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JUNE 2012


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Fabrication of a high precision silicone rubber mold for replicating wax patterns of cylinder heads


        Chil-Chyuan Kuo & Zhong-Sheng Shi




Optimization of surface roughness in turning unidirectional glass fiber reinforced plastics (UD-GFRP) composites using polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tool


        Surinder Kumar, Meenu, P S Satsangi & H K Sardana




Fabrication and deformation studies on Al-Cu composite metallic materials


        S Madhusudan, M M M Sarcar, N R M R Bhargava & KSunil Ratna Kumar




Numerical evaluation of a submerged entry nozzle for continuous casting of steel


        C A Real-Ramirez, R Miranda-Tello, L Hoyos-Reyes, M Reyes & J I Gonzalez-Trejo




Experimental and theoretical investigation of bending over sheave fatigue life of stranded steel wire rope


        Yusuf Aytaç Onur & C Erdem İmrak




Characterisation of BiFeO3 synthesised by microcontroller based thermogravimetric analyser


        P H Suresha, Ramani, M C Radhakrishna, Basavaraj Angadi & J T Devaraj




Investigation on the structural, electrical and magnetic properties of layered perovskite manganite DySr2MnCrO7


        Devinder Singh, Meena Sharma, Rajinder Singh & Sushma Sharma




Effect of crystallite size on electron spin resonance of Gd3+ and luminescence of Eu3+ doped in La6WO12


        V Rama Devi, B Vijaya Kumar, Radha Velchuri, Palla Suresh, G Ravi &
M Vithal




Synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties of Cr-containing silica gel


        Yongxiao Bai, Weiwei Hu, Xinjun Hu, Yan Bao, Bochao Zhu, Peihong Yao & Junji Jia




Author Index



Angadi Basavaraj 196
Bai Yongxiao 209
Bao Yan 209
Bhargava N R M R 175
Devaraj  J T 196
Gonzalez-Trejo J I 179
Hoyos-Reyes L 179
Hu Weiwei 209
Hu Xinjun 209
İmrak C Erdem 189
Jia Junji  209
Kumar Surinder 163
Kuo Chil-Chyuan 157
Madhusudan S 175
Meenu 163
Miranda-Tello R   179
Onur Yusuf Aytaç   189
Radhakrishna M C 196
Rama Devi V 204
Ramani 196
Ratna Kumar K Sunil  175
Ravi G    204
Real-Ramirez C A 179
Reyes M   179
Sarcar M M M 175
Sardana H K     163
Satsangi  P S   163
Sharma Meena     199
Sharma Sushma   199
Shi Zhong-Sheng   157
Singh Devinder  199
Singh Rajinder    199
Suresh Palla    204
Suresha P H   196
Velchuri Radha  204
Vijaya Kumar B   204
Vithal M  204
Yao Peihong 209
Zhu Bochao 209