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019997      SINGH S N (Dep of Statistics & Mathematics, Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour,Bhagalpur) : Propagation of wave in a thermally conducting medium with thermal relaxation in time. J appl Biol, 11(1-2), 82-87.   




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020001      AKKURT I (Suleyman Demirel University Fen-Edebiyat Fak,  Fizik Bol, Isparta, Turkey) : Determination of live-time efficiency of a photonuclear experiment. Indian J Pure appl Phys 2004, 42(6),  387-9.  


020002      AL-SHARE M (Phys Dep, Mu'tah Univ, P B Box 7, Mu'tah-Karak-Jordan) : Determination of the rotaional constants A and C for a slightly perturbed SiH<v>3<D><B>CCH molecule. Indian J Pure appl Phys 2004, 42(6), 423-428.  


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020008      FALATE R, FABRIS J L, MIILLER M, KALINOWSKI J (Centro Federal de Educacao Technologica do Parana, Av. Sete de Setembro 3165-80230-901 Curitiba, Brazil) : Long period grating sensor to monitor fuel quality. Asian J Phys 2003, 12(2-3), 205-11.  


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