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APRIL 2003






Some Thoughts on DNA for the “DNA Children”                                                             9

D. Balasubramanian



Designer Wood Through Clonal Forestry                                                                          18

M. S. Haque

Cell Cycle Chronicle                                                                                                         22

Mintu Nath

Magnetic Transport                                                                                                          52

S. S. Verma

Proteomics—The Next Revolution                                                                                    60

V. Sravanti



A Talk Show on Clones                                                                                                    42

Hitesh R. Mehta



SCIPROJECT: Extract DNA at Home                                                                               30

BIOPROFILE: Glorious Garlic                                                                                          56



READERS WRITE                                                                                                             4

IN FOCUS                                                                                                                         5

ENTERTAINMENT ARENA                                                                                           16

SCIENCE NEWS                                                                                                             17

SPECTRUM                                                                                                                     26


• Star Watch: Constellation Cancer                                                                                        31

• Ingenious Inventions: Revolver                                                                                           32

• Herbal Healers: Time-tested Turmeric                                                                                 33

• Safe Sanctuaries: Bhitarkanika National Park                                                                         34

CROSSWORD                                                                                                                   35

SKY CORNER                                                                                                                  36

PUZZLE CORNER                                                                                                           40

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Science Reporter

Vol. 40, April 2003, pp 9-15



Some Thoughts on DNA for the “DNA Children”

D. Balasubramanian


On the 25th of April we celebrate the golden jubilee of the unravelling of the structure of the molecule that makes our genes. The article traces the exciting journey of the discovery of the DNA double helix 50 years ago.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, April 2003, pp 18-21



Designer Wood Through Clonal Forestry

M. S. Haque


Clonal forestry has gained popularity in recent years not only because of the high yields one gets in terms of tree plantations but also because of the good quality wood obtained. The article dwells on the impact of this technique on forestry.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, April 2003, pp 22-24



Cell Cycle Chronicle

Mintu Nath


All cells have an in-built clock that directs their activities in a well-orchestrated manner. The article discusses this strange phenomenon.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, April 2003, pp 52-55



Magnetic Transport

S. S. Verma


The article gives an account of the fast, comfortable and energy-efficient magnetically levitated trains that look set to solve the myriad problems of urban transportation.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, April 2003, pp 60-61



Proteomics—The Next Revolution

V. Sravanti


Proteomics holds the promise of revolutionizing the study of biology. The technique is discussed at length in the article.