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JUNE 2003






Hydrogen – The Ultimate Fuel                                                                                                     9

Sukanya Datta, Parvinder Chawla, Hasan Jawaid Khan & B. C. Sharma



The Winds of Change                                                                                                                 23

Sunil Deambi

Gobar Gas                                                                                                                                26

N. S. Subbarao

Magnificent Oceans—Sources of Rich Energy                                                                               52

Subhajit Mitra Majumder



Redundant                                                                                                                                 42

S. M. Ghatak



HEALTH: Breast Cancer Inheritance Genes                                                                                 45

BIOPROFILE: Splendid Seabuckthorn                                                                                       56



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SCIENCE NEWS                                                                                                                     17

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• Star Watch: Constellation Virgo                                                                                                 31

• Ingenious Inventions: Printing Technology                                                                                  32

• Herbal Healers: Terminalia—A Heart Tonic                                                                                33

• Safe Sanctuaries: Corbett National Park                                                                                      34

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Science Reporter

Vol. 40, June 2003, pp 9-15, 29



Hydrogen—The Ultimate Fuel

Sukanya Datta, Parvinder Chawla, Hasan Jawaid Khan & B. C. Sharma


With the global energy scene worsening with each passing day, we would need to wean ourselves off oil and the other fossil fuels sooner than anticipated. The article examines the use of Hydrogen as the fuel of the next millennium.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, June 2003, pp 22-25



The Winds of Change

Sunil Deambi


Wind power promises to be source of abundant renewable energy. The article discusses the favourable conditions that exist in India for gainfully exploiting this resource.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, June 2003, pp 26-27



Gobar Gas

N. S. Subbarao


Biogas plants not only provide methane fuel but also yield nitrogen-rich slurry that is an excellent source of manure. But the potential of biogas is yet to be exploited fully.




Science Reporter

Vol. 40, June 2003, pp 52-55



Magnificient Oceans—Sources of Rich Energy

Subhajit Mitra Majumder


Harnessing the enormous thermal and wave energies of oceans is a challenging venture that has a host of lucrative applications. The article dwells on some of these.