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APRIL 2012


Special issue: Low-latitude upper atmosphere-ionosphere-plasmasphere system in a record low solar minimum in Asian sector


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        N Balan, A K Patra & T K Pant


Secular changes in the solar terrestrial conditions observed during sunspot minima: Some implications for the earth’s ionosphere


        T E Girish* & G Gopkumar




Behaviour of the low-latitude ionosphere-plasmasphere system at long deep solar minimum


        N Balan*, C Y Chen, J Y Liu & G J Bailey




COSMIC observations of ionospheric density profiles over Indian region: Ionospheric conditions during extremely low solar activity period


        S Sripathi




Solar EUV flux (0.1-50 nm), F10.7 cm flux, sunspot number and the total electron content in the crest region of equatorial ionization anomaly during the deep minimum between solar cycle 23 and 24


        D Chakrabarty*, Mala S Bagiya, Smitha V Thampi & K N Iyer




Contrasting features of the F3 layer during high and low solar activity conditions observed from Indian low-latitude


        P Pavan Chaitanya*, A K Patra & S V B Rao




On the variability of the observed HF Doppler derived equatorial F-region plasma drifts during evening and morning hours and the chemical corrections therein


        S G Sumod*, T K Pant & S R P Nayar




Effect of solar flares on ionospheric TEC at Varanasi, near EIA crest, during solar minimum period


        Sanjay Kumar & A K Singh*




Airglow observation over equatorial and low-latitudes in the extreme solar minimum of 2007-2008


        P K Rajesh*, J Y Liu, C H Lin, A B Chen, R R Hsu & H T Su




Nightglow observations of OI 630 nm emission during the beginning of Solar cycle 24 over 25°N, India


        Navin Parihar$,*, B A Kakad & G K Mukherjee



Radio Beacon for Ionospheric Tomography (RaBIT) onboard YOUTHSAT: Preliminary results


        T K Pant*, P Sreelatha, N Mridula, S Trivedi, R M Das, S Koli, R Sharma, J Girija, Arun Alex, K K Mukundan, S B Shukla, P Purushottaman, J N Santosh, Biju Thomas, M Srikant, R Sridharan, K Krishnamoorthy, Ratan Bisht, D V A Raghavamurthy, M P T Chamy & J D Rao




Equatorial spread F development and quiet time variability under solar minimum conditions


        M A Abdu




Equinoctial and June solstitial F-region irregularities over Sanya


        Guozhu Li*, Baiqi Ning, Libo Liu, Weixing Wan, Lianhuan Hu, Biqiang Zhao & A K Patra




VHF radar observations of post-midnight F-region field-aligned irregularities over Indonesia during solar minimum


        Y Otsuka*, K Shiokawa, M Nishioka & Effendy




Equatorial F-region irregularities during low and high solar activity conditions


        L M Joshi*, A K Patra & S V B Rao




Multi-instrument observations of winter solstice F-region irregularities during the low solar activity


        N Dashora*, A Taori & A K Patra




Evolution of plasma bubbles over Vietnam region observed using the CERTO beacon on board C/NOFS satellite


        Smitha V Thampi* & Mamoru Yamamoto




Equinoctial asymmetry in the occurrence of equatorial spread F over Indian longitudes during moderate to low solar activity period 2004-2007


        G Manju*, M K Madhav Haridas, Sudha Ravindran, Tarun Kumar Pant & S Tulasi Ram




Impact of equatorial ionospheric irregularities on transionospheric satellite links observed from a low latitude station during the minima of solar cycle 24


        T Das, B Roy, A DasGupta & A Paul*




Enhanced gravity wave activity over the equatorial MLT region during counter electrojet events


        C Vineeth*, T K Pant & M M Hossain




On the linkage between mesospheric gravity waves and occurrence of equatorial plasma bubble observed during the low solar activity


        A Taori*, V Kamalakar, L M Joshi, S Sripathi & A K Patra




Planetary wave coupling of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere-ionosphere (MLTI) region during deep solar minimum 2005-2008


        R Dhanya*, S Gurubaran & S Sathishkumar




Sporadic E over Allahabad during the extremely prolonged low solar activity period of 2007-2009


        P Tiwari, D Tiwari*, G Surve & C Nayak



Corotating interaction regions (CIRs) at sub-harmonic solar rotational periods and their impact on ionosphere-thermosphere system during the extreme low solar activity year 2008


        S Tulasi Ram*, M Yamamoto, B Veenadhari, Sandeep Kumar & S Gurubaran




Corotating interaction region (CIR) induced magnetic storms during solar minimum and their effects on low latitude geomagnetic field and ionosphere


        B Veenadhari*, Sandeep Kumar, S Tulasi Ram, Rajesh Singh, S Alex







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