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16 NOVEMBER 2005


MEDICAL SCIENCES                                     
CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY                             



021690 DAS B B, MAZUMDER R P (Chf Librarian, Jadavpur Univ, Kolkata) : Electronic books and its cataloguing. IASLIC Bull 2005, 50(1), 41-51.

021691 GANGAN PRATHAP (Math Modelling and Computer Simulation, Bangalore-560 037, E-Mail : : Who's afraid ofresearch assessment. Curr Sci 2005, 88(1), 14-17.

021692 GUPTA B M, JHA A K, MISHRA P K (Natn Inst of Sci Technoland Dev Stud, Dr K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-110 012, E-Mail : : Citation indexes and other products of ISI. Ann Libr Inf Stud 2004, 51(1), 1-10.

021693 KANNAPPANAVAR B U, SWAMY C, VIJAY KUMAR M (Univ Lib, Kuvempu Univ, Jnana Sahyadri-577 451, E-Mail : : Publishing trends of Indian chemicalscientists: a bibliometric study. Ann Libr Inf Stud 2004, 51(1), 39-41.

021694 KUMARAVEL J P S (Inf Scientist, Dr T P M Lib MaduraiKamaraj Univ, Tamil Nadu) : Economic growth, population and researchoutput : a scientometric analysis of genetic engineering, 1988-2000. IASLIC Bull 2005, 50(1), 52-9.

021695 MUNNOLLI S S (Asian Paints (I) Ltd, L.B.S. Road, BhandupWest, Mumbai-400 078, E-Mail : : Organisingdigital information using open source software: an attempt forknowledge management in corporate sector. Ann Libr Inf Stud 2004, 51(1), 22-7.

021696 MURTHY S G K, BISWAS R N (Defence Res & Dev Laboratory(DRDL), Kanchanbagh PO, Hyderabad-500 058, E-Mail : : A fuzzy logic based search technique fordigital libraries. DESIDOC Bull Inf Technol 2004, 24(6), 3-9.

021697 NARANG A (Bhai Gurdas Lib, G.N.D. Univ, Amritsar-143 005) : Indian journal of pure and applied mathematics: a bibliometricstudy. Ann Libr Inf Stud 2004, 51(1), 28-38.

021698 SHARMA S, ASHOK KUMAR, MOHINDER SINGH (Defence ScientificInf and Documn Cent (DESIDOC), Metcalfe House, Delhi-110 054) : Digitial reference service.! DESIDOC Bull Inf Technol 2004, 24(6), 11-18.

021699 SINGH B, DHANAVANTHAN P, MANI T (Inf Technol Dep, VelloreInst of Technol, Vellore-632114) : SESYS: Statistical expert systemsfor information management. IETE Tech Rev 2004, 21(2), 137-48.

021700 SURENDRA KUMAR, KUMAR S (Natn Res Cent for Soybean(ICAR), Indore-454 017) : Productometric study of scientists ofICAR's National Research Centre for Soybean (NRCS). Ann Libr Inf Stud2004, 51(1), 11-21.

021701 NABI HASAN: . World agricultural and allied sciencesdatabases: A bibliometric study of literature with reference toHimachal Pradesh.(Prof Sewa Singh) Library and Information Sci Dep, Guru Nanak Dev Univ, Amritsar, 2005

021702 VIJAYA KUMAR M: . Use of information technology inselected research libraries in Karnataka.(Dr B U Kannappanavar) Library and Information Sci Dep, Jyvempu Univ, Shankaraghata, DistShimoga, 2005


021703 BHARADWAJ P (273, 10th Cross, NR Colony, Bangalore-560019, E-Mail : : Quality of Service inthe Internet. Resonance 2005, 10(3), 57-70.

021704 GANLEY P (IP/IT Dep, Baker & McKenzie, 100 New BridgeStree, London EC4V 6JA) : The internet, creativity and copyrightincentives. J Intellect Prop Right 2005, 10(3), 188-97.

021705 NANAVATI S P, PANIGRAHI P K (Natn PARAM SupercomputingFacility, Cent for Dev of Advd Computing (C-DAC) Pune Univ Campus, Ganesh Khind, Pune 411 007, E-Mail : : Wavelets: Applications to Image Compression-II. Resonance 2005, 10(3), 19-27.

021706 NANAVATI S P, PANIGRAHI P K (Natn PARAM SupercomputingFacility, Cent for Dev of Advd Computing (C-DAC), Pure UniversityCampus, Ganesh Khind, Pune-411 007, E-Mail : : Wavelets: applications to image compression-I. Resonance 2005, 10(2), 52-61.

021707 PRITI SHANKAR (Computer Sci and Automn Dept, IISC, Bangalore-560 012, E-Mail :! : Expandercodes: The sipser Spielman construction. Resonance 2005, 10(1), 25-40.

021708 SHIN J, PARK Y (Dep of Industrial Engng, Seoul Natn Univ,San 56-1, Shilim-Dong, Kwanak-Gu, Seoul, 151-742, Korea, E-Mail : : Generation and application of patentclaim map: Text mining and network analysis. J Intellect Prop Right 2005, 10(3), 198-205.

021709 SUMAN Y, KHARBANDA V P (Natn Inst of Sci Technol and DevStud, New Delhi-110 012, E-Mail : : Internetdiffusion in India and China - who holds the edge. J scient ind Res 2005, 64(5), 339-46.


021710 ASHWANI KUMAR: . Intelligent decision support system forbusiness forecasting.(Prof D P Agarwal and Prof S D Joshi) ManagementDep, Atal Bihar Vajpayee Indian Inst of Information Technol andManagement, Gwalior, 2005

021711 BABU LAL: . Knowledge management for competitiveadvantage and corporate performance: An empirical study of selectorganizations.(Prof Sushil and Prof Prem Vrat) Management Studies Dep, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, 2005

021712 GUPTA A: . New framework and models for the pre planningphase of project management.(Prof D P Agarwal and Dr R Sahu) Management Dep, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Inst of InformationTechnol and Management, Gwalior, 2005

021713 NAGARAJA R: . Advertising on electronic media: Ananalysis of its impact on buying behaviour with special emphasis onTelevision and internet advertising in Bangalore Urban district.(Dr BBakkappa) Business Administration Dep, Kuvempu Univ, Shankaraghatta,Dist Shimoga, 2005

021714 SUNDARAM B M: . Infrastructure management: A study on thedemand and supply of power with specific reference to KarnatakaState.(Dr K Eresi) Management Dep, Bangalore Univ, Bangalore, 2005


021715 BAECHTOLD P, MIYAMOTO T (Patent Law Sect Patent PolicyDep, Wld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva) : International Patent law harmonization - ! a search for the rightbalance. J Intellect Prop Right 2005, 10(3), 177-87.


021716 ANIL KUMAR, YADAV S N P, YADAV D K (Dep of Zool, MagadhUniv, Bodh Gaya-824 234) : Vanishing mammals of Gautam BuddhaWildlife Sanctuary, Gaya (Bihar), India. Proc Zool Soc India 2004, 3(2), 83-8.

021717 KARANDIKAR A, GHASKADBI S (Anim Sci Div, ARI, G.G.Agarkar Road, Pune-411 004) : Developmental alterations in chickembryo by bmicroseminoprotein are closely associatedwith modulation of goosecoid and noggin expression. Curr Sci 2005, 88(3), 455-61.

021718 RAGHURAM H, MARIMUTHU G (Anim Behaviour and Physiol Dep, Sch of Biol Sci Madurai Kamaraj Univ, Madurai-625 021, E-Mail : : The discovery of echolocation. Resonance 2005,10(2), 20-32.


021719 ABDUL JAMEEL A, SIRAJUDEEN J (Post-Graduate Stud and ResDep of Chem, Jamal Mohamed Coll, Tiruchirappalli-620 020) : Enumeration of total coliform in groundwater of Pettavaithalai area,Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 283-4.

021720 ABID M S, SIDDIQUI K S, RIZVI S J (Dep of Chem, AMU, Aligarh-202 002) : Effect of selenium on lead induced changes in therat brain nucleic acids and protein. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 619-22.

021721 ADEWOYE S O, LATEEF A (Dep of Pure and Appl Biol, LadokeAkintola Univ of Technol, P M B 4000, Ogbomoso, Nigeria) : Evaluationof the microbiological characteristics of yun river - a pollutedriver in North-Central Nigeria. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 587-91.

021722 ANTAO S A (Dep of Chem, S P Chowgule Coll, Margao, Goa) : Study of ambient air quality of Margao town in South Goa. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 741-4.

021723 ARUNKUMAR J (Fish Environment Dep, Fish Coll & Res Inst, Tuicorin-628 008) : Impact of shrimp farm effluents on the growth ofa seaweed, Gracilaria edulis. J Ecotoxic envir Monit 2005, 15(1), 61-4.

021724 AZHAGURAJAN A, TA! MIL SELVAN N, SRINIVASAN K R (Dep ofMechanical Engng, Mepco Schlenk Engng Coll, Sivakasi-626 005, TamilNadu) : Analysis and treatment of wastewater from scrubber in thefireworks waste disposal facility. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 293-300.

021725 BAEK K H, KIM H H, BAE B H, CHANG Y Y, LEE I S (Life SciDep, Ewha Womans Univ, Seoul, Korea) : EDTA-assisted phytoextractionof lead from lead-contaminated soils by Echinochloa crusgalli var.frumentacea. J envir Biol 2005, 26(1), 151-4.

021726 BEGUM J, AHMED K, BORA K N (Dep of Bot, Nabajyoti CollKalgachia, Assam) : Heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water sources. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 821-2.

021727 CHAUDHARY S, ANURADHA, SASTRY K V (Dep of Bio-Sciences, MD Univ, Rohtak-124 001) : Pollution of river Yamuna at Faridabad(Haryana). Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 749-56.

021728 CHAVAN B L, PAWAR C B, DHERE A M, VARALE Y S, WAGH S B (Environmental Sci Dep, Shivaji Univ, Kolhapur-416 004) : Phosphates,Nitrates, Sulphates and Chlorides in undergroundwater. Bioinfolet 2005, 2(2), 107-13.

021729 DUTTA S, SAXENA S (Dep of Limnology, Barkatullah Univ, Bhopal-462 026) : Spatial distribution and level of occurrence ofnitrients and heavy metals in the sediments of Hooghly river. PollutRes 2004, 23(4), 833-5.

021730 ELIZABETH K M, NAIK L P (Dep of Microbiology, Coll of SciGandhi Inst of Technol and Mgmt, Visakhapatnam-530 045) : Wateranalysis of lake Hussain sagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh andbioremediation of some pollutants by fungi. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 337-40.

021731 FAISAL ANWAR A H M, FAZLUL BARI M (Wat Resources EngngDep, Bangladesh Univ of Engng and Technol, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh) : Prioritising areas for groundwater monitoring based on pesticideleaching. J Appl hydrol 2004, 17(1), 43-52.

021732 HUSSAIN J, SHARMA K C, HUSSAIN I (Dep of EnvironmentalStud, M D S Univ, Ajmer-305 009, E-Mail : : Fluoride contamination in groundwater sources of Hurda tehsil! ofBhilwara, Rajasthan. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 431-4.

021733 JOSHI J D, VORA J, SHARMA S, KOTHARI N P O, SALVI K (Depof Chem, Sardar Patel Univ, Vallabh Vidyanagar-388 120) : Drinkingwater quality of Patan region, Gujarat, India. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 817-20.

021734 KALYANA RAMAN S B, GEETHA G, MULLAI P () : ANFISmodelling for estimation of COD in match industry effluents. PollutRes 2004, 23(4), 637-41.

021735 KARTHIYAYINI R, PONNAMMAL N R, JOSEPH R (Dep of Bot, Kongunadu Arts and Sci Coll, Coimbatore-641 029) : Air pollutiontolerance index of certain plants of Coimbatore - Ooty highways, nearITI Area, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 363-5.

021736 KRISHNAMACHARYULU S K G (Sch of Earth Sci, S R T M Univ, Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606) : Characterization of hydrochemicalfacies on Nanded district, Maharashtra: Factor analysis approach. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 805-9.

021737 KUMARESAN S, CHANDRASEKAR N, SUBBULAKSHMI M (Dep of ChemManonmaniam Sundaranar Univ, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu-627 012) : Anassessment of groundwater pollution in and around Tuticorin, TamilNadu. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 823-7.

021738 MISHRA R M, SHARMA S, KHARE Y, MISHRA R M (Sch ofEnvironmental Biol, A P S Univ, Rewa-486 003) : Carbon monoxide andhydrocarbon levels in the emissions from petrol driven vehicles inRewa city. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 435-8.

021739 MURUGAPPAN A, MANOHARAN A, NANDHINI R (Dep of Civil EngngFac of Engng and Technol, Annamali Univ, Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu) : Quality characteristics of fly ash laden water for irrigation - acase study of perfumal tank (Tamil Nadu). Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 693-700.

021740 NAYAK B B, ACHARYA B C, PANIGRAHY P K, PANDA U C (Mineralogy and Metallography Dep, Regional Res Laboratory, Bhubaneswar-751 013, E-Mail : : Assessmentof heavy metals contamination in the coastal sea of Orissa, India. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 791-803.

021741 PANDE K S (! Chem Dep, Sri Sathya Sai Inst of HigherLearning (Deemed University), Prashanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi-515 134) : Status of fluoride in Chitrawati river water and groundwater ofPuttaparthi town used for drinking purpose. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 423-6.

021742 PATEL J S, VYAS A V (H N S B Ltd. Sci Coll Himatnagar BotDep, Gujarat Univ, Ahmedabad, Gujarat) : Effect of fluoride as a soilpollutant on growth of cumin. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 687-91.

021743 PATIL S M, HANDE R S (Dep of Zool, SVKM's Mithibai Coll, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400 056) : Profile of physicochemical aspectsof pollution in water of Patal Ganga creek and Arabian sea of Raigaddistrict, Maharashtra. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 717-20.

021744 PATIL S M, HANDE R S (Dep of Zool, SVKM's Mithibai Coll, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400 056) : In vitro studies of zinc chlorideon brain acetylcholinesterases of Arius nenga a marine teleost. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 787-90.

021745 PATIL S, MORE A, SRIVASTAVA A (Natn Environmental EngngRes Inst, Mumbai Zonal Laboratory, 89/B, Dr. A B Road, Worli,Mumbai-400 018) : Qualitative and quantitative detection of volatileorganic emissions from vehicle tyres. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 681-6.

021746 PATIL S S, AUTI R G (Environment Sciece Dep, Dr BabasahebAmbedkar Marathwada Univ, Aurangabad-431 004) : Seasonal variation ofzooplankton from Salim Ali lake at Aurangabad. Bioinfolet 2005, 2(2),81-5.

021747 PRADHAN P K, SAHU A, PANIGRAHI A K (Environmental Sci ResCent Dep of Bot, Berhampur Univ, Berhampur-760 007) : Toxicologicalchanges induced by solid waste extract on the metabolic efficiency ofa heterocystous BGA and its ecological significance. Pollut Res 2005,24(2), 405-13.

021748 PRAJAPATI R, MATHUR R (Zool Dep, Government P G Coll, Mhow-453 441) : Statistical studies on the groundwater at the ruralareas of Sheopurkalan, Madhya Pradesh. J Ecotoxic envir Monit 2005, 15(1), 47-54.

021749 PRASANNA RANI T, DESHPANDE U K, GAWAI D U (Bot ! ResLaboratory and Pl Dis clinic, Sci Coll, Nanded, Maharashtra) : Effectof sulphur dioxide on protein and carbohydrate contents of somemacrophytes. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 427-30.

021750 PRAVEEN P S, RAO P S P, SAFAI P D, CHATE D M, ALI K, MOMIN G A (Indian Inst of Trop Meteorology, Pune-411 008, E-Mail : : Transport of Ca2+ and SO42- aerosols during southwest mansoon from north Africa and Gulf Countries towards in India. Mausam 2005, 56(1), 315-20.

021751 RAJESH BANU J, ESAKKIRAJ S, NAGENDRAN R, LOGAKANTHI S (Cent for Environmental Stud, Anna Univ, Chennai-600 025) : Biomanagement of petrochemical sludge using an exotic earthwormEudrils eugineae. J envir Biol 2005, 26(1), 43-7.

021752 RAJU C, GURUMANI V, RAMAJAYAM M (Engng Chem, AnnamalaiUniv, Annamalai Nagar-608 002) : NOx reduction in CI engines throughdiesel methanol emulsion fuels. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 443-5.

021753 RAMESH N (Dep of Sci Technol and Environment, Govt ofPondicherry, Anna Nagar, Pondicherry) : Air quality status and trendsin U.T. of Pondicherry. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 627-32.

021754 RAMPAL R K, KOUR J (Dep of Environmental Sci, Univ ofJammu, Jammu) : Solid waste generation in residential areas of Jammucity (J&K), India. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 285-92.

021755 RANI R, GUPTA B K, SHRIVASTAVA K B L (55-Prabhat ViharColony Satna, Dist Satna-485 001) : Studies on enviro-ecologicalstatus of Mandakini river in Chitrakoot. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 677-79.

021756 RAO P S P, PRAVEEN P S, CHATE D M, ALI K, SAFAI P D, MOMIN G A (Indian Inst of Trop Meteorology, Pune-411 008, E-Mail : : Physical and chemical characteristics ofaerosols over Arabian sea during ARMEX 2002 - 03. Mausam 2005, 56(1),293-300.

021757 RAVINDRAN J, SRIRAM G (Dep of Mech Engg, SriChandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Maha Vidyalaya Deemed Univ, Enathur, Kanchipuram) : Ambient noise level at Kanchipuram, ! TamilNadu. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 597-600.

021758 SATYANARAYAN S, KOTANGALE J P, SATYANARAYAN A, CHOUDHARYP R (71 Friend, Layout 4, Deendayal Nagar, Nagpur-440 022) : Toxicityof spent broth from an antibiotic unit to the fish Lebistesreticulatus (Peter). Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 439-42.

021759 SHAH B A, SHAH A V, AHIRE N D (Dep of Chem, South GujaratUniv, Surat-395 007, E-Mail : : Characteristics of Purna river water of Navsari and removal of tracetoxic metals by ion exchange process using preconcentration technique. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 415-22.

021760 SHARAN L, PRAVEEN KUMAR, SINHA M P (P G Dep of Bot, Ranchi women's Coll, Ranchi-834 001, E-Mail : : Ecological investigation of a tropical freshwater habitat I.waterwater quality index and algal (Chlorophycean) biodiversity. Proc zoolSoc India 2004, 3(1), 21-34.

021761 SHARMA B S, SHARMA D, CHATURVEDI N (Dep of EnvironmentalStud Sch of Life Sci, Dr B R Ambedkar Univ, Khandari Campus, Agra) : Status of ambient air quality of Taj city-Agra. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 347-51.

021762 SHARMA D, SUNDERRAJ S F W (Gujarat Ecology Soc, 5, GoldenApartment, Subhanpura, Vadodara-390 023) : Species selection forimproving disturbed habitats in western India. Curr Sci 2005, 88(3), 462-7.

021763 SHETYE S R (Natn Inst of Oceanography, Dona Paula,Goa-403 004, E-Mail : : Tsunamis - alarge-scale earth and ocean phenomenon. Resonance 2005, 10(2), 8-19.

021764 SINGH S, KHAN A, DAS T, SAPRA B K, PUSHPARAJA, MAYYA Y S (Radiat Saf Systems Div, Bhabha Atom Res Cent, Mumbai-400 085, E-Mail: : Indigenous development of aaerodynamic size separator for aerosol size distribution studies. Curr Sci 2005, 88(9), 1426-33.

021765 SOBHA V, HARILAL C C (Dep of Environmental Sci, Univ ofKerala, Kariavatton Campus, Thiruvananthapuram-695 581) : Mineralsand nutrients accumulation in Salvinia molesta (Mitechel! l.) withchanging water quality. Geobios, Jodhpur 2005, 32(2-3), 137-40.

021766 SOGUT Z, ZEYNEP ZAIMOGLU B, ERDOGAN R, YAVUZ SUCU M (Landscape Architecture Dep, Univ of Cukurova, Balcali Kampusu,Yuregir, Adana, Turkey) : Phytoremediation of landfill leachate usingPennisetum clandestium. J envir Biol 2005, 26(1), 13-20.

021767 SRINIVASA RAO G V R (Civil Engg Dep, Andhra Univ, Visakhapatnam-530 003) : Settleability studies on a synthetic wastesolution - numerical modelling. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 733-6.

021768 SRIVASTAVA A, PATIL S, MORE A, WACHASUNDER S D (NatnEnvironmental Engng Res Inst, Mumbai Zonal Laboratory, 89/B, Dr A BRoad, Worli, Mumbai-400 018) : Identification of volatile organiccompounds in commonly used office materials. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 301-6.

021769 SUNDARI V, VALLIAPPAN R, DHEIVAMANI A (Dep of Chem, Annamalai Univ, Annamalai Nagar-608 002) : Quality of drinking waterin and around Chidambaram taluk of Cuddalore district. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 811-16.

021770 SUNILKUMAR S V, NAIR P R, PARAMESWARAN K (Space PhysLaboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Cent, Trivandrum-695 002, E-Mail : : Aerosol size distribution over the Arabiansea during ARMEX-II. Mausam 2005, 56(1), 321-6.

021771 SURESH BABU S, KRISHNA MOORTHY K, SATHEESH S K (SpacePhys Laboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Cent, Trivandrum-695 022) : First observations of aerosol black carbon over coastal Arabian Seaduring ARMEX. Mausam 2005, 56(1), 287-92.

021772 SURYAWANSHI B M, KALYANKAR K B, PANDE B N (Dep ofEnvironmental Sci, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Univ, Aurangabad,Maharashtra) : Groundwater analysis in an industrial zone -Chikalthana (Aurangabad). Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 649-53.

021773 THARADEVI C S, SANTHAKUMARI AMMA A (Dep of Zool, SreeAyyappa Coll for Women, Chunkankadai, Nagercoil-629 807) : Nutrientdynamics in the sediments of two freshwater ponds of Kanyakumaridistrict, Tamil Nadu, I-Macronutrients. P! ollut Res 2005, 24(2), 331-6.

021774 TIWARI S, DIXIT S, GUPTA S K (Res Scholar, Sarojini NaiduGovt Girl's P G Coll, Bhopal) : An evaluation of variousphysico-chemical parameters in surface waters of Shahpura lake,Bhopal. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 829-32.

021775 UPADHYAY R K, VERMA N R (Dep of Zool, Ramgarh Coll, Ramgarh Cantt, V B U Hazaribagh) : Studies on the physicalcharacteristics of Subernarekha river of Ranchi (Jharkhand). ProcZool Soc India 2004, 3(2), 67-71.

021776 UPRETI D K, NAYAKA S, BAJPAI A (Lichenology Laboratory, Nationala Bot Res Inst, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknoew-226 001, E-Mail : : Do lichens still grow in Kolkata city?. Curr Sci 2005, 88(3), 338-9.

021777 VANERKAR A P, SATYANARAYAN S, DHARMADHIKARI D M (NatnEnvironmental Engng Res Inst, Nehru Marg, Nagpur-440 020) : Herbalpharmaceutical wastewater treatment by conventional coagulants andsynthetic polyelectrolytes. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 341-6.

021778 VASANTH KUMAR K, BHAGAVANULU D V S (P G Dep of CivilEngng, Vellore Inst of Technol (Deemed University), Vellore-632 014) : Adsorption isotherms for basic dye onto fly ash. Pollut Res 2004, 23(4), 837-44.

021779 VERMA A, SINGH S N (Natn Bot Res Inst, Rana Pratap Marg,Lucknow-226 001) : Laughing gas. Bharatiya Vaigyanik AudyogikAnusandhan Patrika 2005, 13(1), 54-7.

021780 YOGAMOORTHI A (Cent for Futures Stud, Pondicherry Univ, Pondicherry-608 014) : Water quality assessment studies withreference to total coliform bacterial population I the Pondicherrycoastal waters. Pollut Res 2005, 24(2), 359-62.

021781 SINGH N B: . Management of solid wastes usingvermiculture technology.(Prof A K Khare and Dr D S Bhargava) CivilEngng Dep, Uttar Pradesh Technical Univ, Lucknow, 2005


021782 ADHAO K S, GHATE H R, KHADEKAR G S, KONDAWAR G (Math Dep,Amravati Univ, Amravati) : Exact solutions of the field equations inhigher diemensional dimetric theory of ! relativity. J Indian Acad Math2004, 26(1), 163-73.

021783 BISWAL M P, SAHOO N P, LI D (Math Dep, Indian Inst ofTechnol, Kharagpur-721 302) : Probabilistic linearly constrainedprogramming problems with lognormal random variables. Opsearch 2005, 42(1), 70-6.

021784 BORKAR M S (Math Dep, Inst of Sci, Nagpur-440 001) : TheCharacteristic quantities of robertson-walker metric. J Indian AcadMath 2004, 26(1), 127-35.

021785 CHAKRABORTY M, GUPTA S (Dep of Appl Math, Indian Sch ofMines, Dhanbad-826 004) : Fuzzy goal programming for a type ofquality control problem. Opsearch 2005, 42(1), 1-15.

021786 CHUNG K J, HUANG T S (Industrial Mgmt Dep, Natn TaiwanUniv of Sci and Technol, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China) : Thealgorithm to the EOQ model for inventory control and trade credit. Opsearch 2005, 42(1), 16-27.

021787 DENIS R Y, SINGH S N, ALI S A (Math Dep, T.D.P.G. Coll, Jaunpur) : Transformations of mock theta functions found in the"lost" notebook. J Indian Acad Math 2004, 26(1), 95-103.

021788 DEO S D (Math Dep, N.S.Sc Coll, Bhadrawati, DistChandrapur-442 902) : Nil contribution of cosmic strings to planesymmetric space-time in bimetric relativity. J Indian Acad Math 2004,26(1), 77-80.

021789 JACOB J, JOSE K K, MATHAI A M (Statist Dep, St ThomasColl Palai Mahatma Ghandhi Univ, Arunapuram-686 574) : Someproperties of real matrix-variate inverted generalized dirichletintegrals. J Indian Acad Math 2004, 26(1), 175-89.

021790 JAHANGIRI J M, MURUGUSUNDARAMOORTHY G, VIJAYA K (Math SciDep, Kent St Univ, 14111 Claridon Troy Road, Burton, Ohio 44021-9500,USA, E-Mail : : Starlikeness of harmonicfunctions defined by Ruschewehy derivatives. J Indian Acad Math 2004,26(1), 191-200.

021791 JAIN S, MANGAL A (Math Dep, Government Coll, Ajmer-305001, E-Mail : : Solution of ageneralized fractional programming problem. J Indian Acad Math 2004, 26(1), 15-21.

021792 ! KHAIRNAR S M, KULKARNI S R (Math Dep, Anuradha Coll ofEngng, Chikhli-443 201) : A subclass of harmonic starlike functionswith negative coefficients. J Indian Acad Math 2004, 26(1), 47-61.

021793 KHOBRAGADE N W, WANKHEDE P C (Math Dep, M.J.P. EducCampus Nagpur Univ, Nagpur-440 010) : An inverse steady-state problemof thermoelastic deformation of a finite length hollow cylinder-III. J Indian Acad Math 2004, 26(1), 1-13.

021794 LALITHA C S, GARG P K, KHURANA S (Math Dep, Rajdhani CollUniv of Delhi, Raja Garden, New Delhi-110 015) : Daulity for multiobjective fractional programming via linearization and scalarizationapproaches. Opsearch 2005, 42(1), 37-54.

021795 MUKHERJEE D (Indian Ass for the Cultivation of Sci, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032, E-Mail : : Role ofmathematics in chemistry. Curr Sci 2005, 88(3), 371-3.

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