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Liability of Internet Service Providers for Third Party Online Copyright Infringement: A Study of the US and Indian Laws



        Thilini Kahandawaarachchi



Modern Patenting — Quantity and Quality


        Gwilym Roberts



A Critique of the Indian Law and Approach towards Protection of Geographical Indications with Specific Reference to Genericide



            J Adithya Reddy & Siladitya Chatterjee



Keeping Cashmere in Kashmir- The Interface between GI and TK


            Raguvaran Gopalan and Sindhu Sivakumar



IP Case Law Developments


            Zakir Thomas



Literature Review






● Intellectual property rights Will the TRIPS Agreement foster appropriate biotechnologies for developing countries? ● Industry-university IP relations ● IPR protection and unemployment in a North South model ● IP as property ●IPR and quality improvement The interplay between IPR and competition law in the context of standardization ● Gender dimensions of IP and traditional medicinal knowledge ● Do formal IPR hinder the free flow of scientific knowledge? ● Reconfiguring the innovation policy portfolios for Taiwan's SIP Mall industry ● Business enterprise R&D, technological change, and IP protection ● The dynamics of bilateral IP: Taiwan and the US The protection of IPR and endogenous growth ● IP issues in joint ventures and collaborations







Harmonization through condemnation ● Will longer antimicrobial patents improve global public health?Automatic patent classificationPatent disclosure requirements and benefit sharingUsing AHP in patent valuation Patents and access to antiretroviral medicines in Vietnam ● A comparative study of different tasks for Japanese patent document retrieval ● Maximizing patent term in the USA ● Cluster-based patent retrieval ● Text mining techniques for patent analysis ● The impact of Canadian Patent Policy and IT on CPO operations ● A primer on US antitrust claims against patentees under Walker Process IPR abuses in the patent licensing of technology standards from developed countries to developing countries ● The Iranian patenting system ● Patenting, IPR and sectoral outputs in industrial revolution in Britain ● Patent activity and technical change ● The role of patents for bridging the science to market gap ● Patently obvious: IPR and nanotechnology ● The influence of patent protection on firm innovation investment in manufacturing industries ● Patentability of living organisms



Copyright and Trademark



Econometric analysis of copyrights The lifecycle of balance under the Canadian copyright law ● Digital library IPR evaluation and method ● The copyright reform process in Australia ● Parallel imports: More CD than WOW? ● Protection of trademarks and GI for agricultural products and foodstuffs disputeJapan digs its claws into biodiversity through FTAs ● The UK's new trademark notification regime ● Plant variety protection in developing countries ● The relationship of GI with real property valuation and management



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IPR News—General



WTO probes Chinese industry subsidies ● US discussed 301 watch lists with Pakistan ● WIPO recognizes developing world rights USPTO offered free program on protecting IP in China WIPO organizes retreat for OIC member states ● MDA launches IP manifesto for museums ● Votes against declaration of rights of indigenous peoples Opening of the Kosovo IPO ● Chinese firms learn IPR protection ● Ugandan inventors condemn ideas pirates ● IP: Violations and damages ● IP in China: Record fine for French company ● Centre offering courses in IPR ● Australia: WTO investigation into China's trade ● WIPO faces crisis ● UN patent agency adopts development agenda



Patent News



Patent highway between UK and USA open ● Patently lagging ● TVS Motor protests Bajaj’s allegations on patents



Copyright and Trademark News



● Nigeria: Yar'Adua lauds Copyright Commission ● Copyright trade center launched
● Philippines making progress on software piracy ● Rugby World Cup photo copyright victory ●
US economy being hit hard by theft ‘pandemic’ ● Pirates of the African screen ● Australian copyright infringement plan ● Kindergarten class: Antipiracy education ● China cuts import tax on CDs ● Copyright protection in the Internet ● Practical help on new trademark legislation ● Brand Excellence Award ● Farmers' rights: Global regime on IPR ● Cambodia: Establishing geographical rights of goods




Key Patents



Patent for color label printing ● Metered dose spray device ● Wound therapy method
● Behavioral targeting




Book Review



Economic and Legal Issues in Intellectual Property


            edited by Michael McAleer and Les Oxley



Intellectual Property


            William T Gallagher



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Claims                                                          562

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Copyright                                                    553 

Design                                                          589

Digital Millennium Copyright Act              553

Drafting                                                       562

Future works                                               589

Genericide                                                    572

Geographical indication                       572, 581

Information Technology Act                       553

Infringement copyright                                589

Infringement                                                553

Injunction                                                    589

Internet Service Provider (ISP)                    553

Internet                                                        553

Passing off                                                   589

Patent application                                       562

Patents                                                         589

Prior art                                                       562

Safe harbour                                                 553

Specific description                                     562

Subscriber                                                    553

Sui generis                                                   581 

Third party                                                  553

Trademark                                                   589

Traditional cultural expressions                  581

Traditional knowledge                                 581

TRIPS Agreement                                       572


Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Vol 12, November 2007, pp 553-561              


Liability of Internet Service Providers for Third Party Online Copyright Infringement: A Study of the US and Indian Laws


Thilini Kahandawaarachchi

Received 21 May 2007, revised 5 September 2007

During the past decade or so there have been numerous efforts to bring in a suitable legal framework which deals with the protection of intellectual property on the Internet. There have been heated debates among many stakeholders such as owners of various intellectual properties, particularly, copyright and trademark right holders, consumers and intermediate service providers. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were at the heart of this debate since there was a tendency to hold them responsible for the infringing actions of their customers and this would prove to be an adverse impact not only on the ISPs but also on the Internet per se. This paper examines liability of ISPs for copyright infringements by their subscribers.

A number of research questions like, what amounts to violation of copyright and rights available under copyright, have been addressed in this paper. The analysis of arguments for holding ISPs liable for copyright violation has also been done. The United States of America having most comprehensive law on the issue as of now, applying traditional intellectual property law to cases of copyright infringements on the Internet, is also examined. Later on USA drafted a new law, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), 1998, which deals with the Internet related crimes and provides detailed ‘safe harbours’ to limit liability of the ISPs in cases of copyright infringement by their subscribers. The paper further examines the case laws prior to DMCA and post DMCA to examine the manner in which court has looked at the ISPs liability for third party copyright infringement. The position in the Asia Pacific region is also examined with special reference to Singapore since it is believed to be a jurisdiction with a well developed system of law dealing with ISP liability. Since, India is developing rapidly and becoming more and more dependent on Internet, the Indian law and the Information Technology Act, 2000 with reference to ISPs has also been dealt with. The paper concludes with the suggestion on the improvement of the law relating to ISP liability in India.

Keywords: Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet, subscriber, third party, copyright, infringement, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, safe harbour, Information Technology Act

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Vol 12, November 2007, pp 562-571


Modern Patenting – Quantity and Quality

Gwilym Roberts

Received 20 September 2007, revised 30 October 2007

This paper discusses the current debate on ‘quality patents’ against the backdrop of a practical assessment of the considerations that go into drafting patent applications together with an example of how the drafting process might go forward, demonstrating the amount of care that needs to go into these documents and attempting to undermine the suggestion that there is a problem with the quality of patents. It also highlights the delicate balance that needs to be struck between commercial and legal requirements in a patent application, stresses that although numerous considerations need to be taken into account simultaneously, those considerations are manageable, and clearly shows the skill that the attorney must demonstrate.

Keywords: Drafting, patent application, specific description, prior art, claims


Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Vol 12, November 2007, pp 572-580


A Critique of the Indian Law and Approach towards Protection of Geographical Indications with Specific Reference to Genericide

J Adithya Reddy & Siladitya Chatterjee

Received 27 June 2007, revised 3 October 2007

The TRIPS Agreement prescribes minimum standard of protection for geographical indications (GIs) and additional protection for wines and spirits. The lack of uniform international protection, along with inability to reach global consensus to remedy this, has placed many GIs under the threat of becoming generic. Especially, the ones produced by backward, rural communities in developing countries like India, have been vulnerable to exploitation by large commercial enterprises through patenting. The Indian statute along with its rules has adapted a strong scheme of GI protection, mostly on the lines of the European Regulations. However, certain features of the Act merit serious consideration, the most important being the broad criteria given to determine genericide. The requirement to consider the situation outside the country of origin to determine such genericide, is avoidable and potentially harmful.

Keywords: Geographical indications, genericide, TRIPS Agreement


Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Vol 12, November 2007, pp 581-588


Keeping Cashmere in Kashmir- The Interface between GI and TK

Raguvaran Gopalan and Sindhu Sivakumar

Received 16 July 2007, revised 3 October 2007

This paper focuses on the legal issues involved in one source of wealth in Kashmir- the famous ‘pashmina’, one of the most refined forms of cashmere. Problems and possibilities involved in the protection of traditional knowledge accumulated over the ages which goes into the manufacture of the ‘pashmina’ fabric to understand how the common man in Kashmir may be secured from detriment that might be caused due to the possible unjustified exploitation of such traditional knowledge are also discussed. In this process, the broader argument of whether geographical indication is effective as the sole means of protection of traditional knowledge is also examined.

Keywords: Traditional knowledge, geographical indication, sui generis, traditional cultural expressions


Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Vol 12, November 2007, pp 589-597


IP Case Law Developments*

Zakir Thomas

Received 21 October 2007

This article attempts to summarize some of the recently reported cases on intellectual property law to enable the readers to understand how the courts have applied the principles of intellectual property law to actual IP disputes. The cases are chosen from the cases reported in May and July 2007 issues of the Patents and Trade Marks Cases (PTC), a leading case law reporter on intellectual property laws. The June issue of PTC contains only index of cases.

Keywords: Patents, injunction, trademark, concurrent user, design, passing off, infringement copyright, future works


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Traditional Creativity, Cultural Expressions and Cultural Heritage Section,
World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland


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