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                 MAY 2011

CODEN: JIPRFG 16(3) 213-298(2011)

      ISSN : 0971-7544


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Post-TRIPS Patenting Trends in India with Special Reference to USA:


A Comparative Analysis


Harunrashid Kadri and Medha Saykhedkar




Exuberance or Bubble? Study of Nano-Based Herbal Medicine Patents in the PR China


Tse-Ping Dong and Chun-Hsien Sung




A Critical Review of China’s Approach to Limitation of the Internet Service Provider’s


Liability: A Comparative Perspective


Wenqi Liu




Collective Marks and Geographical Indications - Competitive Strategy of


Differentiation and Appropriation of Intangible Heritage


Elizabeth Ferreira da Silva and Patrícia Pereira Peralta




The Competition-IP Dichotomy: Emerging Challenges in Technology Transfer Licenses


Aditya A Kutty and Sindhura Chakravarty






TRIPS, WTO and IPR – Recent Happenings in WTO


M D Nair




Literature Review








Top tens in 2010: Patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret cases ACTA border measures and goods in transit Concerted refusals to license IPR To promote the creative process: IP law and the psychology of creativity Collusive and exclusive settlements of IP litigation The problem with IPR: Subject matter expansionParallel imports: Should a generalized international exhaustion be the next step?Compulsory licensing under the TRIPS AgreementR&D collaboration with uncertain IPR Essential facilities doctrine Trade-related IPR: Industry variation and technology diffusion ● Implementation of the technical assistance principles of the WIPO Development Agenda ● Effectiveness of university technology transfer ● IP disclosure as threat FDI in weak IPR regimes Proper laboratory notebook practices TRIPS downhill: India's PVP system and implications for small farmers Software interoperability, IP and competition law
Key factors for the successful evaluation and screening of managers of the IPR specialty
Recent developments in IP and power in the private sector related to food and agriculture Managerial secrecy and intellectual asset protection in SMEsAn overview of a recent court challenge to the protection of biomarkers as IPKnowledge disclosure as IPR protection Intellectual capital and organizational organic structure in knowledge society




Patent marking estoppel and the patent licensee Do patents disclose useful information? Beyond invention: Patent as knowledge lawIP legal ethics: An empirical perspective on patent litigators
● Optimal patent policy with endogenous cross-border acquisitionsPatent data mining: A tool for accelerating HIV vaccine innovation Dynamics of nanotechnology patenting: Indian scenario Using patent citation patterns to infer innovation market competition Duration of technology licensingTK and the patent system Using market signals to provide incentives for innovations A patent examining expert system using pattern recognitionPatent office in innovation policy A new comprehensive patent analysis approach for new product design in mechanical engineering The Patent Asset Index The impact of academic patenting on university research and its transfer A guide to efficient keyword, sequence and classification search strategies for biopharmaceutical drug-centric patent landscape searches - A human recombinant insulin patent landscape case study Monitoring trends of technological changes based on the dynamic patent lattice
Licensing to a durable-good duopoly in patent litigation




Copyright and Trademark




Parchment, pixels & personhood: User rights and the identity politics of IP A contrarian view of copyright: Hip-hop, sampling, and semiotic democracy What economists know about open source softwareSocial semiotics in the fair use analysis Database ownership: Myth or reality? ● Property is a two-way street: Personal copyright use and implied authorization ● From legal code to digital code ● Socio-cultural characteristics of usability of bioinformatics databases and tools ● A game-theoretic framework for the security system of visible watermarking




IPR News




IPR News—General




India will not accept any IP talks or obligations outside WTO Intellectual Property Association of South India launched ● IPAB centres likely to come up in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata ● Geographical indication statistics




Patent News




India opposes US proposal to implement global patents ● Taiwan to set up IP bankIsrael solidifies standing as patent power EU patent filings reach record in 2010 ● Public details of patented drugs to be made available ● Fast-track patents at USPTO ● Microsoft seeks to weaken software patent rules at US Supreme Court ● IIT-Madras gets award for highest number of patents




Copyright and Trademark News




Belgian court rules that Google infringes copyright when its services link to newspaper sites LimeWire to pay record labels US$ 105 millionChina's Baidu fined for copyright infringementChina sees second largest growth in international trademark applications




Key Patents




● Universal Security Instruments Inc receives new patent ● EarthSure Corp receives patent allowance to tap into new source of green energyNuPathe announces allowance of US patent application for its migraine patchNew Apple patent application: Air keyboards that sense fingers GT Life Sciences issued patent on methods for genomic-based metabolic modelling




Book Review




Valuation of Intellectual Property Assets


Akshat Pande




Indian Patent Law and Practice


Kalyan C Kankanala, Arun N Narasani and Vinita Radhakrishnan




An alternative primer on national and international copyright law in the global


South: Eighteen questions and answers


Alan Story