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16 FEBRUARY 2005









003031      KOLEY S (CA 223, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 064) : Indian journal of chest diseases and Allied sciences: an analysis ofciting articles. KELPRO Bull 2003, 7(1-2), 15-20.

003032      MEHROTRA S D (265-A, Pocket J and K, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110 095) : Internet resources for the anasthesiologists. IndianJ Anaesth 2004, 48(2), 100-4.

003033      MOHAMED HANEEFA K (Library and Information science Dep, University of Calicut, Calicut-673 635) : Security for libraries inthe digital networked environment. KELPRO Bull 2003, 7(1-2), 33-8.

003034      NAIR M C (Senior Librarian, Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram-695 011) : Internet access to oncologyinformation: growing E-Resources for patient care and research. KELPRO Bull 2003, 7(1-2), 1-14.

003035      PARAMESWARAN M, REKHA G (Library Dep, InformationScience, Calicut) : Knowledge organization 1998-1999: a citationanalysis. KELPRO Bull 2003, 7(1-2), 65-71.

003036      SATIJA M P: Digital information systems and services. IASLIC Bull 2003, 48(1), 10-15.



003037      JAIN M, SHARMA V, PRIYA K (Mathematics Dep, Institute ofBasic Science, Dr. B. R. Ahmedkar University, Agra-282 002) : Trafficcharacterization and prioritized channel schemes for wireless inlocal loop (WLL). Int Jl Inf Comp Sci 2004, 7(1), 33-53.

003038      KOLIASTASIS D, DESPOTIS D K (University of Piraeus, Greece) : Rules for comparing predictive data mining algorithms byerror rate. Opsearch 2004, 41(3), 178-87.

003039      PUSHPA P R, AGGARWAL P (Computer Science & ApplicationsDep, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana) : Cache diskdriver for linux. Int Jl Inf Comp Sci 2004, 7(1), 25-32.

003040      TRIPATHI A K, GUPTA M (Computer Engineering Dep, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi) : Someobservations on reuse types, technologies, practices and problems. Int Jl Inf Comp Sci 2004, 7(1), 1-13.

003041      UPADHYAY S, ASHOK KUMAR, AGGARWAL K K (Computer Sci andApplications Dep, Kurukshetra Univ, Kurukshetra) : Delta routing : animprovement with proof of correctness. Int J Mgmt Syst 2003, 19(2), 193-204.


003042      GOSWAMI D N: . Software reliability growth modelling andits impact on testing resources.(Dr P K Kapoor and Dr D V S Kapil) Computer Sci Dep, Jiwaji Univ, Gwalior, 2004

003043      SONI R: . Software reliability models and simulators.Computer Science Dep, Kurukshetra University, Kiurukshetra, 2004

003044      SYEDA S F: . Genre-based text classification.(Dr RKrishnan) Computer Sci Dep, Osmania Univ, Hyderabad, 2004

003045      VIKRAM SINGH: . Exploring applications of simulationtools in software engineering processes.Computer Science Dep, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, 2004



003046      ANBAZHAGAN N, ARIVARIGNAN G (Math Dep, Thiagrajar Coll ofEngng, Madurai-625 015) : Two-commodity inventory system withindividual and joint ordering policies. Int J Mgmt Syst 2003, 19(2), 129-44.

003047      JULKA D K (General Manager (Projects), Uhde IndiaLimited, ) : Latest trends in project management. Process Pl Engng 2004, 20(3), 56-8.

003048      SHARMA I K (Dep of Information Technology, New Delhi) : E-governance : world scenerio. Electron Inf Plann 2003, 31(1-2), 22-46.

003049      GHATAK S (Central Glass and Ceramic Res Inst, Kolkata-700032) : Strategy for generation and Management of IntellectualProperty in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with particularreference of glass and ceramics. Trans Indian Ceram Soc 2003, 62(4), 222-8.




003050      CHATURVEDI M: . In vitro studies in the wild species ofcathamus with reference to their conservation.(Dr Rekha Bhadauria) Environmental Sci Dep, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, 2004



003051      RAMAIAH N, KOLHE V, SADHASIVAN A (National Inst ofOceanography, Dona Paula, Goa-403 004) : Abundance of pollutionindicator and pathogenic bacteria in Mumbai waters. Curr Sci 2004, 87(4), 435-9.

003052      SATYANARAYAN S, DHODAPKAR R, VANERKAR A P (Natnl EnvirEngng Res Inst, Nehru Marg, Nagpur-440 020) : Treatment of combinedspent broth and column wash from an antibiotic industry. Indian JEnvir Prot 2003, 23(4), 446-51.

003053      SHUKLA A K, SURESH P, BERCHMANS S, RAJENDRAN A (CentralElectrochemical Res Inst, Karaikudi-630 006) : Biological fuel cellsand their applications. Curr Sci 2004, 87(4), 455-68.

003054      SRINIVASA RAO G V R, MURTY K S (Civil Engng Dep, AndhraUniv, Visakhapatnam-530 003) : Colour removal from paper milleffluent using flyash and nirmali seeds. Indian J Envir Prot 2003, 23(4), 379-82.

003055      YEOLE P M, SHRIVASTAVA V S (Centre for P G Res In Chem, GT P Coll, Nandurbar-425 412) : River water pollution by pulp andpaper mill effluents - A statistical approach. Indian J Envir Prot 2003, 23(3), 261-5.


003056      A TOMIC ENERGY CORPORATION (South Africa Limited ofPelindaba, District Brits, Republic of South Africa) : . A processfor producing a soluble fluoro zirconic acid compound. India: 193132.

003057      METALLGESELLSCHAFT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT (BockenheimerLandstrasse 73-77, D-60325 Frankfurt Am main, Germany) : . A methodfor transporting scavenging air. India: 193127.


003058      HEGDE L G: . Studies on the surface and subsurf waterpollution and its environment impact in parts of Sandur-Hospet miningsector, Bellary district, Karnataka, India.(Dr B K Wodeyar) GeologyDep, Karnatak University, Dharwad, 2004

003059      PANDA D: . Environmental monitoring of lake chilika forwater quality assessment.(Prof R K Behera and Dr R K Sahu) ChemistryDep, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, 2004

003060      PRAMOD KUMAR: . Micro-zonation of environmentallystressed areas, due to air and water pollution in Delhi, using remotesensing and GIS techniques.(Dr Saumitra Mukherjee) , School ofEnvironmental Sciences, New Delhi, 2004

003061      RAGHUWANSHI D S: . Shipra River water pollution:physicochemical studies and seperation of metal pollutants Throughnovel adsorption techniques.(Dr V W Bhagwat) Chemistry Dep, VikramUniversity, Ujjain, 2004

003062      UPADHAY K: . Oxidation of toxic wastewater fromelectroplating industry by ozonation process.(Dr J K Shrivastava) Chemical Engineering Dep, Rajiv Gandhi Produyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, 2004



003063      AHMAD I (Math Dep, Aligarh Muslim Univ, aligarh-202 002) : Optimality conditions and duality in fractional minimax programminginvolving generalized <F128><114><F255><B>-invexity. Int J Mgmt Syst 2003, 19(2), 165-79.

003064      CHAKRABORTY S, CHANDA P K (Central Drugs Lab, 3 KydStreet, Kolkata-700 016) : Some physical solutions of Yang'sequations for SU(2) gauge fields, charap's equations for piondynamics and their combination. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1039-45.

003065      CHATTERJEE S, MISRA R B, ALAM S S (Maths Dep, SikkimManipal Institute of Technology, Majitar-737 132) : Symbolicreliability evaluation of a software with network structure. Opsearch2004, 41(3), 165-77.

003066      CRNKOVIC D, RUKAVINA S (Mathematics Dep, Faculty ofPhilosophy, Omladinska 14 51000 Rijeka Croatia) : On some symmetric(45, 12, 3) and (40, 13, 4) Designs. J Computnl Math Optimn 2005, 1(1), 55-63.

003067      DARUS M (School of Mathematical Sciences faculty ofScience and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Bangi 43600Selangor D.E. Malaysis, ) : Fekete-Szego problem for<F128><97><F255>-close-to-convex functions. J Computnl Math Optimn 2005, 1(1), 45-53.

003068      DEEP K, PANT M (Math Dep, Indian Inst of Technol, Roorkee, Uttranchal) : Solution of fractional programming problemsusing genetic random search technique. Int J Mgmt Syst 2003, 19(2), 101-16.

003069      DURAIVELU K (Industrial Engineering Dep, Anna University,Chennai) : Quality metrics for information systems. Opsearch 2004, 41(3), 200-7.

003070      HUANG H (Mathematics Dep, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou510275 P.R. China, ) : Set-valued versions of Ky fan's inequalitywith application to vector optimization. J Computnl Math Optimn 2005,1(1), 21-34.

003071      JAIN M, SHARMA G C, SHARMA S K, KUSHWAHA S C (MathematicsDep, I.B.S. Khandari, Agra) : Computational study on malarialparasites. Int Jl Inf Comp Sci 2004, 7(1), 14-24.

003072      KUMAR K V (Chem Engng Dep, Sri Ram Engng Coll, Perumalpathi, thiruvallur-602 024) : Studies on adsorption of basicdyes onto agro-based wastes: part 2-equillibrium and diffusionstudies. Indian J Envir Prot 2003, 23(4), 392-5.

003073      MATSUURA T, SAITOH S (Mechanical Engineering Dep, Facultyof Engineering, Gunma University, Kiryu 376-8515 Japan) : Numericalinversion formulas in the wave equation. J Computnl Math Optimn 2005,1(1), 1-19.

003074      MISHRA S S, MISHRA V (Mathematics and Statistics Dep, Dr.M.M.L. Avadh University, Faizabad-224 001) : The cost analysis ofmachine interference model with balking, reneging and spares. Opsearch 2004, 41(3), 188-99.

003075      MIWA M, OYAMA T (Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan) : All-integer type linear programming model analysis for theoptimal railway track maintenance scheduling. Opsearch 2004, 41(3), 155-64.

003076      NAM K B, CHOI S H (Mathematics Dep, University ofWisconsin-Whitewate, Whitewater, WI 53190, USA) : Automorphism groupof non-associative algebra WN<v>2,0,0,1<D><B>. J Computnl Math Optimn2005, 1(1), 35-44.

003077      PANDEY D, KALRA B S (Math Dep, Ch.Charan Singh Univ, Meerut-4) : System with deteriorated performance and degradedfailures under circumstantial and common cause failures. Int J MgmtSyst 2003, 19(2), 181-92.

003078      SATPATHY B, HOTA S K (P.G. Business Administration Dep, Sambalpur University, Burla, Sambalpur-768 019) : DEA modeling foroptimal resource use in rice production. Opsearch 2004, 41(3), 148-54.

003079      SINGH G P, DESHPANDE R V, SINGH T (Math Dep, VisvesvarayaNatnl Inst of Technol, Nagpur-440 011) : Higher-dimensionalcosmological model with variable gravitational constant and bulkviscosity in layra geometry. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 937-45.

003080      SRINIVASAN L, KALYANARAMAN R K, SEKAR R (Meth Dep, TagoreArts Coll, Pondicherry) : Computational analysis of bulk servicequeues with vacation using analytical approach and steady stateresults. Int J Mgmt Syst 2003, 19(2), 117-28.

003081      VONOCHA O P (Math Dep, S G N Khalsa Voll, Sriganganagar-335 001) : Application of fuzzy sets in diagnosis andtreatment of patients with entropy. Int J Mgmt Syst 2003, 19(2), 157-64.


003082      AGARWAL L: . Recent advances in I-function and itsapplications.(Prof V P Saxena) Math Dep, Jiwaji Univ, Gwalior, 2004

003083      ARORA S: . Applications of some advanced statisticaltechniques in physiological research.Statistics Dep, KurukshetraUniversity, Kurukshetra, 2004

003084      BABAR V Y: . Control of the service process in a queueingsystem.(Dr P G Khot and Dr B S Garg) Statistics Dep, Nagpur Univ, Nagpur, 2004

003085      SCARIA J: . Concomitants of order statistics frommorgenstern family.(Dr N Unnikrishnan Nair) Statistics Dep, CochinUniversity of Science an dTaechnology, Kochi, 2004

003086      SRINIVASA RAO N: . Study of the topological properties ofD-metric spaces and fixed point theories in metric and D-metricspaces.(Dr K Panduranga Rao) Mathematics Dep, Acharya NagarjunaUniversity, Nagarjunanagar, 2004

003087      SRINIVASULU C: . Peristaltic transport: effects of wallproperties.(Prof G Radhakrishnamacharya) Math Dep, National Inst ofTechnol, Warangal, 2004

003088      WAGHAMORE PANDIT H: . On slowly changing functions andrelative deffects, proximate deficiencies of certain homogeneousdifferential polynomials.(Dr S S Bhoosnurmath) Mathematics Dep, Karnatak University, Dharwad, 2004

003089      WELUKAR R M: . Study of random variables associated withexperiments involving sequential coin tossing.(Dr M N Deshpande) Statistics Dep, Nagpur Univ, Nagpur, 2004



003090       (ESA RSSD, European Space Agency, ESTEC/SCISR Postbag299, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands) : The case for the firstIndian robotic mission to the moon. Curr Sci 2004, 87(8), 1061-5.



003091      ABOU EL-ELA F M (Phys Dep, Faculty of Girls, Ain ShamsUniv, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt) : Electron lucky-drift impactionization coefficients of ZnS:Mn. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1089-97.

003092      AGGARWAL A K, KAURA S K, CHHACHHIA D P, SHARMA A K (Coherent Optics Div, Central Scientific Instruments Organ, Sector 30,Chhandigarh-160 030) : Realization of an optical interferometer basedon holographic optics for real-time testing of phase objects. Pramana2004, 63(5), 993-1001.

003093      BALI R, ANJALI (Math Dep, Univ Rajasthan, Jaipur-302 004) : Bianchi type-I bulk viscous flud string dust magnetizedcosmological model in general relativity. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 481-90.

003094      BASU C (Saha Inst of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF Bidhan Nagar,Kolkata-700 064) : Spectroscopic factors for two-proton radioactivenuclei. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1047-52.

003095      BHATIA P K, MATHUR R P (Math Statistics Dep, Jai NarainVyas Univ, Jodhpur-342 001, Raj) : Kelvin-helmholtz discontinuity inpartially ionized plasmas. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1147-50.

003096      BHATTACHARYA S, CHOUDHURY K B, DEB N C, ROY K (Phys Dep, surendranath Coll, Kolkata-700 009) : Angular distribution for theproton impact ionizations of 3p-electrons in Ar. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1079-83.

003097      BHATTACHARYA S, RAO P M, NAKHATE S G, JOSHI G (Spectroscopy Div, Electronics Div, Bhabha Atomic Res Centre, Mumbai-400 085) : Trapping of positive europium ions in a Paul trap. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1051-4.

003098      BHORE  P V, SHAH A P, GOKHALE M R, GHOSH S, BHATTACHARYAA, ARORA B M (Satumull Inst of Electronic Engng and Computer Technol,Worli, Mumbai-400 018) : Effect of facet coatings on laser diodecharacteristics. Indian J Engng Mat Sci 2004, 11(5), 438-40.

003099      CHAMAN M, VERMA P K, KHAN E H, SHAFI S, SHAFIULLAH (PhysDep, Aligarh Muslim Univ, aligarh-202 002) : Vibrational spectra ofcholesterol derivative and its assignment. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1129-35.

003100      CHANDRA S (Sch Phys Sci, SRTM Univ, Nanded-431 606) : Search for an interstellar Si<v>2<D><B>C molecule: a theoreticalprediction. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 627-31.

003101      CHAUHAN R K, SRIVASTAVA M K, SRIVASTAVA R (Phys Dep, Indian Inst of Technol, Roorkee-247 667) : Triple differential crosssections of coplanar (e,2e) process on helium-like ions. Indian JPhys 2004, 87(10), 1073-7.

003102      CHOUDHARY V, SINGH A, VHANDRA V K, GUPTA R K, CHANDRA B P (Sch of Studies in Phys, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla Univ, Raipur-492 010) : Theoretical approach to the tunneling mechanoluminescenceproduced during cleavage of II-VI semiconductors. Indian J Engng MatSci 2004, 11(5), 421-8.

003103      DATTA P K, BASU C, MUKHOPADHYAY S, DAS S K, SAMANTA G K, AGNESI A (Phys and Meteorology Dep, Indian Inst of Technol, Kharagpur-721 302) : Diode array pumped, non-linear mirror Q-switchedand mode-locked Nd:YVO<v>4<D<B> laser a good tool for powder SHGmeasurement. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1003-10.

003104      DUHA S S, PAUL S K, BANERJEE A K, MAMUN A A (Phys Dep, Jahangirnagar Univ, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh) : Low-frequencyelectrostatic dust-modes in a non-uniform magnetized dusty plasma. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1011-19.

003105      FAHMY T, AHMED M T (Polymer Laboratory, Polymer ResearchGroup, Pshys Dep, Faculty of Science, Msansoura University, 35516Mansoura, Egypt) : Alternating-current conductivity and dielectricrelaxation of poly (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) terpolymer dopedwith tetrabutylammonium tetrafluoroborate. J Polym Mater 2003, 20(4),367-76.

003106      GHOSH D, DEB A, MALLICK S K, SARKAR S, PURKAIT K, SENGUPTA R (High Energy Physics Div, Phys dep, Jadavpur Univ, Kolkata-700 032) : Strong pionic intermittency in `cold' events in <^>12<D><B>C-AgBr interactions at 4.5 A GeV. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 963-8.

003107      GHOSH T K, SHARMA S K, CHOPRA A K, SRIVASTAVA V, JOSHI SN (Microwave Tubes Area, Central Electronics Engng Res Inst, Pilani(Raj) - 333 031) : Development of collector electrodes for highefficiency space twts. Bulletin Indian Vacumm Soc 2004, 7(2), 25-7.

003108      GHOSHAL A, KAR S, MANDAL P (Math Dep, Visva-Bharati Univ,Santiniketan-731 235) : Physical properties of normal two-electronsystems considering correlation. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1099-1105.

003109      GIRI M, JAGGI N, SINGH N, JAISWAL R M P (Phys Dep, Kurukshetra Univ, Kurukshetra-136 119, Haryana) : Absorption,excitation and fluorescence spectra of Congo red in aqueous solutions. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1137-40.

003110      GOWDA S, KRISHNAVENI S, YASHODA T, UMESH T K, GOWDA R (Studies in Phys Dep, Univ of Mysore, Mysore-570 006) : Photon massattenuation coefficients, effective atomic numbers and electrondensities of some thermoluminescent dosimetric compounds. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 529-41.

003111      IYER D S, RAJE D V, PUROHIT H J, GUPTA A, SINGH R N (Natnl Environ Engng Res Inst, Nehru Marg, Nagpur-440 020) : CAGCAG -the most consistent repeating pattern in evolution of small subunitof rRNA gene sequences. Curr Sci 2004, 87(4), 494-500.

003112      JALORI H, SINGH S K, GWAL A K (Phys and Electronics Dep,space Sci Lab, Barkatullah Univ, Bhopal-462 026) : Upconversion ofwhistler waves by gyrating ion beams in a plasma. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 595-610.

003113      KANT K, CHAUHAN R P, SHARMA G S, CHAKARVARTI S K (PhysDep, G G D S D Coll, Palwal (Faridabad)-121 102) : Radiumconcentration measurements in coal flyash and cement samples usingLR-115 plastic track detectors. Indian J Envir Prot 2003, 23(10), 1146-50.

003114      KHARE A, SUKHATME U (Inst of Phys, Sachivalaya Marg,Bhubaneswar-751 005) : Connecting Jacobi elliptic functions withdifferent modulus parameters. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 921-36.

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003116      KUCUKBURSA A, SALAMOV D I, BABACAN T, AYGOR H A () : Aninvestigation of the influence of the pairing correlations on theproperties of the isobar analog resonances in A = 208 nuclei. Pramana2004, 63(5), 947-61.

003117      KULHAR V S (Univ of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302 004) : Muonium/muonic hydrogen formation in atomic hydrogen. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 543-51.

003118      KUMAR S, BHASIN V S (Phys and Astrophysics Dep, Univ ofDelhi, Delhi-110 007) : Three-body analysis of <^>11<D><B>Li and its<F128><98><F255><B>-decay to deuteron channel and to halo analogstage <. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 509-28.

003119      MABROUK M A, SADIK A M (Physics Dep, Faculty of Science, New Demietta, Egypt) : Measurement of polymeric fibers opticalproperties by the use of automatic fourier and interferometrictechniques. J Polym Mater 2003, 20(4), 387-97.

003120      MISRA A P, ROY CHOWDHURY A, PAUL S N (High Energy PhysDiv, Phys Dep, Jadavpur Univ, Kolkata-700 032) : Higher ordercontribution to the propagation characteristics of low frequencytransverse waves in a dusty plasma. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 579-93.

003121      MONDAL K K (Phys Dep, raja Peary Mohan Coll, Uttarpara,Hooghly-712 258) : Propagation of dust-acoustic waves in weaklyionized plasmas with dust-charge fluction. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1021-30.

003122      MOORTI A, RAGHURAMAIAH M, NAIK P A, GUPTA P D (LaserPlasma Div, Centre for Advanced Technol, Indore-452 013) : Characteristics of a multi-keV monochromatic point x-ray source basedon vacuum diode with laser-produced plasma as cathode. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1031-7.

003123      MUTUKU J N, KARANJA P K (Physics Dep, Jomo KenyattaUniversity of Agriculture and Technology, P.O. Box 6200, Nairobi,Kenya) : Mechanical and thermal properties of lodine dopedpolypropylene films. J Polym Mater 2003, 20(4), 445-52.

003124      NANDI T (Nuclear Sci centre, Jawaharlal Nehru Univ, ArunaAsaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-110 067) : Recent interest in physics ofLi-like ions for Z = 20-30. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1045-9.

003125      OKIEIMEN F E, AKINLABI A K, AIGBODION A I (Chemistry Dep,University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria) : Processingcharacteristics and physico-mechanical properties of thioglycollicacid modified epoxidized low molecular weight natural rubber and itsblends with natural rubber. J Polym Mater 2003, 20(4), 403-8.

003126      PAL A, STOKES D L, VO-DINH T (Civil Engng Dep, IndianInst of Technol, Kharagpur-721 302) : Photochemically prepared goldmetal film in a carbohydrate-based polymer: a practical solidsubstrate for surface enhanced Raman scattering. Curr Sci 2004, 87(4), 486-91.

003127      PATIDAR V, SUD K K (Phys Dep, coll of Sci Campus, M L SUniv, Udaipur-313 002, Raj) : Creation of periodic and chaoticattractors using blending technique. Indian J Phys 2004, 87(10), 1115-20.

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003129      RAO B S, RAMAKRISHNA K, VENKATESWARALU P (Chem Dep, Collof Engng, GITAM, Visakhapatnam-530 045) : New simultaneous method forthe determination of cobalt (II) and copper (II) by atomic absorptionspectrometry in industrial effluents and some fruits. Indian J EnvirProt 2003, 23(10), 1141-5.

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003133      SALEM M A, EL-AHDAL M A, HUSSEIN A (Physics Dep, Facultyof Science, Azhar University, Nasr-City, Cairo, Egypt) : Study of theeffect of gamma irradiation on carbon black loaded low-densitypolyethylene films. J Polym Mater 2003, 20(4), 361-5.

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003143      TAGIYEVA R T (Inst of Phys, Azerbaijan Natnl Academy ofSci, Baku AZ 1143, Azerbaijan) : Dispersion relation for localizedmagnetic polaritions propagating at the junction of twoferromagnetic/non-magnetic superlattices. Pramana 2004, 63(3), 633-41.

003144      TEWARI S, DAS R, CHAKRABORTY A, BHATTACHARJEE R (PhysDep, Natnl Inst of Technol, Silchar-780 010) : Resonance raman studyon distorted symmetry of porphyrin in nickel octaethyl porphyrin. Pramana 2004, 63(5), 1073-82.

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