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1 MAY 2005






008133 AROTARITEI D, MITRA S (Computer Sci Dep, Aalborg UnivEsbjerg, Niels Bohrs Vej 8, 6700, Esbjerg, Denmark) : Web mining: asurvey in the fuzzy framework. Fuzzy Set Syst 2004, 148(1), 5-19.

008134 ASHARAF S, NARASIMHA MURTY M, (Computer Sci andAutomation Dep, Indian Inst of Sci, Bangalore-560 012) : Rough fuzzyapproach to web usage categorization. Fuzzy Set Syst 2004, 148(1), 119-29.

008135 GABRANI G (Computer Engng Dep, Delhi Coll of Engng, Bawana Road, New Delhi-110 042) : A distributed queue approach toresource locations in broadband distributed computing environments. Comp Stand Interface 2004, 27(1), 1-18.


008136 ARM LTD (110 Fulbourn Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge CB19 NJ, UK) : . Apparatus for data processing . India: 193920.

008137 CANAL + SOCIETE ANYONYME (85/89 Quai Aandre Citroen,57511, Paris, Cedex 15, France) : . Decoder for a digital audiovisualtramsmission system. India: 193925.

008138 HITACHI GLOBAL STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES NETHERLANDS BV (Locatellikade 1, Parnassustoren 1076 A Z Amsterdam, The Netherlands) : . A suspension for a data recording disk drive. India: 193850.

008139 INMARSAT LTD (99 City Road, London ECIY IAX England) : . Data communication interface apparatus and a method of operating thesame. India: 193866.


008140 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS: . Fire protection ofelectronic data processing installation - Code of practice (firstrevision), Gr 6. IS 12456 : 2004






008141 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS: . Methods for estimation ofprocess capability and process performance (second revision), Gr 6. IS 10645 : 2004

008142 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS: . Guide to production control: Part 1 Introduction, Gr 7. IS 15446 (Part 1) : 2004

008143 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS: . Guide to production control: Part 2 Production Programming, Gr 4. IS : 15446 (Part 2) : 2004


008144 ARUN KUMAR A: . Management of foreign exchange risks: TheIndian corporate scenario and framework for systematic corporateforeign exchange risk management.Prof V E Ramamoorthy, Sri sathya SaiInst of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam, 2005

008145 BASOTIA V: . Corporate governance: Individualboard-centric qualitative model building in Indian scenario.Prof RKumar Bhaskar, Sri sathya Sai Inst of Higher Learning, PrasanthiNilayam, 2005

008146 BHAT NASRULLAH: . Impact of cooperative financing onagricultural development in Jammu and Kashmir State.Dr Rais Ahmad, Aligarh Muslim Univ, Aligarh, 2005

008147 DEEPAK A: . Reserve Bank of India's intervention in theforeign exchange market.Prof Viswanath Pandit, Sri Sathya SaiInstitute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam, 2005

008148 JOSEPH T J: . Foreign direct investment, technologicalcapability and productivity: A study of Indian manufacturing industryafter liberalisation.Dr Kumar R B, Anna Univ, Chennai, 2005

008149 KARTHIGEYAN S: . Minimizing the total early, tardy andsetup costs for a single machine scheduling problem.Dr Kumar R B, Anna Univ, Chennai, 2005

008150 NIRANJAN N: . Values-centred leadership for holistictransformation: Guidelines from the Indian epic Mahabharata.Prof RKumar Bhaskar, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, PrasanthiNilayam, 2005

008151 SINGH S: . Policies and practices of human resourcemanagement in Indian coal industry: A case study of CentralCoalfields Limited.Dr S K Singh, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, 2005



008152 GOSH S (W B National University of Juridical Sciences, LB-12, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 098) : Domain namedisputes and evaluation of the ICANN's uniform domain name disputeresolution policy. J Intellect Prop Right 2004, 9(5), 424-39.

008153 JIDESH KUMAR (Supreme Court of India, New Delhi ) : Biotechnology patenting. J Intellect Prop Right 2004, 9(5), 471-80.

008154 MITTAL R (Indian Law Institute, Bhagwan Dass Road, NewDelhi 110 001) : P2P networks: online piracy of music, films andcomputer software. J Intellect Prop Right 2004, 9(5), 440-61.

008155 NAIR M D (A-11 Sagarika, 15, 3rd Seaward Road, ValmikiNagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600 041) : Compulsory licencesimbroglio: Provisions under TRIPS and their interpretations. JIntellect Prop Right 2004, 9(5), 415-23.

008156 RAVINDRAN S R (Global Business Solutions (StrategicConsultants for Intellectural Property), 4, Fourth Floor, Crown Court128 Cathedral Road, Chennai 600 086) : Capacity building forinnovation: role of IP infrastructure . J Intellect Prop Right 2004, 9(5), 462-70.


008157 GADHVI I R (Zoology Dep, Sir P.P. Institute of Science(Bhavnagar University), Waghavadi Road, Bhavnagar-364 002, E-Mail : : Monitoring nesting sites of lesserfloricans (Sypheotides indica) in and around Blackbuck National Park,Gujarat. Zoos Print Jl 2003, 18(7), 1135-42.



008158 ABWAO P, SHARMA R R (Faculty of Environmental Studies, Kenyatta Universit, Box- 43844, Nairobi (Kenya)) : Source andpollution status of Nairobi's river. Aquacult 2003, 4(1), 121-7.

008159 ACHARD F, STIBIG H J, EVA H, MAYAUX P (Joint ResearchCentre of the European Commission, I-21020 Ispra (VA), Italy, ) : Tropical forest cover monitoring in the humid tropics - TREES project. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 9-20.

008160 BHATTACHARYA D, JOSHI N (Environmental Sciences Dep, Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya, Gurukul kangri University, Hardwar-249408) : Impact of cypermethrin on the mycofloral proportions of soil. Ecol Envir Conserv 2003, 9(4), 505-8.

008161 DWIVEDI P, PANYANG O (Botany Dep, Arunachal University, Rono Hills, Itanagar-791 111) : Evaluation of potable water qualityin streams and the Dickrong river in the district Papum pare,Arunachal Pradesh, India. Ecol Envir Conserv 2003, 9(4), 437-40.

008162 DWIVEDI R S (Nat Remote Sensing Agency, Balanagar,Hyderabad-500 037) : Spatio-temporal characterization of soildegradation. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 75-90.

008163 MANCHANDA M L, KUDRAT M, TIWARI A K (Regional RemoteSensing Service Centre, Dehradun-248 001) : Soil survey and mappingusing remote sensing. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 61-74.

008164 MEIJERINK A M J (International Inst of Aerospace Surveyand Earth Sci (ITC), P O Box 6, 7500 AA Enschede, The Netherlands) : Satellite eco-hydrology - a review. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 91-106.

008165 NEERAJ KUMAR, SHARMA R C (Zoology Dep, Meerut College, Meerut-250 001) : Water quality of river Krishni with reference tobacteriologifcal characteristics. Aquacult 2003, 4(1), 149-52.

008166 RAO D P (National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), Hyderabad) : Remote sensing application in geomorphology. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 49-59.

008167 ROY P S (Indian Inst of Remote Sensing (NRSA), P O Box135, Dehradun-248 001) : Remote sensing for natural resourceassessment and management. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 1-2.

008168 SOBHA V, SANTHOSH S, GANGADEVI T, SHEEBA S (EnvironmentalSciences Dep, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala) : Primary productivity of paravur canal-an analysis. Ecol Envir Conserv2003, 9(4), 441-4.

008169 TATEISHI R (Center for Environ Remote Sensing (CEReS),Chiba Univ, 1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba 263-8522 Japan, ) : Landcover mapping of Asia-problems and solutions of continental/globalland cover mapping. Trop Ecol 2002, 43(1), 3-8.


008170 NARSAIAH K: . Protein transmission analysis inultrafiltration of ternary mixtures.(Prof Gopal P Agrawal) BiotechnolDep, Indian Inst of Technol Delhi, New Delhi, 2004



008171 BISWAS A, DEWANJI A (Applied Statistics Unit, IndianStatistical Inst, 203, B.T. Road, Calcutta-700 035) : Schedulingoptimal examination times in a simple illness-death model. J StatPlann Inference 2004, 126(1), 173-87.


008172 PANDEY S K: . Some contributions to the estimationproblems in sample surveys in presence of non-response.(Dr B B Khare)Statistics Dep, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, 2004

008173 RAMADEV I S: . On Szego's type theorem.(Dr M N NarayananNamboodiri) Mathematics Dep, Cochin Univ of Sci and Technol, Kochi, 2004

008174 SHRUTI: . Some population models and their applications.(Dr K N S Yadav) Statistics Dep, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, 2004

008175 SINGH A: . On injectivity and related concepts in somecategories in fuzzy topology.(Dr A K Srivastava) Math Dep, BanarasHindu Univ, Varanasi, 2004

008176 SRIVASTAVA N: . Investigations on certain aspects ofhigher normal linear spaces.(Prof S N Lal) Math Dep, Banaras HinduUniv, Varanasi, 2004



008177 AGGARWAL A K, KAURA S K, SHARMA A K, RAJ KUMAR, CHHACHHIAD P (Coherent Optics Division, Central Scientific InstrumentsOrganisation, Sector 30, Chandigarh-160 030) : Interferometry basedsecurity hologram readable with an encoded key hologram. Indian Jpure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 816-19.

008178 BAMBAH B, MUKKU C (School of Phys, Univ of Hyderabad, Hyderabad-500 046) : Isospin squeezed states, disoriented chiralcondensates and pion production: a dynamic group theoretical approach. Ann Phys 2004, 314(1), 54-74.

008179 BANERJEE S, PAL A K, PAL R S, SAHA S, BANERJEE N, BANERJEE A, DE M (Department of Materials Science, Indian Associationfor the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur, Kolkata 700 032) : Crystaland molecular structure of bis(2,4-diaminopyrimidinium) phosphatemonohydrate, 2C4H7N4+.PO43-H2O. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 635-7.

008180 BARGHOUTHI I A, ABU-SAMREH M M, QUMRI N L (Department ofPhysics, College of Science and Technology, AL Quds University, Abu-Deis, Jerusalem, P.O. Box 20002, via Israel) : On the diffractionmodel approach to cluster stripping nuclear reactions. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 607-19.

008181 BHASKAR A, RAJINI KANTH B, MURTHY S R (Phys Dep, OsmaniaUniv, Hyderabad-500 007) : Electrical properties of Mn added MgCuZnferrites prepared by microwave sintering method. J Magn Magc Mater 2004, 283(1), 109-16.

008182 BRUCE A E R, SAI P S T, KRISHNAIAH K (Chem Engng Dep, Indian Inst of Technol Madras, Chennai-600 036) : Characterization ofliquid phase mixing in turbulent bed contactor through RTD studies. Chem Engng J 2004, 104(1-3), 19-26.

008183 CHAKRABARTI M, SARKAR A, CHATTAPADHAYAY S, SANYAL D, CHAKRABARTI A (Phys Dep, Univ of Calcutta, 92 Acharya PrafullaChandra Road, Kolkata-700 009) : Doppler broadening measurements ofpositron annihilation in single crustallineBi2Sr2CaCu2O
8+dhigh Tc superconductor along two different crystallographicdirections. Physica C: Superconductivity 2004, 416(1-2), 25-8.

008184 CHAKRABORTY P K, BISWAS S K, GHATAK K P (Electronic andElectrical Communication Engng Dep, Indian Institute of Technol, Kharagpur-721 302) : On the modification of the Fermi-Diracdistribution function in degenerate semiconductors. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 111-17.

008185 CHATTOPADHYAYA S, DAS K K (Chem Dep, Phys Chem Section,Jadavpur Univ, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032) : Electronic spectrum ofSiSe6>+D>B> : a MRDCI study. Chem Phys Lett 2004, 398(1-3), 140-6.

008186 CHAUHAN B S, KUMAR R, JADHAV K M, SINGH M (Phys Dep, Himachal Pradesh Univ, Shimla-171 005) : Magnetic study ofsubstituted Mg-Mn ferrites synthesized by citrate precursor method. JMagn Magc Mater 2004, 283(1), 71-81.

008187 DEB A K, CHATTERJEE P, SEN GUPTA S P (Department ofMaterials Science, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science,Jadavpur, Kolkata 700 032) : Dependence of U, V, W, and other profileshape related paramenters on standard si sample microstructure. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 539-45.

008188 GHOSH D, DEB A, BHATTACHARYYA S, DUTTA (CHATTOPADHYAY) K,GHOSH J (Nuclear and Particle Physics Resarch Centre, Department ofPhysics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032) : Strong azimuthalfluctuations of pions produced in nuclear interactions at a few GeV/n. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 629-33.

008189 GUNASEKARAN S, PONNUSAMY S, RAJASEKARAN R (Post Graduateand Research Department of Physics, Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai600 030) : Growth and characterisation of potassium dihydrogenphosphate (KDP) crystal doped with amino acids. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 553-61.

008190 GUPTA H C, SHARMA V, TRIPATHI U (Phys Dep, Indian Inst ofTechnol, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016) : Normal coordinate analysisof the orthorhombic trifluorides MF3 (M=Gd, TB, Er, Yb). JMolec Struct 2004, 706(1-3), 85-88.

008191 GUPTA K K, BANSAL A K, SHARMA K S (Physics Dep, M S JCollege, Bharatpur-321 001) : Microwave dielectric relaxation studyof binary mixtures of cyclohexylamine with acetophenone andp-chloroacetopyenone in dilute solutions of benzene. Indian J pureappl Phys 2004, 42(11), 849-53.

008192 GUPTA R, GUPTA A, CHAUDHARI S M, GUPTA M, ALLENSPACH P (Inter Univ Consortium for DAE Facilities, Khandwa Road, Indore-452017) : Study of interfacial properties and its effect onmagnetization behaviour of Fe/Ni maltilayer structure. Appl Surf Sci 2004, 238(1-4), 254-61.

008193 GUPTA S, GOYAL S C (Phys Dep, Agra Coll, 5/100A/1 MathuraRoad) : Effect of temperature on elastic properties of rare gassolids. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 24-35.

008194 ISLAM A B M O, TATSUYAMA C (Department of physics, university of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh) : Characterization ofGaS-deposited GaAs surface by XPS and PL. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 547-51.

008195 JIVANI A R, GAJJAR P N, JANI A R (Physics Dep, SardarPatel university, Vallabh Vidyanagar-388 120) : Application ofpseudopotential to III-V semiconductor compounds. Indian J pure applPhys 2004, 42(11), 833-6.

008196 JOHN J T, KALE G B, BHARADWAJ S R, SRINIVASA R S, DE P K (Materials Sci Div, Bhabha Atomic Res Centre, Trombay, Mumbai-400 085) : A kinetic model for iron aluminide coating by low pressure chemicalvapor deposition: Part II. Model formulation. Thin Solid Films 2004, 466(1-2), 331-8.

008197 JOHN J T, SRINIVASA R S, DE P K (Materials Sci Div, Bhabha Atomic Res Center, Mumbai-400 085) : A kinetic model for ironaluminide coatings by low-pressure chemical vapor deposition. ThinSolid Films 2004, 466(1-2), 339-46.

008198 KONWAR R, CHANGMAI R, BARUAH G D (Physics Dep, DibrugarhUniversity, Dibrugarh-786 004) : Spectroscopic studies of molluscanshells. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 812-15.

008199 KUMAR A (CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling andComputer Simulation, Belur, Bangalore-560 037) : Isotropicfinite-differences. J Computl Phys 2004, 201(1), 109-18.

008200 KUMAR A (CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling andComputer Simulation, Belur, Bangalore-560 037) : Isotropicfinite-differences. J Computl Phys 2004, 201(1), 109-18.

008201 KUMAR S, BHASIN V S (Department of Physics andAstrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007) : Halo structure of11B> in a simple three body model. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 621-7.

008202 LAKSHMAN SINGH, SAXENA M, BHATNAGAR P K (Applied Sciencesand Humanities Dep, Moradabad Institute of Technology, Moradabad-244001) : Short circuit current variation of CIGS solar cells with grainboundaries recombination velocity. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 841-4.

008203 MADHURIMA V, SOBHANADRI J, MURTHY V R K (Physics Dep, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai-600 036) : 13C NMR and dielectric relaxation studies of methanol-nitrilesystems. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 837-40.

008204 MAHAJAN P, SENTHIL S (Applied Mechanics Dep, Indian InstTechnol, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016) : Cohesive element modeling ofcrack growth in a layered snowpack. Cold Region Sci Technol 2004, 40(1-2), 111-22.

008205 MAISNAM M, PHANJOUBAM S, SARMA H N K, RADHAPIYARI DEVI L,THAKUR O P, CHANDRA PRAKASH (Phys Dep, Manipur Univ, Canchipur,Imphal-795 003) : Hysteresis and initial permeability behavior ofvanadium-substituted lithium-zinc-titanium ferrite. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 86-90.

008206 MAJEE S K, BANDYOPADHYAY A, PAL A J (Indian Associationfor the Cultivation of Sci, Solid State Phys Dep, Kolkata-700 032) : Electrical bistability in molecular films: transition from memory tothreshold switching. Chem Phys Lett 2004, 398(1-3), 284-8.

008207 MISRA A, LOKENDRA KUMAR, PANKAJ KUMAR, DHAWAN S K, KAMALASANAN M N, SUBHAS CHANDRA (Polymeric & Soft Material Section,National Physical Laboratory, Dr K S Krishnan Road, New Delhi-110 012) : Blue electroluminescence in organic semiconductors. Indian J pureappl Phys 2004, 42(11), 793-805.

008208 MOORTHY L R, RADHAPATHY A, JAYASIMHADRI M, RAO T S, MURTHY D V R, SALEEM S A (Phys Dep, Sri Venkateswara Univ, Tirupati-517 502) : Modified Judd-Ofelt analysis of Pr3+ions in mixed alkali chloroborophosphate glasses. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 210-19.

008209 MORE P D, BHOSALE P N, BELHEKAR A A, DONGARE M K, DESHMUKH L P (Thin film and solar studies Research Laboratory, Department of Physics (Appl. Elect.), Shivaji University Center for PG Studies, Solapur-pune Road, Kegaon Solapur 413 002) : Chemicalanalysis techniques for quantitative determination of Cd, Se and Tefrom thin CdSe1-x Tex films. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 599-605.

008210 MUJUMDAR S, RAMACHANDRAN H (Raman Research Inst, CV RamanAvenue, Sadashivnagar, Bangalore-560 080) : Imaging through turbidmedia using polarization modulation: dependence on scatteringanisotropy. Optics Commun 2004, 241(1-3), 1-9.

008211 MURUGAN R (Phys Dep, Pondicherry Engng Coll, Pondicherry-605 014) : Investigation on ionic conductivity and Ramanspectra of cB>-Bi2MoO6. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 227-32.

008212 NARASIMHA MURTHY V N, KOKILA M K, PUTTARAJA, SHIVAPRAKASHN C, KULKARNI G M, KULKARNI M V (Department of Physics, JnanabharathiCampus, Bangalore University, Bangalore 560 056 Karnataka) : Structure of 1-cyano, 1-carbethoxy-2-(3' methoxy-4'-hydroxy) phenylethylene. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 639-42.

008213 OZA A T, SOLANKI G K, PATEL R G, PRAJAPATI S M (Department of Physics, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar388 120 Gujarat) : Electron-phonon resonance in some new chargetransfer complexes. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 591-8.

008214 PUSHPENDRA KUMAR, MALHOTRA L K (Thin Film Lab, Phys Dep, Indian Inst of Technol, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016) : Palladiumcapped samarium thin films as potential hydrogen sensors. Mater ChemPhys 2004, 88(1), 106-109.

008215 RAJBIR SINGH, ANAND P P, AGARWAL V K, ARORA V P, RAINA KK (Department of Physics, Meerut College, Meerut 250 001 UttarPradesh) : Thermo-optical studies of nematic liquid crystal mixtures. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 583-5.

008216 RAJNIKANT, DINESH (Condensed Matter Physics Group,Department of Physics, University of Jammu, Jammu Tawi 180 006) : Intramolecular C-H...N and intermolecular N-H...N interactions in2-amino-4-phenyl-1,3-thiazole. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 587-9.

008217 RAJPUT N, TIWARI S, CHANDRA B P (Department of PostGraduate Studies and Research in Physics and Electronics, RaniDurgavati University, Jabalpur 482 001) : Mechanolumineseenceproduced during impulsive deformation of coloured alkali halidecrystals. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 569-73.

008218 RAMA RAO G V, SARMA A V, RAMBABU C (Ultrasonic ResearchLaboratories, Phys Dep, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-530 003) : Excess volumes, deviation in viscosities and compressibilities ofbinary mixtures consisting of morpholine, piperidine with methanoland pyridine at different temperatures. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004,42(11), 820-6.

008219 ROY D, KARMAKAR R, MONDAL S K, SAHU K, BHATTACHARYYA K (Phys Chem Dep, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sci, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032) : Excited state proton transfer frompyranine to acetate in a CTAB micelle. Chem Phys Lett 2004, 398(1-3),147-51.

008220 SANTHOSH K P, ANTONY JOSEPH (Physics Dep, PayyanurCollege, Payyanur-670 327) : Cluster radioactivity in barium isotopes. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 806-11.

008221 SARAVANAN R, ISRAEL S (Phys Dep, The Madura Coll, Madurai-625 011) : Bonding in fluorite compound CaF2 usingMEM. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 220-6.

008222 SARKAR S K (Department of Electronics andTelecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University, Jadavpur Kolkata700 032) : Effects of wave function modulation on high-frequencycarrier transport in quantum wells under high biasing field. Indian JPhys 2004, 78(7), 535-8.

008223 SEIKH M M, SUDHEENDRA L, NARAYANA C, RAO C N R (Chem andPhys of Mater Univ, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Sci Res, Jakkur P.O., Bangalore-560 064) : A Raman study of the temperatureinduced low-to-intermediate-spin state transition in LaCoO3. J Molec Struct 2004, 706(1-3), 121-6.

008224 SHAH N A, IQBAL S Z, PARVEEN B (Postgraduate Dep ofElectronics & Instrumentation Technology, The University fo Kashmir, Srinagar-190 006) : Simple first-order multifunction filter. Indian Jpure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 854-56.

008225 SHARMA G D, SAXENA D, ROY M S (Physics Dep, Jai NarainVyas Univ, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342 005) : Dark, photoelectricalproperties and impedance analysis of organic semiconductor baseddonor/acceptor device. Thin Solid Films 2004, 466(1-2), 220-6.

008226 SHARMA J N, PATHANIA V (Mathematics Dep, National Inst ofTechnol, Hamirpur-177 005) : Generalized thermoelastic waves inanisotropic plates sandwiched between liquid layers. J Sound Vib 2004, 278(1-2), 383-411.

008227 SHARMA V, THAKUR A, CHANDEL P S, MADHOK G, GOYAL N, TRIPATHI S K (Centre of Advanced Study in Physics, Panjab University,Chandigarh-160 014) : Effect of Sn impurity on the photoconductivityof a- Se85Te15 thin films. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 845-48.

008228 SINGH V, GAUTAM A K, SINGH K S (Phys Dep, R.B.S. Coll, Agra-282 002) : Analysis of a P-V-T relationship for MgO. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 164-71.

008229 SINGH V, TIWARI M, AWASTHI O N, DHOBLE S J, DUBEY R N, QURESHI M S (Department of Physics, Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal 462 013 Madhya Pradesh) : Thermally stimulated conductivity ofCaS phosphors activated by Ce. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 579-82.

008230 SUSHIL K, ARUNESH K, SINGH P K, SHARMA B S (Phys Dep, Institute of Basic Sci, Khandari, Agra-282 002) : Analysis offinite-strain equations of state for solids under high pressures. Physica B 2004, 352(1-4), 134-46.

008231 TIWARI S, TIWARI S, CHANDRA B P (S.O.S in Electronics, PtRavishankar Shukla University, raipur Chhattisagarh 492 010) : Effects of temperature on the mechano luminescence of gold-doped ZnSphosphors. Indian J Phys 2004, 78(7), 575-8.

008232 VENKATA RAMANA G, RAJAGOPAL E, MANOHARA MURTHY N (Department of Physics, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur-515003) : Effect of mixed electrolytes on the temperature of soundvelocity maximum of water. Indian J pure appl Phys 2004, 42(11), 827-32.


008233 CHAKRAVARTI S K: . A critical study of magnetism in solid3 He.Phys Dep, Magadh Univ, Bodh Gaya, 2004

008234 DUDHE C M: . Investigation on defect dependent domainformations in Ba TiO3 crystals.(Dr V A Tabhane) Phys Dep, Nagpur Univ, Nagpur, 2004

008235 GOPKUMAR N: . Effect of plastic deformation on theoptical absorption and thermoluminescence of KCL:KI mixed crystals.(Dr M S K Khokhar and Dr R S Kher) Phys Dep, Guru Ghasidas Univ, Bilaspur, 2004

008236 KOLHE K G: . Structure and properties of liquid solidmetals and alloys.(Dr S K Shrivastava) Phys Dep, Devi AhilyaVishwavidyalaya, Indore, 2004

008237 KUSHWAHA A K: . Phonons in the spinel structure compounds.(Dr S S Kushwaha) Phys Dep, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, 2004

008238 NAYAK M: . Studies of kinetics of chemiluminescence insome iron and copper compounds.(Dr R S Kher and Dr S A Khan) Phys Dep, Guru Chasidas Univ, Bilaspur, 2004

008239 RAI V K: . Spectroscopic studies of atoms and moleculesusing lasers.(Prof S B Rai) Phys Dep, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, 2004

008240 SRIVASTAVA S K: . Some optical properties of photonicband gap materials.(Prof S P Ojha) Phys Dep, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, 2004



008241 ACHARY S N, TYAGI A K, KOHLER J (Applied Chem Div, BhabhaAtomic Res Centre, Mumbai-400 085) : Single crystal structural studyof Sr7Y6F30 (O): an example of anion-richfluorite derived structure with a cuboctahedron cluster. Mater ChemPhys 2004, 88(1), 207-211.

008242 ADAVI H H, KUSANUR R A, KULKARNI M V (Chemistry Dep, Karnatak University, Dharwad-580 003) : Alpha-cleavage during theoxidation of benzazolyl-4-coumarinomethyl sulphides. J Indian ChemSoc 2004, 81(11), 981-5.

008243 ADHARVANA CHARI M, SYAMASUNDAR K (Chem Dep, J.N.T. Univ, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500 072) : Silicagel supported sodiumhydrogensulfate as a heterogenous catalyst for high yield synthesisof 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2 (1H)-ones. J molec Catalys A 2004, 221(1-2), 137-9.

008244 AKTAS Y K, IBAR H (Chemistry Dep, Trakya University, 22030 Edirne, Turkey, E-Mail : : Extraction ofFeIIIb. J Indian Chem Soc 2004, 81(11), 942-5.

008245 ANTHONY N, MALARVIZHI E, MAHESHWARI P, RAJENDRAN S, PALANISWAMY N (Chem Dep, Holy Cross Coll, Trichy-620 002) : Corrosioninhibiton by caffeine - Mn2+ system. Indian J chem Technol 2004, 11(3), 346-50.

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