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Facilitating Access or Monopoly: Patent Pools at the Interface of Patent and
Competition Regimes


        Indrani Barpujari




Compulsory Licensing under TRIPS: How Far it Addresses Public Health Concerns in Developing Nations


        Raadhika Gupta




Cyberspace- Conflicting Jurisdictional Spheres of Litigating IPR Claims
Tushar Kanti Saha




Principles Governing Damages in Trademark Infringement


        Astha Negi and Bhaskar Jyoti Thakuria








TRIPS, WTO and IPR – Counterfeit Drugs


            M D Nair




Literature Review








Initiating private-collective innovation: The fragility of knowledge sharing The TRIPS and technological innovation ● Does IP need IP? IP clearinghouses: The effects of reduced transaction costs in licensing The law applicable to security interests in IPR ● The development of FTAs and international protection of IPR in the WTO eraInside or outside the IP system? Business creation in academiaThe role of the non-functionality requirement in design law








Patent policy for human embryonic stem cell research in Taiwan Patent incentives, technology markets, and public–private bio-medical innovation networks in Brazil Core technology structure for companies through patent informationCumulative innovation in patent law: Making sense of incentives Consolidating private-public partnership approach to global public health crises
● Setting the threshold for industrial application: UK and Europe ● Product patent, the problem of availability of patented drugs and parallel trade ● The evolution of China's IPR system ● Business method patents and US financial services ● Controlling costs in patent litigation ● Patent thickets, courts, and the market for innovation ● Technological collaboration and patenting speed in US biotechnology ● International patent strategies of small and large firms: Nanotechnology ● Pioneers versus improvers: Enabling optimal patent claim scope ● Non-overlapping rights: A patent misconception Business method patents: A general overview on the patentability in US, UK and India ● Determinants of industrial innovation in China ● Intellectual property: A powerful tool to develop biotech research ● The private value of software patents




Copyright and Trademark




Digital locks and the fate of fair dealing in Canada The impact of DRM on freedom of expression IPR regime to enhance commercial earth observation activitiesAn evolutionary economics perspective on computer program interoperability and copyright Copyright’s first compulsory licenseMateriality and textuality in DRMCopyright and parody: Taking backward the Gowers Review? ● Intellectual property and the licensing of Canadian government geospatial data ● Is administrative enforcement the answer? Copyright protection in the digital era
● Trademark dilution and related issues ● Celebrity mark- An Indian perspective




IPR News




IPR News—General




● Developing nations slam WIPO reform suggestions ● IPR comes in way of FTA Kerala Government for inclusion of knowledge commons ● Udupi brinjal gets GI tag




Patent News




Ahmedabad law students to aid techies get patents for free ● India foils Chinese bid to patent ‘pudina’ ● HC boost for innovators, orders overhaul of patent process ● Serbia to join the EPO
Patent applications pending at the Indian Patent Offices ● Numbering system for granted Chinese patents ● Novartis challenges USPTO patent extension policy ●
EU proposes new solution for EU-wide patentDNA patent ruling hinders Monsanto ● ViiV opens HIV portfolio to generics firms
● It took 5 years to patent corneal stem cell therapy ● Patents and patent publications are prior art as on their provisional filing date




Copyright and Trademark News




WIPO copyright body fails to agree on instrument for visually impaired DMCA changes: Copyright rules made more flexible ● Member States address non-traditional marks ● Indian Trademark Act amended Google wins landmark Adwords copyright case ● US trademark for ‘bhang’ laced chocolates




Key Patents




● Patent for rHuPH20 enzyme platform ● Suven gets patents for two CNS drugs in Japan

● GlycoMimetics patents ● Patents granted for nanocolumn technology ● CardioMag Imaging receives patents from US and China ● Chirra Electronics gets its first patent grant ● Intellect Neurosciences gets US patent for Alzheimer's vaccine




Book Review




Research Handbook on Competition and Intellectual Property Law

        Edited by Josef Drexel