PROCTER & GAMBEL COMP (One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, State of Ohio 45202, USA) : . Cleaning composition comprising novel protease enzyme. India: 190022.  


009043      THE PROCTER & GAMBEL COMP (One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, State of Ohio 45202, USA) : . Bleaching composition.  India: 190023.  


009044      THE PROCTER & GAMBLE CO (One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, State of Ohio, USA) : . Method for making absorbent article. India: 190019.  


009045      U S BORAX INC (26877, Tourney Road, Valencia, California, 91355-1847, USA) : . Method for producing crystalline calcium hexaborate tetrahydrate. India: 190088.  


009046      USINOR (11-13 Cours Valmy, La Defense 7, 92800 Puteaux, France) : . Casting roll for a continuous casting installation. India : 189700.  


009047      USV LTD (BSD Marg, Govandi, Mumbai-400 088) : . Process for preparing inclusion complex of glipizide and non-ionic surfactant with cyclodextrin or cyclodextrin derivative. India: 190000.  


009048      WINGERT J W, HOFMANN D A () : . Process for producing glass fibers from born-free glass composition. India: 189973.   





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009050      A P I POLYMERS (INDIA) LTD (J-17 Udhog Nagar, Rohtak Road, Delhi-110 041) : . Improved footwears. India: 190015.  


009051      AGA AKTIEBOLAG (S-18181 Lidingo, Sweden) : . Airbag filling system. India: 189931.  


009052      AKZO NOBEL NV (Velperweg 76 6824 BM Arnhem, The Netherlands) : . Container sealed with a clamping strap. India:  190042.  


009053      ARM LIMITED (110 Fulbourn Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge (CB1 9NJ, England) : . Data processing apparatus. India: 189692.  


009054      ARM LTD (110 Fulbourn Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge CBI 9NJ, England) : . Data processing apparatus. Indian: 189950.  


009055      BANDO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD (2-15, Meiwa Dori 3-Chome, Hyogo-Ku, Kobe-Shi, Japan) : . Cogged V-belt. India: 189972.  


009056      CHOPRA R (Nand Mills, Industrial Area, Kapurthala, Punjab ) : . A petrol saving device for use in vehicles. India: 189695.  


009057      COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110 001) : . Process for the preparation of asphaltic paper board. India: 189682.  


009058      DAEWOO ELECTRONICS CO LTD (541, 5-GA, Namdaemoon-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea) : . Apparatus for encoding a contour of an object expressed in a digital video signal. India:  189978.  


009059      DE LA RUE GIORI S A (4, rue de la Paix, 10033 Lausanne, Switzerland) : . A clevice and a process for making notes (WB) from sheets of notes having a fixed number N of note prints arranged on each sheet in transversal rows and longitudinal rows. India: 189694.  


009060      EZY SLIDE FASTNERS LTD (42, Nutan Bharat Society, Race Course, Baroda-390 007) : . Improved polyester zipper. India: 190075.  


009061      HERGETH H (Lichtenbuscherstrasse 287, 4731 Eynatten, Belgium) : . Method for manufacturing of fibre by selectively removing foreign parts with a cleaning device of textile machine.  India: 189988.  


009062      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (165/166, Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Cosmetic article for removal of keratotic plugs from skin pores. India: 190054.  


009063      HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD (165-166, Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400 020) : . Device process and apparatus for stamping plastic material. India: 190067.  


009064      HOLLANDING INC (P.O. Box 210, Newmarket, Ontario Canada)  : . Modular partition for use in a modular office furniture system.  India: 189985.  


009065      INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINE CORP (Armonk, New York 10504, U S A) : . Computer device having multiple pointers for computer graphical user interfaces. Indian: 189948.  


009066      INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP (Armonk, New York 10504, USA) : . Computer workstation for processing multiple streams of audio data received over a network. India: 190028.  


009067      INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CROP (Armonk, New York 10504, USA) : . Pointing device for controlling a graphical user interface. Indian: 189940.  


009068      LOGANATH GANESH (25, Tilak khand, Giri Nagark Kalkaji, New Delhi-110 019) : . Silk reeling cum Twisting machine. India:  190021.  


009069      LONZA INC (17-17 Route 208, Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410, USA) : . Waterproofing wood preservative compositions. India: 190034.  


009070      MOTOROLA INC (1303 East Algonquin Road, SchaumburgIllinois, 60196, USA) : . Device/Handwriting recognition microprocessor. India: 190033.  


009071      MOTOROLA INC (1303 East Algonqum Road, SchaumburgIllinois 60196, USA) : . Device having automatic menu item sequencing. Indian: 189949.  


009072      NEWTON AGSYM INTERNATIONAL (852 Sector 8, Panchkula 134 109, Haryana) : . V-Bristled tooth brush. Indian: 189964.  


009073      RHONE-POULENCE FILMS (140, Saint-Maurice De Beynost01701 Miribel, France) : . Biaxially drawn composite film and a process for the preparation therefor. Indian: 189957.  


009074      SAINT-GOBAIN VINTRAGE (18, Avenue D'Alsace 92400 Courbevoie, France) : . Method for preparation of a solar module.  India: 190081.  


009075      SONY CORP (7-35, Kitashinagaws 6-Chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan) : . Apparatus for encoding an input signal. India:  190031.  


009076      THAPAR CORPORATE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, POST BOX NO.68, PATIALA-147 001 (124 Janpath, Thaper House, New Delhi-110 001) : . Process for the manufacture of rayon grade pulp. India:  189698.  


009077      WHIRLPOOL CORP (2000 North M-63 Benton Harbor Michigan 49022-2692, USA) : . Process of removing the extraneous material from the soiled fabrics. Indian: 189953.  


009078      WINDMOLER & HOLSCHER (50, 49525 Lengerich, Germany) : .  Doctor blade arrangement for a rinsing inking unit of a rotary printing manchine. India: 189982.