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VOL. 48B


October 2009







Synthesis, antimicrobial and antitubercular activity of some cyclohexenone and indazole derivatives


Various cyclohexenone 2a-j and indazole 3a-j derivatives have been synthesized and tested for antitubercular and antimicrobial activity. The structures of the compounds have been assigned by IR, 1H NMR and mass spectroscopy.





D H Vyas, S D Tala, J D Akbari M F Dhaduk & H S Joshi*


Department of Chemistry, Saurashtra University, Rajkot 360 005, India









Study of [1,3] sigmatropic hydrogen migration in thymine, thymidine and thymidylic acid by AM1 method


The geometry and electronic structures of thymine, thymidine and thymidylic acid involving [1,3] sigmatropic hydrogen migration in the formation of tautomers have been fully optimized and evaluated by semi-empirical molecular orbital AM1 method. Thermodynamic parameters and mechanistic aspects have been investigated and are discussed.



Bojja Rajeshwar Rao


Environment Cell, E & P Kothagudem Thermal Power Station (O&M), Paloncha 507 115, India















A convenient synthesis of 2(2-benzo[b]furo)­indoles and benzofuropyrazoles


A short synthesis of benzo[b]furo indolyls 3a-g from 2-acetylbenzofuran 1 in two steps and corresponding pyrazoles 4a-g is described. An interesting scale up procedure for the synthesis of 2-acetylbenzofuran is also reported. This is the first report for the synthesis of benzofuroindolyl biheterocycle via Fischer indole cyclisation in ZnCl2/ CH3CN.








B C Goudarshivannanavar, H Jayadevappa & K M Mahadevan*


Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Chemistry, School of Chemical Sciences, Kuvempu University, Jnana Sahyadri, Shankaraghatta, 577 451, India








Cu(OTf)2-catalyzed α-halogenation of ketones with 1,3-dichloro-5,5′-dimethylhydantoin and N-bromosuccinimide





Arun R Jagdale, Pandurang V Chouthaiwale & Arumugam Sudalai*


Chemical Engineering and Process Development Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pashan Road,
Pune 411 008, India





















Microwave assisted synthesis of some novel pyrimidinones/thiones


A facile one pot microwave assisted synthesis and biological activity of a series of 1-substituted-4-aryl-5-ethoxycarbonyl-6-methylpyrimidine-2-one/thione are described.










Satheesha Rai N, Balakrishna Kalluraya*, Lingappa B & Shalini Shenoy


Department of Studies in Chemistry, Mangalore University, Mangalagangothri 574 199, India









A facile synthesis of new 6-acetamido-3-aroyl-2-styryl chromones


New 6-acetamido-3-aroyl-2-styryl chromones have been synthesized for the first time from 6-acetamido-3-aroyl-2-methyl chromones.












S P Bondge, S R Mahalle, A S Burungale, L R Patil  & R A Mane*


Department of Chemistry, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad  431 004, India















Synthesis of some new Dab butenolides

Some new Dab butenolides have been synthesized by the  condensation of two g-keto acids, b-(4-acetamido­benzoyl)­acrylic acid and b-(acetamido-3-nitrobenzoyl)acrylic acid with phenols.






Shailendra Prakash, Veena Joshi & R P Chamoli*

Department of Chemistry, Govt. Post-graduate College, Kotdwara 246 149, India









Chalcones, pyrazolines and aminopyrimidines as antibacterial agents


2,4–Bis-ethylamino-6-[4'-{3"-(substitutedphenyl/2'"-furanyl)-2"-propenon -1"-yl} phenyl amino]-s-triazine 5a-d have been prepared by treating ketone 4 with different substituted aromatic and heterocyclic aldehydes in the presence of alkali. These chalcones 5a-d on cyclisation with hydrazine hydrate and guanidine nitrate to form pyrazolines 6a-d and aminopyrimidines 7a-d respectively. The structures of the synthesized compounds have  been established on the bases of IR, 1H NMR and elemental analysis. The compounds have been evaluated for antibacterial activity against E. coli,
S. paratyphi-A, S. aureus and B. subtilis .






Anjani Solankee*, Smruti Lad, Sejal Solankee & Ghanshyam Patel


Department of Chemistry, B.K.M.Science College, Valsad 396 001, India















Reaction of amines with nitrones derived from chromone-3-carbaldehyde











Sourav Maiti, Suman Kalyan Panja & Chandrakanta Bandyopadhyay*


Department of Chemistry, R. K. Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, Rahara, Kolkata 700 118, India









Synthesis and evaluation of some novel substi­tuted 1,3,4-oxadiazole and pyrazole deriva­tives for antitubercular activity


A series of 1,3,4-oxadiazole and pyrazole derivatives have been synthesized and evaluated for antitubercular activity.










Shashikant R Pattan*, P A Rabara, Jayashri S Pattan, A A Bukitagar, V S Wakale & D S Musmade

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy, Pravaranagar 413 736, India














Synthesis of 6,7-dihydroxy-3-aryl-5-undecyl-4,1,2-benzoxadiazines


Condensation of Embelin 1 with different aromatic acid hydra­zides 2 in glacial acetic acid to give N1-5-hydroxy-6-undecyl-p-benzoaquinon-2-yl)-benzohydrides 3. Reductive cyclization of the product 3 with simultaneous acetylation in situ resulted in the formation of the compound 4 1-N-acetyl-6,7-diacetyl-3-aryl-5-undecyl-4,1,2-benzoxadiazine.












G Brahmeshwari


Department of Chemistry, University Arts and Science College, Subedari, Kakatiya University, |
Warangal 506 001, India









Microwave assisted synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazolyl 1, 8-naphthyridines under solvent-free conditions using solid support


A convient synthesis of 1-(4-acetyl-5-aryl-5-methyl-[1,3, 4]oxadiazol-2-ylmethyl)-3-(4-chloro-phenyl)-1H-[1,8]naph­thy­ridin-2-ones 4, by cyclization of acetophenone [2-oxo-3-(4-chloro-phenyl)-2H-[1, 8]-naphthyridin-1-yl]methylcarbonyl-hydrazones 3 with acetic anhydride using silica gel as solid support under microwave irradition is described.










K Mogilaiah*, T Kumara Swamy, A Vinay Chandra & N Srivani


Department of Chemistry, Kakatiya University, Warangal 506 009, India















Green synthesis of 3-(2-oxo-2H-chromenyl)-1-[3-(4-methoxyphenyl)[1,8]naphthyridin-2-yl]-1H-4-pyra­zolecarbaldehydes under microwave irra­diation


POCl3-DMF over silica-gel has been used for the synthesis of 3-(2-oxo-2H-chromenyl)-1-[3-(4-methoxyphenyl][1,8]­naph­th­y­­­r­idin-2-yl)-1H-4-pyrazolecarbaldehydes 4 under microwave irradiation.




K Mogilaiah*, K Jagadeeshwar & R Shiva Prasad


Department of Chemistry, Kakatiya University, Warangal 506 009, India









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