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MAY 2010

CODEN: JIPRFG 15(3) 183- 268(2010)

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Patent Linkage in India: Current Scenario and Need for Deliberation


Anshul Mittal


Nanotechnology Patents as R&D Indicators for Disease Management Strategies in Agriculture


Kalpana Sastry R, H B Rashmi and N H Rao


The Patent Regime and Nanotechnology: Issues and Challenges


Indrani Barpujari


Komal Chaul – A Potential Candidate for Geographical Indication


Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar and Arun B Samaddar


Legal Protection of Geographical Indications in Jammu and Kashmir ¾ A Case Study of

Kashmiri Handicrafts


Farooq Ahmad Mir and Farutal Ain


Approaches to Ensuring Access to Pharmaceuticals under the New China’s Patent Law


Wenqi Liu




TRIPS, WTO and IPR: Prevailing Issues and Emerging Trends


M D Nair


Literature Review




Moving research to patient applications through commercialization: Role of IP Use of IP protection by micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises: Ghana Current M&A environment for emerging biotherapeutics companiesCommercializing synthetic biology: Socio-ethical concerns and challenges under IP regime Freer trade, more regulation? Asia-Pacific FTAs IP management in M&A transactionsIncentives for and protection of cultural expression: Art, trade and GIsProspects and challenges of GIs in India Natural IPRs and the public domain R&D partnership contract coordination of information goods supply chain in government subsidyHarmonization of IP: Issues in the South PacificMobility of public researchers, scientific knowledge transfer, and the firm's innovation processAnother look at Basmati GIs and the TRIPS Agreement The fight against digital piracy The international debate on GIs ● The law applicable to secondary liability in IP cases ● A psychology of IP Business strategies for multinational IP protectionLegal effects and policy considerations for FTAs The concept of sustainable development in international IP law - New approaches from EU economic partnership agreements? An analysis of the effect of software IPRs on the performance of software firms in South KoreaInterdisciplinary experiential education of IP concepts in an engineering context Scaling back TRIPS-PlusThe pragmatic incrementalism of common law IP ● A short analysis of emerging IP issues in ‘green’ marketing ● Development of audit system for IP management excellenceIPRs, multinational firms and economic growth Internet domain names and  interaction with IP





Analysis of patenting trends of antifungal drugs in the product patent regime in India Towards content-based patent image retrieval The individual inventor motif in the age of the patent troll● Patent law, Hippo, and the biodiversity crisis ● Innovation, collaboration, funding, goodwill and commitment ● Debugging software patentsFixing our broken patent system Just how ‘anti-patent’ are the UK courts? Trends in English patent litigation The eco-patent commons and environmental technology transfer Determinants of patent value


Copyright and Trademark


Embroidery pirates and fashion victims ● Copyright and copy-reliant technology ● E-book transactions: Amazon ‘kindles’ the copy ownership debate ● A dual system of copyright protection for films: Should India go the Norowzian way? ● Three decades of bilateral copyright negotiationsOn the reliability of software piracy statistics A re-examination of the original foundations of Anglo-American trademark law Bad faith and honest practices


IPR News


IPR News—General


WIPO to launch dispute resolution services for TV show format industry WIPO unveils new logo


Patent News


World’s five largest patent offices move ahead with work-sharing projects ● USPTO launches ombudsman pilot program ● USPTO proposes change ● USPTO's Green Tech Fast Track program ● Physicist gets patent for magnet...after twenty years! ● Facebook earns patent for news feed, publishes one on application affinity ● POZEN enters into settlement agreement with Teva ● Sanofi-Aventis settles patent row over cancer drug ● Listeria based fusion protein patent ● Nokia files patent for self-charging phones ● UMass researchers get patent ● RadEye personal radiation detector Network collaboration through embedded annotations BIOLASE awarded new laser diode patent Electronic machine translation dictionaries developed Homeland security counters biological terrorism PepsiCo, Cargill file new sweetener patents European patents to 13 medicinal plants prevented by India Dot Hill granted 6 new patents Indian patent grants for the month of March 2010


Copyright and Trademark News


India may finally sign Madrid system in 2010 Decrease in cyber squatting complaints, WIPO warns of domain name expansion


Key Patents


Patents for access control and luggage handlingMethods for cell specific delivery of siRNAs
Patents to Ecopetrol ● Ohr Pharmaceutical awarded Japanese patent US patent for green engine
Pro-Tect Pharmaceuticals acquires drug delivery patents Suven secures product patents from India and New Zealand


Book Review


International Patent Litigation: Developing on Effective Strategy


Edited by David Wilson