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Management & Information Technology


Using multi-objective electromagnetism-like optimization to analyze inventory tradeoffs under probabilistic demand

Ching-Shih Tsou, Chin-Hsiung Hsu &
Fong-Jung Yu

This paper studies a bi-objective inventory model that intends to simultaneously determine order size and safety factor without estimating shortage cost or implicitly conducting monetary evaluation of customer service. A solution algorithm based on electromagnetism-like mechanism is employed to analyze tradeoff between expected total relevant cost and expected number of stockout occasion under probabilistic demand. Inventory decisions generated from MOEMO (multi-objective electromagnetism-like optimization) are not easily dominated by traditional methods, but also MOEMO tradeoff spread much wider than those of sequential and simultaneous methods.


Implementation of improved error trapping decoder for multiple error correcting cyclic codes in a soft core processor

S B Gayen, B Dam & D Patranabis

This paper presents implementation of Tadao Kasami decoding algorithm for improved error trapping decoding and firmware realization details. Algorithm has been applied to cyclic (n, k) codes [Golay (23, 12) and BCH (31, 16)] for triple error correction. Microblaze 32-bit soft core processor was used with a Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA. To test decoder functionality, a test procedure with all possible error combination is devised. Profiling of execution time with no error and with error is presented along with hardware resource utilization of FPGA.

Management & Information Technology


New algorithm for analyzing performance of neighborhood strategies in solving job shop scheduling problems

V P Eswaramurthy

This paper presents tabu search to solve job shop scheduling problems. Various neighborhood strategies are introduced and an algorithm is developed to analyze performance of these strategies with new dynamic tabu length strategy. Performance of algorithm is tested using well-known benchmark problems and also compared with other algorithms.


Role of Indian educational and R & D institutions in knowledge sharing

S A Hasan, A K Pal, S C Dhawan &
Rajesh Luthra

Financial support has been provided to Indian institutions including universities, R&D institutions, institutions of national importance and colleges by Human Resource Development Group (HRDG) of CSIR to promote interaction and knowledge sharing through organization of conferences. During 2003-04 to 2005-06, universities organized maximum conferences (593, 40.4%), followed by R & D Institutions (364, 24.8%), colleges (264, 18.0%), scientific societies (127, 8.6%) and institutions of national importance (121, 8.2%). Institutions of national importance and deemed universities played a proactive role in promoting knowledge sharing (in terms of conferences organized) in engineering sciences, and central & state universities, R&D institutions, colleges, scientific societies in life sciences.

S & T and Industrial Research


Conceptual design and prototype of an ergonomic back-leaning posture support for motorbike riders

K Karmegam, M Y Ismail, S M Sapuan &
N Ismail

This study presents a prototype of an ergonomic back-leaning postures support for motorbike in Malaysia. Motorbike riders are more exposed to musculoskeletal disorders such as lower back pain. Prototype consists of two basic components, frame and backrest cushion. Prototype back-leaning posture support is evaluated by comparing it with anthropometry data in terms of flexible range accommodations and by test runs on road with riders. Prototype has shown better comfort seating, adjustability, stability, solidity, durability and safety for riders.

S & T and Industrial Research


Effect of impulsive noise on military personnel A case study

Ariani Celli, Angela Ribas &
Paulo Henrique Trombetta Zannin

Present study measures effects of impulsive noise level and assesses audiologically occurrence of noise-induced hearing loss or temporary threshold shift (TTS) during gunshot practice by military men. No significant variation in hearing threshold in any frequency before and after gunshot practice was observed, thus no TTS was detected. Alterations in hearing thresholds at 6 kHz and 8 kHz were observed in individuals who already presented cochlear hearing loss. Individuals reported following effects: tinnitus, 21; dizziness, 13; discomfort under loud sounds, 26; and difficulties in speech comprehension, 26%.


Studies on calcium alginate-pectin gel entrapped concanavalin A-bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) peroxidase complex

Rukhsana Satar, Mahreen Matto &
Qayyum Husain

Ammonium sulfate fractionated proteins of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) were precipitated using jack bean extract as a source of concanavalin A. Concanavalin A-bitter gourd peroxidase retained nearly 86% original activity. This complex was entrapped into calcium alginate-pectin gel. Entrapped concanavalin A-peroxidase complex retained 51% original activity. Soluble and immobilized peroxidase preparations exhibited maximum activity at 40C and pH 5.5. Concanavalin A-peroxidase complex and entrapped concanavalin A-enzyme complex retained greater fraction of catalytic activity at higher temperatures as compared to soluble form and also showed more broadening in pH-activity profiles, indicating a marked increase in stability. Concanavalin A-bitter gourd peroxidase and calcium alginate-pectin entrapped concanavalin A-bitter gourd peroxidase preparations were more stable as compared to soluble counterpart against denaturation induced by heat, pH, urea, organic solvents and detergents.

Energy and Environment


Influence of oxidative and non-oxidative conditions on petroleum pitch properties

Manoj Srivastava, Ranvir Singh,
Manoj Kumar, U C Agarwal & M O Garg

A series of pitches were prepared by thermal treatment of petroleum feedstock under oxidative and non-oxidative conditions at 350-450C, to study transformation behavior of feed components. Influence of type of oxidizing gas and oxidizing agent on softening point (SP), coking value (CV), quinoline insolubles (QI) and toluene insolubles (TI) was studied. Rate of increase of SP of pitch has been found more in oxidative conditions than in non-oxidative conditions. Oxidative conditions may also lead to reduction in stabilization period for making carbon fibers and activated carbon spheres. Formation of TI/QI is more under air/oxygen purging as compared to nitrogen purging.

Waste Treatment and Utilization


Optimization of cultural conditions and their statistical interpretation for production of indole-3-acetic acid by Bacillus subtilis CM5 using cassava fibrous residue

M R Swain & R C Ray

Bacillus subtilis CM5, isolated from culturable cow dung microflora, produced indole -3- acetic acid (IAA) in solid state fermentation of cassava (Manihot esculanta Crantz.) fibrous residue. Response surface methodology using a full factorial Central Composite Design evaluated effect of incubation period (6 days), initial medium pH (7.0) and moisture holding capacity (70%) on IAA production (23.5 mg/g dry substrate) by B. subtilis CM5.

Waste Treatment and Utilization


Biosorption of Cu(II) by immobilized biomass of Bacillus cereus M116 from aqueous solution

Abhijit Chatterjee & Lalitagauri Ray

Biosorption of Cu(II) ion from aqueous solution was studied using Bacillus cereus M116 immobilized in calcium alginate and agar agar gel in batch mode. Uptake of metal was very fast initially and equilibrium was attained within 240 min. Sorption data conformed well to both Freundlich and Langmuir isotherm model. Highest Cu(II) uptake (87.32%) by selected biomass (3.09 g/l, dry wt) immobilized in 3% calcium alginate occurred at 30C, 120 rpm when initial copper concentration was 50 mg/l.

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