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Intellectual Property Protection and US Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies


James Mitchell Watkins and Mark Zachary Taylor


Exploring the Utility of Utility Models for Fostering Innovation


N Ayse Odman Boztosun


Patent licensing: Global Perspective and Analysis of Case Studies


Liudmila Morán Martínez


Bioinformatics Databases: Intellectual Property Protection Strategy


Junli Chang and Xuezhong Zhu


Ambush Marketing – Need for Legislation in India


Rukmani Seth


Promoting Nanotechnology Patenting: A New Experience in National Innovation System of Iran


Sepehr Ghazinoory, Mansoureh Abdi and Seyed Kamran Bagheri




TRIPS, WTO and IPR: Impact of Indian Patent Act 2005 on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry


M D Nair


Literature Review




● Does IPR reform spur industrial development? ● IP: What do teachers and students know? ● US-China IP dispute—A comment on the interpretation of the TRIPS enforcement provisions ● IP protection and innovation: An inverted-U relationship ● Inventor moral hazard in university licensing: Role of contracts ● GI protection in China: Agricultural products




Moral exclusions in European biotechnology patent law Patent reform in the US: Pharmaceutical innovation German employee inventors’ compensation records: Returns to patented inventionsImplications of the Myriad court decision on genetic diagnosticsElements of good practice for providers of publicly funded patent information servicesOn sharks, trolls, and their patent prey An A to X of patent citations for searchingAre patents with multiple inventors a good indicator of international R&D collaboration? Clinical translation of stem cell therapies - IP and anticipatory governance ● Patent protection of pharmaceutical inventions in light of Federal Court decisions ● Non-use and unreasonable use of federally funded technology protected by US patents The thread of false marking ● How can IPR policies of telecommunication effectively address patent ambush problem? The elusive quest for the definition of obviousness – Patent law’s Holy Grail Breaking Aro’s commandment: Recognizing that inventions have heart


Copyright and Trademark


● Wikitopia: Balancing IPR within open source research databases ● Who owns language? Mother tongues as IP Twitter: New challenges to copyright law in the Internet age ● American exceptionalism, the French exception, IP law and P2P file sharing ● Digital piracy Is copyright good for music? ● An Australian perspective on copyright law's cultural agenda ● A new model for educational fair use ● Digital piracy and firms’ strategic interactions: The effects of public copy protection and DRM similarity ● The trademark free speech, and governance problems with protection of governmental marks in the US Trademark jurisprudence in the modern age


IPR News


IPR News—General


● WIPO enables searching for IP related case studies ● India seeks to circumvent the Doha impasse ● India seeks to insulate FTAs from IP policies of the West ● African TK and folklore given IP protection ● WTO drug seizure case to stay until EU changes customs laws ● New GI grants ● Collaboration on IP commercialization and management


Patent News


USPTO and EPO work towards joint patent classification system ● IPO offers £ 3million funding to small firms ● Business methods are patentable in Canada ● US Justice Department surprises biotech industry with gene patent rule ● Chinese firms get 169,000 patents in 2010 ● Facebook patent could threaten Google


Copyright and Trademark News


Britain signs copyright agreement with China German court rules against Google in copyright case ● ‘Three strike’ rule in Europe ● MNCs coming to India to settle copyright cases Private firm not allowed to use ‘Mother Dairy’ brand name


Key Patents


X-Rite receives US patent for non-contact color measurement technology Avesthagen gets process patent for arthritis drug ● AstraZeneca wins US patent for endometriosis treatment ● Patent for automated realtime data stream switching ● Protectus receives US patent for its safety syringe ● Groundwater remediation technology granted patent


Book Review


Gene Patents and Collaborative Licensing Models: Patent Pools, Clearing Houses


Open Source Models and Liability Regimes


Edited by Geertrui Van Overwalle


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