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JULY 2011

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Driving Innovation Through Patent Application Review: The Power of Crowdsourcing


Prior Art Search


Roya Ghafele, Benjamin Gibert and Paul DiGiammarino




4G Peer-to-Peer Technology – Is it Covered by Copyright?


M Sakthivel




Dealing ‘Fairly’ with Software in India


Mishita Jethi




The Emergence of New R&D Paradigms in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry:


Post TRIPS Period


Madhur Mohit Mahajan




FDI Flows into the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: An Analysis of Trends and Constraints


Ishita G Tripathy, Surendra S Yadav and Seema Sharma




Cinematographic Lyricists Right to Royalty: Myth or Reality?


Kirti Dahiya




Intellection of Trade Secret and Innovation Laws in India


Md Zafar Mahfooz Nomani and Faizanur Rahma








TRIPS, WTO and IPR – Recent Happenings in WTO


M D Nair




Literature Review








Innovation in biotechnology seeds: Public and private initiatives in India and China International IPR: Effects on growth, welfare and income inequality ● ACTA and the destabilization of TRIPS ● IP sharing agreements in gene technology: Implications for research and commercialization A sui generis regime for traditional knowledge: The cultural divide in IP law 30 years after Bayh–Dole: Reassessing academic entrepreneurshipThe problem with IPR: Subject matter expansion








Searching for patents on essential medicines in developing countries Patent-backed securities in pharmaceuticals: What determines success or failure? Is best mode the worst? Dueling arguments, empirical analysis, and recommendations for reformBiodiversity conservation access and benefit-sharing contracts and the role and place of patentsDifferent paths of appropriation – patent strategies and licensing practices for closed and open innovationForward patent citations as predictors for patent valuation Does patenting help high-tech start-ups? ● Structural modeling of the value of patent Why even ‘isolated and purified’ genes are still products of nature ● Why business method patents? Bilski, the evolution of patentable subject matter rules, and the inability to save valuable patents using the reissue statute Bilski's superficial textualism and the missed opportunity to return patent law to its technology mooring ● University initiation of patent infringement litigation “Not seeing the woods for the trees”: Is the patent system still fit for purpose?




Copyright and Trademark




File sharing, copyright and freedom of expression You don’t own me: Why work for hire should not be applied to sound recordings Trademark law’s increment through the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ● Free-riders and trademark law’s first sale rule Any new developments with regard to GIs issues debated under WTO?




IPR News




IPR News—General




Switzerland tops innovation rankings Bristol University leads the world with free intellectual property initiativeVenkatagiri sarees get GI registrationIndia grants GI status to Scotch whisky




Patent News




‘Jugaad’ to be legal?EPO again tops patent quality listUSPTO and partner offices agree to test new, enhanced framework for the Patent Prosecution Highway CSMCRI eyes revenue from patents




Copyright News          




Agreement on transfer of rights paves way to treaty on performers’ rights Copyright alert system




Key Patents




National patent granted to Pantnagar University EndoSphere Inc receives patent for obesity treatmentApple scores broad patent on touch screens Mobile wallet patent granted to DeviceFidelity




Book Review




Proactive Law for Managers - A Hidden Source of Competitive Advantage


George Siedel and Helena Haapio




Licensing Intellectual Property: Law & Management


Raman Mittal