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Celebrity Rights: Protection under IP Laws


Tabrez Ahmad and Satya Ranjan Swain


Accommodating Long Term Scientific Progress: Patent Prospects in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Nithya Anand


Is It Broadcast or Broadcasting?


M Sakthivel


Model for IP Protection based on an Empirical Study of Iranian Nanotechnology Companies


Sepehr Ghazinoory, Sadegh Abedi and Behnam Mashar




TRIPS, WTO and IPR: Protection of Bioresources and Traditional Knowledge


M D Nair


Literature Review




The TRIPS Agreement: Helping or hurting least developed countries’ access to essential pharmaceuticals?The innovation–economic growth nexus: Global evidence Trade secrets in the IP strategies of entrepreneurs Enforcement, economics and estimates The impact of piracy on innovation in the presence of technological and market uncertainty IP, commercial needs and humanitarian benefits: Must there be a conflict? Does the protection of foreign IPR stimulate innovation in the US?   IP valuation Innovation, imitation, and IPR with international capital movement Collusive and exclusive settlements of IP litigation Conviction or coercion? Peru on the road to TRIPS-plus On the methodology for quantifying innovations Multi-stakeholder partnerships for transfer of environmentally sound technologies




Large-scale open innovation: Open source vs patent pools Patenting cryptographic technology A uniform framework for patent eligibilityRules for patentsPatenting human genes: The Myriad controversy Concerted refusals to license IPR An unsettling development:The use of settlement related evidence for damages determinations in patent litigation A heuristic procedure to identify the most valuable chain of patent priority network Evergreening: A deceptive device in patent rightsA rough set based approach to patent development with the consideration of resource allocation Stimulating energy-efficient innovations in the Dutch building sector: Empirical evidence from patent counts and policy lessons



Copyright and Trademark


The impacts of the differences between UK and US copyright laws for sound recordings on musicians Fulfilling the copyright social justice promise: Digitizing textual information Digital piracy and firms’ strategic interactions: The effects of public copy protection and DRM similarity Parallel importation of copyright products in Taiwan: A struggle with international trade policy Copying, superstars, and artistic creation From music tracks to Google maps: Who owns computer-generated works? Copyright for engineered DNA: An idea whose time has come? Freedom of panorama: A comparative look at the right to create derivative works in public spaces Counterfeit fashion: The interplay between copyright and trademark law in original fashion designs and designer knockoffsFree speech and international obligations to protect trademarks



IPR News


IPR News—General


Biodiversity welcomes Nagoya Protocol ● US trade representative finds fault with India, China intellectual property regimes ● IPR trials of top MNCs on the rise in China ● GI registration for Kundan Meena ● Stornoway black pudding to get protected GI status


Patent News


USPTO pilot program UK government urges EC to revisit single patent plans ● Detroit, Michigan announced as first regional patent office ● Google signs deal to translate European patents ● Patent fight erupts over Kakadu plum ● China on patents overdrive Apex court dismisses Bayer's appeal in patent-linkage case Diagnostic tests can be patented, rules US Court Natco Pharma seeks compulsory licence for copy of Pfizer drug


Copyright and Trademark News


Copyright and wrongs ● Lankan curry beats burger giant McDonalds in trademark battle ● Court grants injunction against two companies for infringing trademark of Ashok Leyland


Key Patents


Apple patents glasses-less 3D projection ● Reality mobile’s first patent award Power efficiency's revolutionary e-save technology granted patent Patent for biomolecular interaction identification methods


Book Review


Intellectual Property and Human Rights- A Paradox


Edited by Willem Grosheide


Understanding Designs Act


Srikanth Venkatraman